Style Crush: Jenna from The Life of the Wife!

Who can resist a red-headed beauty who ALSO dresses real real well? NOBODY!  Including ME!  Which is why Jenna from cutie blog The Life of the Wife is this week’s

Style Crush!

1.  How would you describe your style? 
Well..since I’m a style has changed quite a bit. I mean I used to actually have time to THINK about putting a cute outfit together. 
I definitely am a little classic with a twist. I love classic pieces that I can wear more than once..but I also like to mix up my styles. And I LOVE adding color to almost every outfit I wear. I never want to look “cookie cutter.” If my hubby doesn’t like something I’m wearing..I know it’s a winner. :)

 2. Who are your fashion icons?

Hmmmm.. I love Katie Holmes (post Dawsons of course :). She has impeccable style. Classic but still a little funky..and with her personality added in for sure.

 Where do you go for fashion inspiration? 

Magazines. Always have. Always will. I fold down the pages of things I love..and then try to find a cheaper version. Oh and Pinterest…duh.

 What are the top three places you shop?

Nordstrom. J.Crew. Forever 21. Lately…Target too. Target is doing AMAZING things right now.

How do you think others can achieve a truly individual/unique style?

I would what feels right for YOU. Just because something is “trendy” doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it – – or that it will be right for your style. 

You can’t just look at other people and dress like them. We would all like crazy clones. 


Why is the way you look/dress important to you?

For sure. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. When I DO have time to get ready (date night or a trip to Target) ;0..when I get ready/look good…I FEEL BETTER. It’s something about a cute outfit that just makes you feel like you can take on the world!

What fashion or styling tips would you give to women who want to improve their sense of style?

Get some good basics. White T’s. Skinny Jeans. Blazers. Black Leggings.

Then from there, you can pretty much layer layer layer. 

Oh…and accessorize it up! Jewelry can totally MAKE an outfit go from blah to amazing. Ok now I’m sounding like a tool. Ha ok. But you get the point. 

Rock it out girls..don’t be afraid to take RISKS!! 


 Be sure to check out this adorable beauty’s blog: The Life of the Wife.

Thank you Jenna for letting me crush on you!

Have a Fortuitous Friday urrrybody!

Thanks so much for reading!


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    Wow, now sure if you’ve ever heard this before but you have a striking resemblance to Isla Fisher from the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic…who I think if gorgeous by the way! :) Love your outfit, hair, smile and everything in between! :)

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