Style Crush: Advice from a Twenty-Something

Today’s Style Crush has become a personal friend of mine for at least 10 reasons (and by 10 I mean 100), but since I’m way too lazy to tell you ALL 10 (and by 10 I mean 100), I’ll tell you two: she is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth, genuine & generous bloggers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting (that all counted as one reason), AND, her blog is the  And not just because she has killer style (a given if you’re being featured as a G.B.O. Fashion Style Crush  – duh). Oh no peeps – that’s not all. Amanda’s blog ‘Advice From a Twenty-Something‘ is just that: awesome, relevant, on-the-money advice about anything us twenty-somethings (or thirty or forty-somethings) would want to know! Not just fashion advice – we’re talking advice on how to decorate like a pro, how to land your dream job, how to calm the beast when Aunt Flow comes to visit and you’re a Witchy Winifred and your man kinda wonders if you’ve gone cray cray (or have un-diagnosed schizophrenia).  I mean, the girl has thought of urrrything! And mixed in with all of that (and so much more), homegirl has style to pay the bills, AND she’ll teach you how to have it too (see pic below, for starters).  Which is why Amanda of ‘Advice From a Twenty Something‘ is today’s

Style Crush!

Since her M.O. is giving tubular tips and advice, I thought it would be fun to pick Amanda’s brain a bit about fashion. Read it and weep my friends! Here’s some advice you’re gonna wanna follow…

1. What advice do you have for those trying to figure what their ‘style’ is?

I think the journey (sorry to be cheesy) to discovering your style is ongoing, but my biggest advice is to try your best to ignore the trends and focus on what you truly like and what genuinely inspires you. Just because leather vests are in, doesn’t mean you should wear them! As long as you are always choosing pieces that really excite you, you’ll naturally grow into your own personal style.

2. Tell us how to dress like a million bucks without paying a fortune. Any places you always resort to to find deals? Stores you always find great things in for great prices? etc.

You can definitely dress like a million bucks without spending crazy amounts of money! My advice is to shop at the really affordable stores (like Forever 21 and H&M) for more trendy pieces that may go out of style quickly. Then focus your spending on those key pieces that you’ll wear for years, like classic black pumps, the perfect fitting jeans, and a great trench coat. I also love stores like Zara and Madewell because they’re great quality and not too expensive.

3. What tips do you have for ways to get ready in a flash and still look great?

My morning routine is about 30 minutes. Considering I always have to walk my dog and wait for my boyfriend to get out of the bathroom, sometimes it’s even shorter than that! So I think it’s safe to say I’m a pro at getting ready quickly and still looking pulled together. My advice is to first, love every item in your wardrobe. Only buy something you’re really excited about wearing, so if it comes down to the wire, you’ll still be excited to wear even the simplest of outfits. Statement necklaces are also my savior. Throw them over the most boring outfit and all of a sudden you look like you really put effort into your look that morning! I also have go-to hairstyles for those days that I just don’t have time. I twist 2 pieces on either side back and pin them, then I throw the rest up into a low messy bun. I pull some pieces out in front and voilà: the perfect boho hairstyle for any bad hair day. As long as you have some go-to pieces in your closet and some reliable hairstyles, it’s easy to get ready quickly!

 Savory advice, eh? And how cute is she? Down-right Adorbs if ya ask meeeeeee. Don’t miss out on more great tips from this regular Oprah Winfrey – check out Advice-From-a-Twenty-Something. You won’t even be mad ya did it!

Thank you Amanda for letting me Crush on you! 


Have a Winnie Cooper Wednesday! 

(that time when husband and I watched every single season of ‘The Wonder Years’ a couple months ago, and it only took us several Sundays to bust through them all. Wonder Years – Sunday appropriate, right? Best. Show. Ever.)

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