Eyelash Extensions

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my eyelashes. That’s because for the last couple months, I’ve been rocking eyelash extensions! The idea was that they’d be a great thing to have during the last couple months of my pregnancy, since we didn’t really know when the babe would actually come. And this way even if he came in the middle of the night, I’d have something that made me feel mildly presentable. Turns out none of that ended up being necessary (baby was a week late and I was induced!), but I sure have enjoyed my eyelash extensions all the same!

The truth is, I had my skepticisms about getting them at all. Would they make my real eyelashes fall out? Would they weigh my eyes down? Would they itch or get infected or just be wildly annoying? Would they even look good? Would I get attached to them and then feel like I wasn’t cute without them? LOTS of concerns – cuz I’m a freak like that.

In case you’ve wondered about eyelash extensions yourself and/or had any of the same questions, I wanted to share my experience with you! I’ve pulled in the master-mind who did my eyelash extensions to answer some FAQ’s and do some myth busting.

Here we g0!

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3 Ways to Wear Faux Leather Pants

Hey there, hot babes! I’m Nichole from Vanilla Extract, and I’m so excited to be taking over the GBO blog today as our gorgeous gal Shannon welcomes a baby boy into this¬†world! She’s pretty much a rockstar, no?

I have an obsession with faux leather pants. I can’t stop wearing them! 1) They work with everything in the closet. 2) They make you look¬†like a boss. 3) They’re bank account friendly – woohoo! Read on for more tips on how to rock this trend.

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