Menswear Monday


Happy first of the week peeps! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. If only it could have lasted longer eh? Today for Menswear Monday: a Pinterest Roundup of delightful menswear to inspire you (and your man). Any one of these ensembs would work great for looking shnazzy in the office, at a holiday party, or even for up-leveling the class of everyday wear. And for more Menswear Monday inspiration, follow me on Pinterest – particularly my board specifically for menswear: ‘Dear Husband Please Wear This‘. Have a Michigan Monday! Thanks so much for reading!

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Life Lately (according to my life)


Sorry for the personal pics overload. Turns out there’s just been a lot to share lately. Thanksgiving, Boise with the fam, and the rest of our cruise pics. November and December have always been the most magical months of the year in my opinion. Agreed? Hope you’re soaking it all up and enjoying your faces off! Husband and I are headed to Carmel and Monterey this weekend to celebrate our 3-year anniversary! We actually share our anniversary date with my sister and brother in law (December 18), so we had the brilliant idea to meet up and celebrate together. Woot! If you’re in California (or even if you’re not), Carmel and Monterey are definite must-sees. Adorable. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo   Have a Fantastic Friday!  And may your week be filled with way more Woots than Woofs (right?)!    

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  Thanksgiving was all about finding something to wear that I could be comfortable in while also looking like I tried at least a little. I ended up in what has been my uniform as of late: black and brown. I just can’t seem to get enough of this combo! It seems to be what I constantly gravitate to lately. Are we approaching the ‘wow- get over it’ phase? Mmmyeah – probs. Sorry not sorry that I don’t even currrrrr! Black and brown foreva baby. Don’t worry that the belt I was wearing came off as soon as we started loading our plates with Thanksgiving din din – natch. The dinner itself? Fabulous. And the company – even better. Thanksgiving week went by WAY too fast. Turns out I sure do love that family of mine. Scroll down for a few outtakes from our Turkey day. Ifffffff…youuuuuuu…want tooooooo…. that is….

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Coats for Under $100


Forever 21 has a boat-load of adorable coats right meow – and all for under $100! The onset of winter always makes me want to start a coat collection – no? Here are some of my faves. Get em’ while they’re hot! Errrrrr while it’s cold? Which are your faves? 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 10/11/12/13/14/15 Have a Wishing Well Wednesday! Thanks so so sooooo much for reading.

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23 Weeks


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! I’ve had a tough time getting back into the grind, if we’re being perfectly honest. The time I got to spend in Boise with my family and closest friends was not even close to enough. It never is though, is it? If only there was a way to have everyone you love live no more distant than a 10 minute drive. Sigh… if only. In other news – I’m 23 weeks along this week! Hashtag craycray. These pics were taken in down town Boise where my family and I carried out one of our annual traditions: attending the Festival of Trees. This red plaid coat from Choies seemed perfect for the occasion. Turns out I’ve gained a bit of a major crush on the plaid/tartan trend. What’s your take on it? Are you into it? And I couldn’t resist throwing one…

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