Let’s Talk About UGGs…

December 16, 2013



And how I love the crap out of them. Hate on these thangs all you want, but all I’m saying is don’t knock them til’ you’ve tried them! Pretty sure they’re the most comfortable womens boots you could put on your feet. AND, it IS possible to even make them look adorable.

In fact, to prove that point, Online Shoes asked me and three other fab bloggers to put together a look with our Uggs. This may or may not be a little contest, so I sure would love you for heading over there and VOTING FOR ME! By voting you’re immediately entered into a drawing to WIN A PAIR of UGGS! Woot!




UGGS-1 UGGS-11Outfit Details:

Jean Jacket: H&M | Striped Shirt: H&M | Leggings: Destination Maternity | UGG Boots: Onlineshoes.com, c/o {buy here for the Classic Tall Boots I have on} | Belt: Thrifted | Necklace: Vintage

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The Weekly Woots and Woofs!

December 13, 2013

It’s been a while since I busted out the weekly woots and woofs, eh? Should you desire an explanation, I can give  you one: I’ve been lazy peeps. Oh, and also pregnant. Soooooo there’s that. BUT this week just called for it, cuz I don’t know about you, but I’ve been missing them! So with no further adieu…

The Woots!

My mommy and sisters threw me the most lovely and adorable baby shower while I was in Boise for Thanksgiving. Woot!


Baby-Shower-C Baby-Shower-3

Baby-Shower-6 Baby-Shower-4 Baby-Shower-5 Baby-Shower-7 Baby-Shower-9

Baby-Shower-A Baby-Shower-10 Baby-Shower-B Baby-Shower-D

 ^ These be my life-long besties. Aren’t they gorge? ^


 ^ And these are my beeeeeautiful sisters and momma. I freaking love these people. ^


Here’s the deal guys – my family is a little bit obsessed with Christmas. So obsessed in fact that we made up a holiday to allow us to start celebrating it early. We call it Novistmas. Traditions include: the men making the dinner, everyone composing a Novistmas carol and performing it, an ugly sweater contest complete with a catwalk session so we can show off our goods, a mini gift exchange, and an ‘airing of grievances’ where each person gets 15 seconds to whine like little girls about the problems in their lives. Then of course during all of that we lace in plenty of egg nog drinking and rice pudding pounding. It might sound weird, but I’m telling you guys – It. Is. Epic. Special thanks to Father Novistmas (my brother Trevor) for founding such a brilliant holiday. Here are some highlights!


Novistmas-Collage-7 Novistmas-Collage-3.5 Novistmas-Collage-4

Woot #3: Getting to eat CAFE RIO whilst in Boise.

Oh man – I could have died happy right after that meal.


Woot #5: Pics in front of Christmas trees with the man of my dreams.


And finally, HIM – the biggest Woot of my entire life.

Novistmas-Collage-6.jpg^ Talk about irresistible! ^

The Woofs

* The fact that we’re already half way through December and it feels like it’s only been the Christmas season for 5 minutes! December should really be twice as long in my opinion. It goes by way, way too quickly. I love me some Christmas time!

* The latest pregnancy ailment: being woken up in my sleep with totally numb fingers and painful tingles all up my arm. Worst. Evs. Last night though, I said a little prayer and told God that if He wanted to make it a little less intense so that it wouldn’t wake me up, I would be totally fine with that. And He DID! There’s a God people – so help me there is.

* My bedroom – always, always a woof. Someday perhaps I’ll hire someone to fold my laundry. It’s the one thing between me and a sane, tidy life. And by one thing I mean one of the things. K one of the many things. Sigh.

* Having to sit at a stand-still on BART last night for over 20 minutes because of a mechanical problem on the train. Woof! (But can we talk about how nice people are to you when you’re prego? A lady had me come to the front of the line to board the train to make sure I got a seat. God bless kind, tender hearted folks like that. I’ve found that there’s a whole lot of them in the world, and I’m not even mad about it.)


Hope you have delightful, festive weekend plans!

And may your upcoming week be filled with way more Woots than Woofs.

Thanks for reading!

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Dear Ruche: I heart you.

December 12, 2013



Guys, I have to give a shout out to one of my favorite online boutiques ever. Not because they asked me to or because they send me free clothes (I wish!), but because I genuinely LOVE this place – and mostly I couldn’t live with myself if I withheld this gemstone from you any longer. This is one of the stores I check every.single.day. for new arrivals, sales, and those items that I simply can’t live without (hello – welcome to why I stink at saving money. Sorry husband.). If you haven’t heard of Ruche, allow me to blow your mind. Not only are their clothes unique and high quality, they won’t break the bank either…. which equals happy wallets and/or happy husbands, amiright? Ruche is where I picked up the cozy, delicious sweater I’m wearing in this post, which was perfect for a slightly-chilled-but-not-freezing Thanksgiving weekend in Boise. I’ve also rocked Ruche goods in this outfitthis outfit, this outfit, this outfit, this outfit, this outfit, this outfit, this outfit, this outfit (ummmm, is this getting obnoxious?)… you get the point. Anywhooooo – no hidden agenda here. Just giving a genuine shout-out to one of my favorite stores, in case you had yet to discover their fabulousness. (Ruche, if you’re reading this, I take thank yous in many forms. Wait, nope – just free clothes, mostly. And by mostly I mean preferably. The end.)

Ruche-Sweater-1 Ruche-Sweater-3 Ruche-Sweater-4

Outfit Details:

Sweater: Ruche {buy here} {another similar beauty} | Striped shirt: H&M, old {similar} | Leggings: Destination Maternity {similar} | Boots: Enzo Angiolini {yes I wear these every second of my life. Buy here} | Bag: Target {similar} | Belt: Thrifted

Have a Thessalonians Thursday!

(doesn’t it feel like it should already be Friday?)

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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24 Weeks

December 10, 2013



Confessions of a pregnant lady:

I often think “Man, this outfit would look baller if I was a lucky Leslie with little twig legs and a basketball belly.”  Womp womp.

I’ve worn these leggings literally almost every.single.day. since I purchased them. Comfort is urrrrything these days.

Heels and I are totally not friends any more.

Standing for any extended amount of time and I are totally not friends any more.

I’ve been having the weirdest dreams guys… like, EVER. Is that normal when you’re pregs?

And now a note about this sweater: mostly it’s the bomb.com. Comfy cozy deliciousness at its finest. Also it’s on sale at Old Navy right meow….by which I mean it’s like $3 off from the original price – but hey, every dollar counts, amiright? I own this sweater in cream too and I’ve been wearing them around the house nonstop. They’re just so yummy! Anywhoooooo… hope the start of your week has been ok! xoxo

Old-Navy-Sweater-9 Old-Navy-Sweater-2 Old-Navy-Sweater-5 Old-Navy-Sweater-7 Old-Navy-Sweater-3

Outfit Details: 

Sweater: Old Navy, c/o {buy here; I also own this in Cream. Coziest sweaters ever!} | Gray t-shirt: H&M {similar} | Leggings: Destination Maternity {similar} (and yes I’ve been wearing these every day of my pregnant life) | Boots: Enzo Angiolini {buy here} | Infinity scarf: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Handbag: Target {similar} | Necklace: London flea market | Belt: Thrifted

Have a Totes Magoats Tuesday!

Thanks for read-ink. Love you long time for that.

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