33 Weeks


Every so often you just need a good solid dose of mixed prints to get you through, amiright? That’s what’s goin’ on here. I’m still a huge fan of this trend. Are you guys still into mixed prints? Tell me I’m not the only one…

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Menswear Monday: V-Day Gift Ideas


Aaaaaand it’s already Monday. MENSWEAR MONDAY, that is. Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Here’s the fun and inexpensive version of some Valentines Day gift ideas for the man in your life. The ‘Hot Wife Tee’ is basically a must, amiright ladies? Hope some of these spark some inspiration for you! GIFT DETAILS: Duct Tape book: $12 | Buy here 101 Things Every Man Should Know How To Do book: $46 | Buy here Into Focus Mug: $15 | Buy here Hot Wife Tee: $15 | Buy here The Art of Fixing Things book: $12 | Buy here Tie Magnet: $30 | Buy here Slim Wallet: $25 | Buy here Have a Menswear Monday!¬† Thanks for reading.

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