The Weekly Woots & Woofs (plus an early Christmas gift)

Sorry I’ve been so M.I.A. lately peeps!  Work has been straightup cray cray this week! I mean like STUH-RAIGHT. UP. CRU-HAAAAAAZY.

To make it up to you, here’s an early Christmas present: we’re starting with the WOOFS for The Weekly Woots & Woofs this week, and trust me – these pics are gonna make you feel a WHOLE lot better about yourselves.


That time when my room looked like this… about 90% of the time.

Yep. Merry Christmas.



Celebrated two years of blissful union to this dreamy-man-beast. WOOT WOOT!


 Hosted an epic little holiday fashion partay with THIS pretty lady at Apricot Lane Boutique! It was awwwwwesome.

Early Christmas presents for the husband. Can you really go wrong with a camera that straps to your head? Or a talking, crying, toy baby? Whenever I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, his response was always ‘I want a baby’.  Well – he got one.

And that’s it!  Headed to Idaho tomorrow for the Christmas break! Me and the rest of the fan-dam are hangin out in a cabin in Cascade for the week!  I’m not even mad about it.  What are YOU guys doing for Christmas break?

Oh, and uhhh, did you maybe wanna know who won the Giveaway from last week?  I’m real prompt with announcing these things aren’t I?  CHECK HERE to find out!

Have a Fa la la la la Friday!

And may your week be filled with way more WOOTS than WOOFS!


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