Menswear Monday!

August 12, 2013



Today’s Menswear Monday: A Fast Fleeting Summer,

through the lens of one Scotty Christofferson.

Take it away sir!

It’s August and I already feel like the summer is over. Lame – really lame – because everybody loves to wear shorts and a t-shirt – especially me. That being said, I’m not into running shoes (unless I’m running) so I try to class up my t-shirt/short moments with a nice pair of boat shoes. An outfit like this can be worn anytime, really, but especially if you’re running errands or trying to look fly for the family BBQ. And heaven knows you want to look good (and not desperately single) at the family BBQ.

So… GBO?

image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5

T-shirt: Billabong via Ross |Black watch: Merona via Target | Nine inch shorts: Gap | Gray boat shoes: Banana Republic

Happy Menswear Monday!

Thanks for reading, you fine folk.

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The Weekly Woots & Woofs!

August 9, 2013


The Woots

Being in my blessed home town of Boise, Idaho for some family time!


Delicious, delicious Todd Sweeney’s Dutch Oven Cafe.


Trader Joe’s and Golo Cafe in San Francisco – major Woots!


Puppies that let you cradle them like little babies.

(yes I still write on my hand. how else am I supposed to remember stuff?)


Adorable things to style – WOOT!

Weekly-Woots-and-Woofs-Boise-2 Weekly-Woots-and-Woofs-Boise-3

Fooooooood. So much delicious food. A Woot and a Woof, let’s be serious.

Weekly-Woots-and-Woofs-Boise-4And ^ him ^. Biggest WOOT of my entire life.

The Woofs

Sister having ‘that time of the month’ when we’re about to go camping. Pray that we don’t get eaten by a bear.

Have a flashy Friday,

And may your week be filled with way more Woots than Woofs. 

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Daily Outfits Roundup

August 8, 2013

Here be some of the outfits I’ve been wearing out and about lately. Follow me on Instagram for real-time updates! If…you…want…to, that is.

Hope you’re having a grrrrreat week!



Email me if you have outfit detail questions yo!



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Ohhhhhh Maxi Dresses…

August 6, 2013



I’ve got a crush on you.

Secret Confession: THIS is my favorite place to buy maxi dresses. Hands. Down.

Guys, can I tell you something that I’m pee-my-pants excited about? I’m headed to BOISE tonight! My entire fam-dam is gettin’ together for a camp out – just like the good ol’ days. All 6 of my siblings and their spouses and their kids… it’s gonna be straight cray-cray. When my fam gets together it’s a legit par-tay of the best kind. And I don’t curr who disagrees with me – Idaho is the best place on earth. K, ONE of the best places. And by Idaho I mostly just mean Boise. Eastern ID kind of sucks. But sorry if you’re from there – God bless Eastern Idaho. Mmmmmmmk.

I’ll still be blogging my heart out this week though (that’s the plan anyway), so don’t you wander off too far now, ya hear? (I’m annoying.)

GBO to these Maxi Dresses? More specifically, GBO to  ^ this ^ Maxi Dress?

Maxi-Dress-B Maxi-Dress-G Maxi-Dress-DD Maxi-Dress-E

Maxi-Dress-F Maxi-Dress-CMaxi Dress: Urban Attic Boutique, c/o {buy here} | Jean Jacket: Forever 21 {save} {splurge} | Wedges: Trendy Blendy, c/o {buy here} | Belt: H&M | Necklace: H&M | Renegade Cluster Bracelet: Stella & Dot, c/o {buy here} | Other Bracelets: Forever21 | Cross-body bag: H&M {save} {splurge}

Have a Turd in your Pants Tuesday!

(I laughed out loud the whole time I wrote  ^that ^. Real sorry that in my soul I’m still a 5-year old in love with bathroom humor.)

Thanks for reading!

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