The Weekly Woots & Woofs!


Family Time!  Woot!

Lori’s Diner. Worth every calorie. (until I am muffin-topping out of my jeans)

Gettin’ some steals of deals during Black Friday. Look at that dream-boat on the right there eh? I mean daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang Gina – definite WOOT!

Game Face + Gettin’ fierce pre-run for the Turkey Trot!

Adorable husband getting me flowers for no reason.  And that time when it was 60 degrees in the city the day after Thanskgiving. Maaaaaaaajor Wootage!

Office Attire. Woooooooooooot Woooooooooooot!

And HIM – biggest WOOT of my entire life
(I mean, how could I not love THAT face?)


Everything about this: WOOF-TRIPLE-WOOF.

That time when I bought a wallet and 7 seconds later it exploded. And that other time when my baby brother got these naaaaaaasty dreadlocks. WOOF.

Have a Frock-Wearing Friday!

(yeah – just go ahead and wear that FROCK why don’tchya?)

Thanks for read-ink!

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