Mustard Cardigan Crush

7.10.12 - GBOFASHION - Mustard Cardigan 1

On Saturday, husband and I went on a little outing with the fam-dam over to the Alameda Port in San Francisco Bay, where the USS Hornet, a ginormous WWII aircraft carrier turned museum, is located. (before i go any further, can we talk about how adorable my in-laws are? just look at em! husband’s mom dresses better than i do. pretty sure she weighs less too. she’s also 4 inches taller than me. awwwwwwesome.) Guys – most of you probs don’t know this, but I secretly have a FATTI crush on history. Is that queer of me a little? But seriously – I’ve been known to spend a nerd-alert-amount of time googling random historical junk, simply because I get real curious about it and then can’t stand not knowing the facts. Try not to judge me. Anywhooooo, here’s what I wore – the mustard cardigan that I secretly wanna wear every day of my…

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I heart mustard. And leopard.

mustard cardi, leopeard scarf - pixlromatic edited

Turns out I’m not sure what else to say about this besides that I heart mustard and I heart leopard. AND I heart that they look pretty decent paired together. OR DO THEY? Also I feel it deserves noting, for the record, that I despise this font – what with its putrid tininess (yes, ‘tininess’ is a word people. Look it up.) and less-than-super-adorable demeanor.  I tend to have strong feelings about fonts. However, I’ve yet to figure out how to change the durrrrn thing. So until now, we’ll all have to hate it together. And by ‘all’ I mostly mean ME, & possibly the 3 members of my family who may or may not look at this blog from time to time. Yep – BIG following we got goin on here at GBO Fashion. Woot! Ok, now to the point: GBO? Cardigan: Cozy Boutique, Scarf: ALDO, Jeans: Vigoss, Boots: Urban Outfitters

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