Color Blocking Link-up!

August 20, 2013



The Color Blocking trend is still HOT, amiright? I last rocked the color blocking trend in this post back in the day, so I thought it was about time to revive the love for color blocking! I teamed up with a couple other fab fashion bloggers to prove that color blocking is still on the HOT list.

But we want to see YOUR color blocking hotness as well! Link up below!

So what do you think guys? Are we still onboard with this trend?


(pics taken by the lovely Kirstin! Check out her wicked-awesome photography blog!)

Color-Blocking-1 Color-Blocking-4 Color-Blocking-2 Color-Blocking-3 Cobalt blue cardigan: H&M {save} {splurge} | Cobalt blue top: The Nest Boutique, c/o {buy here} | Kelly green skinnies: H&M {similar} | Heels: Windsor {buy here} | Bag: H&M {save} {splurge}| Renegade Cluster bracelet: Stella & Dot, c/o {buy here} | Red-orange bracelets: Forever 21

Aaaaaaaand sometimes that happens.


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Menswear Monday

August 19, 2013



Happy Menswear Monday!

Guest contributor Scotty Christofferson has some thoughts about how to look dapper on this upcoming Labor Day (which is next weekend, peeps). Take it away Scotty!

With Labor Day right around the corner it is time to get white (or nearly white) out of our systems (who made that rule anyway?!). White isn’t a post Labor Day faux pas if you ask me (although you’re probably not asking me anyway). At any rate, I’m trying to get my summer gear out and to good use. Plus, it’s about time for me to rotate man bags, so I thought I’d show this one off. I only have two (so don’t judge). One for October through April, and another for May through September.

So what do you think about this Labor Day inspired ensemb? Does it work?


And what are your guys’s Labor Day weekend plans? We’re headed down to southern California to soak up the rays before it officially turns to Fall! Fill me in!

image_3 image_6 image image_5Gray gingham button up: J.Crew | Gray Pants: Gap | Man Bag: Gap | Sunglasses: Gap | Pioneer Shoes: Old Navy

Have a Mulligan Monday!

Hope your weekend was grand.

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The Weekly Woots and Woofs!

August 16, 2013


The Woots:

Eyre Family Campout,
Summer 2013!

Had a little family gathering this summer, old school style – reminiscent of the way we used to do ‘family vacations’ back in the day (because when there are seven children in your family, it’s about all you’re able to do): CAMPING! All seven Eyre children (minus one brother who unfortunately couldn’t make it – *sniff) got together for some good ol’ fashioned roughin’ it. And I’m not even mad about it…. evident by the 30-some-odd photos I’ve posted here. If that number makes you feel like you’d rather slit your wrists rather than read on, I won’t even hold it against you. For all others: Welcome to the Eyre Family Camping Trip, Summer 2013! WARNING: Enter at your own risk. We’re a bunch of crazies. But a bunch of crazies I’m completely obsessed with (meaning them. I’m obsessed with them. I’m not obsessed with myself – proms. Mmmmmk guys? Are we clear? Mmmmmk.).




^ Hawaiian sandals ^.

Guys – I’d advise that you don’t leave home without these babies. They’re my ultimate fave. And don’t worry that every single member of my family has like 4 pairs of these bad boys. They’re the most comfortable things in the world – worth the trip to Hawaii in and of themselves.¬†eyre-family-campout-3 eyre-family-campout-4 eyre-family-campout-5 eyre-family-campout-6 eyre-family-campout-8

eyre-family-campout-7 eyre-family-campout-9 eyre-family-campout-10 eyre-family-campout-11 eyre-family-campout-12 eyre-family-campout-13 eyre-family-campout-15 eyre-family-campout-16 eyre-family-campout-18 eyre-family-campout-19 eyre-family-campout-20 eyre-family-campout-23 eyre-family-campout-24 eyre-family-campout-25

Oh that right ^ thurr ^ be what we call a Woot-for-Me, Woof-for-her: sister straight up splitting her pants right down the middle whilst playing Spike Ball.

Yep. That happened.eyre-family-campout-26 eyre-family-campout-27 eyre-family-campout-28 eyre-family-campout-29 eyre-family-campout-30 eyre-family-campout-31

^ Beautiful Shoshone Falls ^

The Woofs:

Just one, really:

That terrible moment when you fall asleep in your tent on a nice, comfy air mattress, only to find yourself laying atop a sharp bed of rocks just a few short hours later after your lovely bed completely deflates into a big fat worthless mass of plastic under your back. Ug – I can honestly say that Day 1 of this thing was quite possibly one of the worst night-sleeps I’ve ever had (I sleep like a rock normally). To add to the rocks-for-a-bed misfortune, turns out I had to pee like a race horse but didn’t dare get up by myself in the middle of the night (husband couldn’t meet us there until Day 2 due to a business trip), so focusing on not wetting the bed kept me wide awake too. Needless to say I wasn’t necessarily the most Patient Patty or Lovely Leanne the next day after getting a grand total of 3-ish hours of sleep. Sorry sisters! (they usually get the brunt of it when I turn beastly. But it goes both ways so I trust they’ve forgiven me. Heh heh – right Sissies? Right? Bueller? Bueller?)

Have a French Fry Friday,

And may your week be filled with way more Woots than Woofs!

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Neon Love

August 15, 2013



Still majorly crushing on the neon trend over here. Anyone with me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Now if only I could get myself to stop writing on my dang hand…

Neon-Shirt-4 Neon-Shirt-1


Aaaaaaaand sometimes THAT happens.

Neon-Shirt-6Neon top: Forever21 | White skinny jeans: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Heels: Steve Madden | Camera Bag/Purse: THEIT, c/o {buy here} | Watch: Nordstrom {save} {splurge} | Pave link bracelet: Ily Couture {save} {splurge}| Renegade cluster bracelet: Stella & Dot, c/0 {buy here}

Have a Thrift Shop Thursday!

Thanks for reading.

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