Style Crush: Frills for Thrills!

Once upon a time there was a beauty with a fashion blog. And a baby. And a husband. And the husband was a pastor. And the baby was adorable. And the beauty was Oregon-nice mixed with New-York City fashionable. And I wanted to be friends with her. And steal her wardrobe. And that’s why Ms. Sarah from Frills for Thrills is this week’s

Style Crush!

Check out this lovely lady’s style (and blogging!) tips below! Shee’s weally weally smawt. Muuch smawtew thann meh.

1.  How would you describe your style?

I like to think of it as feminine with a little edge.

2. Who are your fashion icons?

Say what you will about them Kardashians, but I love love love their style! Especially Kourtney’s. I also die for anything Victoria Beckham wears.

 3. Where do you go for fashion inspiration? 

My closet! And I of course love Pinterest and other bloggers like herher, and her.

 4. What are the top three places you shop?, Forever 21, and thrift stores. I’m such a cheap-o.

 5. What’s your ‘Go-To’ outfit for when you need to get ready in a flash?

Usually a giant sweater, skinny jeans, and boots.

6.  Do you follow trends?  If so, what trends excite you at the moment?

Mama can’t keep up with the latest trends, but when I see one I like, you can guarantee I’ll be donning it pronto! I’m currently loving wide-brimmed hats.

7.  Why is the way you look/dress important to you?

Not only do I enjoy the creativity of getting dressed every day, I love the way it makes me feel. I truly feel the best when my hair and face are done, and I’m wearing an outfit that reflects who I am. Whether you like it or not, people will judge you based on what you’re wearing.

8.  What fashion or styling tips would you give to women who want to improve their sense of style?

This is such a blogger answer of me, but LAYER! Layer with different patterns and textures. Belt anything. And if those tactics are too scary for you, just make sure you’re wearing something colored, textured, patterned, or shiny. But not all four at once.

9.  What made you want to start a blog?

Freshly married and in between semesters of college, I had too much time on my hands. I started Frills for Thrills to document all things creative, but soon after morphed into a fashion blog. Now there’s more “real life” creepin’ back in because my baby is too cute not to share with the worldwide web and sometimes I’m too lazy to get dressed : ) 

10.  What are the top three tips you’d give to bloggers wanting to build their following?

Tip #1. Be you! I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but that’s because it’s true. I love Sydney from The Daybook, but every time I see another blogger trying to be her I throw up a little in my mouth. I want to know YOU! I personally love when a blogger shares about her real life and doesn’t solely post pictures of her cute outfit. I adore Julia’s and Rachel’s style, but I don’t read their blogs daily because I kinda wish they’d share more about their personal lives. 

Tip #2. Comment, comment, comment! Commenting on other blogs helps build relationships out here in blog land. The more relationships you have, the more shout outs you’ll get. Also, that’s how I find new people to follow. I go to a similar blog as mine, and click through the commenters looking for fun new bloggers to follow that may be interested in following me! 

Tip #3. Don’t be afraid to self-promote. Sure, non-bloggers won’t understand why you’re pinning pictures of yourself, but Pinterest is such an easy way to get your face and your blog out there! Also, look for feature opportunities, post swaps, and link-ups. All are free for you and such easy ways to promote yourself in a modest way. 

11.  Anything further you’d like to add?

Thank you for having me, Shannon!

Is she not to die for? You’ll be even more smitten when you visit her blog Frills for Thrills – turns out this girl can keep it real. And no one is even mad about that.

Thank you Sarah for letting me Crush on You!

p.s. Did you already enter last week’s GIVEAWAY? Ummmmm, you’re gonna wanna do that. It’s real good stuff.

Until next time peeps, have a Washboard Wednesday!

(that’s what I’m trying to get my stomach to be like… until I run into my friend Chocolate Chip Cookie. I guess i just feel like it’s more important for me to be a good friend than to selfishly worry about my looks all the time. I’m just full of selfless sacrifices.)

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    I really enjoyed this post! Sarah was one of the first blogs I began following because I love how real she is with us. Great tid bits for a new blogger like myself!

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