The Weekly Woots & Woofs!

The Woots AND The Woofs

(They got mixed in together this week. Wooops!  Turns out that’s what happens when you’re putting your blog post together whilst fighting to stay awake… )

Oh hi Vince Camuto. (Woot woot!)

Cutie shoes & cutie friends

Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch! (if you don’t know who said it, i’ll tell you: it’s from The Office… duhhh)

There were some pretty good Mansembles there. (and remember how i ended up discovering that I WORK WITH the guy on the right? Random McGee?!)

That time when husband got me flowers and a baby pumpkin for no good reason besides that he loves me… and that time when Nicki Minaj thought it was a good idea to put her giant head and giant lady lumps on a perfume bottle & everyone in the whole wide world felt real awkward about it (ummmm, WOOF much?)

Sometimes I wear tights with hearts on them (WOOT!), and sometimes my bedroom looks like that (WOOF). So sue me.

Epic Halloween wear from my sib-links. (or are we all a little creeped out at just HOW epic my brother’s Edward Scissor Hands costume is? Ummmm, is that really you, Johnny Depp? What did you do with my brother? Aaaaand with your hands?)


By Far the most terrifying Halloween costume I saw all day (or did his mask gush out blood when he pushed this little button thingey? GIANT WOOF!!)

GIANTS PARADE!  And sweet view from our office window – WOOT!

Cutie kids we get to watch in nursery on Sunday + cutie husband yawnin’ his little heart out. What a couple uh sweeties.

This cute girl (a.k.a. new soul mate) + all the coveting that went on at Madewell that day. WOOT + WOOF.

And HIM: the biggest WOOT of my entire life. I seriously got so lucky guys. May everyone I love and care about (and those I don’t but would if I knew them) have the blessing of marrying someone as wonderful as my husband.
(But WOOF to the giant zit in between my eyeballs in left pic. Nothin like feeling like you’re a barely-pubescent teen again breaking out like it aint no thang. Awesome.)


Btw: It’s the LAST DAY to Enter the Giveaway for that there adorable necklace!  Tell your friends! 

Have a ‘Wish it had been Romney (secretly) but will support our current Pres. cuz I’m still proud to be an American’ Wednesday!

And may your week be filled with way more WOOTS than WOOFS!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Ashlee says

    Biggest woot of my week thus far was talking to my two favy humans on the phone today. They would be you & your husband.

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