Three Years Ago Today…


I married the love of my life. For all my single friends out there, I want you to know that it’s worth it to wait for the guy who you can’t get enough of, who makes you want to be better and brings out the best in you, who you don’t have to convince yourself about. It’s worth it to wait for someone who is kind, and good, and honest. It’s worth it to pray for God’s help, and to ask Him to align your path with one of the people on this earth that you’d be happiest with – one of your best matches – and then to try to be the best darn self you can be so that you’ll attract the person you’re praying for. It’s worth it to have hope that you can find true love – the deep, meaningful, honest kind that makes your toes curl…

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25 Weeks


25 weeks along and this belly just keeps on growin’. It’s gotten to where a day doesn’t go by that someone doesn’t ask me if I’m due in December or if I’m having twins. Awwwwwwwesome. Remember how I’m sort of past the point of caring though guys? Like what’s a girl gonna do about it anyway? 1-2-3 I’m over it. Took these pics on the beach in Carmel, where husband and I celebrated our anniversary along with my sister and her husband a couple weekends ago (we share an anniversary date with them). Ohhhh to still be there. Our actual anniversary is tomorrow! Three years people! Crazy town. We’re probs gonna keep things pretty low key since we technically already celebrated and it’s the middle of the week, but going to a nice dinner is at least in order. Right? p.s. Don’t forget to vote for my look in the…

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Let’s Talk About UGGs…


And how I love the crap out of them. Hate on these thangs all you want, but all I’m saying is don’t knock them til’ you’ve tried them! Pretty sure they’re the most comfortable womens boots you could put on your feet. AND, it IS possible to even make them look adorable. In fact, to prove that point, Online Shoes asked me and three other fab bloggers to put together a look with our Uggs. This may or may not be a little contest, so I sure would love you for heading over there and VOTING FOR ME! By voting you’re immediately entered into a drawing to WIN A PAIR of UGGS! Woot! Outfit Details: Jean Jacket: H&M | Striped Shirt: H&M | Leggings: Destination Maternity | UGG Boots:, c/o {buy here for the Classic Tall Boots I have on} | Belt: Thrifted | Necklace: Vintage

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The Weekly Woots and Woofs!


It’s been a while since I busted out the weekly woots and woofs, eh? Should you desire an explanation, I can give  you one: I’ve been lazy peeps. Oh, and also pregnant. Soooooo there’s that. BUT this week just called for it, cuz I don’t know about you, but I’ve been missing them! So with no further adieu… The Woots! My mommy and sisters threw me the most lovely and adorable baby shower while I was in Boise for Thanksgiving. Woot!  ^ These be my life-long besties. Aren’t they gorge? ^  ^ And these are my beeeeeautiful sisters and momma. I freaking love these people. ^ Woot #2: NOVISTMAS! Here’s the deal guys – my family is a little bit obsessed with Christmas. So obsessed in fact that we made up a holiday to allow us to start celebrating it early. We call it Novistmas. Traditions include: the men making…

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Dear Ruche: I heart you.


Guys, I have to give a shout out to one of my favorite online boutiques ever. Not because they asked me to or because they send me free clothes (I wish!), but because I genuinely LOVE this place – and mostly I couldn’t live with myself if I withheld this gemstone from you any longer. This is one of the stores I check for new arrivals, sales, and those items that I simply can’t live without (hello – welcome to why I stink at saving money. Sorry husband.). If you haven’t heard of Ruche, allow me to blow your mind. Not only are their clothes unique and high quality, they won’t break the bank either…. which equals happy wallets and/or happy husbands, amiright? Ruche is where I picked up the cozy, delicious sweater I’m wearing in this post, which was perfect for a slightly-chilled-but-not-freezing Thanksgiving weekend in Boise. I’ve also…

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