Work Clothes Roundup

Ohhhhhhh it’s just a little round up of my good ol’ fashioned WORK CLOTHES. Here’s what I been wearing to work as of late!

Turns out it doesn’t even suck to work for a company that lets you where jeans every day of the week. Thanks LinkedIn!

(and let’s not even START with the fully stocked, free access kitchen. It’s a dream come true …says the girl who has an obese person living inside of her, constantly trying to claw its way out.)

Soooooo…do we dig these?


And catch all of these in real time by following along on instagram.

And by the way, TODAY is the LAST DAY to enter last week’s GIVEAWAY for those adorrrrrable BOOT SOCKS.  Get it girsl!! Don’t miss out!

And don’t miss out on THIS either!!  If you live in the Bay area, come play with us! Cuz no one hates a festive little fashion holiday party! It’s gonna be a blast. Hope to see you there!


Have a Thought Provoking Thursday!

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  1. says

    Once you said “fully stocked kitchen” it was honestly hard for me to pay attention to anything else you said. Because an obese person lives inside me too. We fight every day.

    But really, your outfits are so cute! Love all the color and versatility. And being a blonde myself (fake blonde, that is), I have quite an affinity for other blondes. Non homo style. :)

    Lynette @ lynette marie

  2. says

    First time here visiting your blog… what a pleasant surprise!

    Love the puffer vest outfit, the black skirt with pink waist and the bow sweater! I would wear those three outfits from head to toe, wanna ship it to me?… LOL!

    Monica from Fashion Koketi


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