What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

November 27, 2013

I gotta be honest – I always feel conflicted on Thanksgiving day. Do I wear something cozy and adorable, orrrrrrrr do I wear my largest pair of sweat pants and an oversized sweater so that I can shamelessly gorge myself whilst still being comfortable? Whichever way you swing, here are some potential Thanksgiving dinner outfits that I thought would be killer – in case you opt for adorable instead of being a sweaty, fatty fat francis (which is the direction I’m leaning toward – let’s be serious).

Thanksgiving-Dinner-Outfits-1 Thanksgiving-Dinner-Outfits-2 Thanksgiving-Dinner-Outfits-4 Thanksgiving-Dinner-Outfits-8 Thanksgiving-Dinner-Outfits-9 Thanksgiving-Dinner-Outfits-11



Thanksgiving-Dinner-attire-C Thanksgiving-Dinner-attire-D

All images sourced from Pinterest. For more outfit goodness, you can follow me on Pinterest here.


Happy Day before Thanksgiving! Husband and I are in Boise for the week and lovin’ every minute of it.

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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Maxi Skirt in Mexico

November 26, 2013



Ensenada, Mexico was the place. Husband was the guy (obvi). Baby moon was the mission. Status: Mission Accomplished. Chase and I thought it absolutely necessary to give ourselves some type of relaxing hurrah before our lives changed forever with the addition of a little one to the fam. We also knew it needed to happen before I was so big that waddling or rolling me around were the only options. And yes we’re quickly approaching that point, and yes I am only 5 1/2 months along. Welcome to ‘Hi I’m gonna be the biggest pregnant lady that ever lived’. I’m learning already that I better get used to people asking if I’m having a December baby and then gasping when I tell them I’m due in March, then asking if I’m having twins. Yeah – that happened yesterday. Awesome. (#peopleareinsensitiveidiots #butGodblessem)

Anywho, we took a little cruise last week and it was wonderful. We ate great food, we slept our faces off (no seriously, we were in bed by 9 the entire time… voluntarily… and it felt amaze-balls. No regrets.), watched a million movies and laid in the sun and ate more good food and most of all just enjoyed being with each other. Turns out there is no better feeling than having the man you love all to yourself for an entire extended weekend. There’s no better feeling than waking up every single day to poignant feelings of contentment and relief about who you married. And it might just be the best thing in the world to feel like one of your life’s greatest wishes came true: you really did end up with the boy of your dreams. Some advice for anyone reading this who’s not yet married: tell God you want to end up with your best match… the person you’d be happiEST with… then live your life right, have some faith, and be willing to hold out until your gut tells you that you’re with the guy who fits that description. I’m thankful every day that I followed those instructions, cuz they worked. (#steppingoffsoapboxnow)

Here’s what I wore for a day-jaunt into Ensenada. We made it out alive and with no explosive diarrhea from the food we ate. Winning.







Outfit Details:

Maxi Skirt: flea market {similar} | Black Tank: H&M Maternity | Cardigan: Forever 21 {old} | Necklace: Very Jane, c/o| Sandals: Forever 21 {old} | Belt: H&M {old} | Bangle: Samantha Wills, c/o | Friendship bracelet: Urban Outfitters {similar} | Other bracelets: Forever 21

Have a Totes Magoats Tuesday!

Hope you’re already in holiday mode and gearing up for ‘feed your face and be grateful’ day!

Thanks for reading. xoxo

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Menswear Monday

November 25, 2013



Happy Monday friends! Sorry for being M.I.A. last week – husband and I took off mid-week for a quick little cruise down to Mehico. We figured that with baby coming in just a few short months, a babymoon was in order. Pics to come!

In other news: It’s that time of year! With Thanksgiving this week and Christmas just around the corner, the holidays are in full force. Classic holiday sweaters has come in many, many questionable forms, but I’m all for being festive. So here are a few non-barf-inducing ways to pull off holiday sweaters, if you feel so inclined.

Now tell me: would you wear any of these looks?
Ladies, can you get behind any of these for your man?
What say ye?

mens-holiday-sweaters-i mens-holiday-sweaters-j mens-holiday-sweaters-k mens-holiday-sweaters-h mens-holiday-sweaters-c

holiday-sweaters menswear-monday-holiday-14 menswear-monday-holiday-18

mens-holiday-sweaters-l menswear-monday-holiday-15

K but how about these beauties?mens-holiday-sweaters-f

mens-holiday-sweaters-a mens-holiday-sweaters-b

menswear-monday-holiday-25 menswear-monday-holiday-20 menswear-monday-holiday-11

Is it even possible to be mad about any of those? Nope. Nope it’s not.

Have a Merry Menswear Monday!

Thanks for reading!

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No One Hates a Cardigan

November 19, 2013



Fact: Cardigans are the bomb.com. Especially warm, yummy, fuzzy, cozy ones. Especially houndstooth ones. Especially when fall is in full force and winter is fast approaching. And especially when they won’t break your bank! I’ve been majorly crushing on houndstooth this season, so I couldn’t resist this cardigan from Old Navy. It goes with just about everything, and it was ON SALE! Throw on a richly colored scarf, some lipstick that pops, and you’re ready to go.

Fact: Food baby + real baby = looking 9 months pregnant when you’re only 5 months pregnant. Awesome.

Fact: Old Navy has some adorbs scarves right now too. Totes Magoats.


Old-Navy-Cardigans-6 Old-Navy-Cardigans-4

Old-Navy-Cardigans-9 Old-Navy-Cardigans-2


Outfit Details: 

Cardigan: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Tank: Ellie Clothing, c/o {no longer available in white, but adorable in maroon here} | Leggings: Destination Maternity {SO comfy! buy here} | Scarf: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Boots: Forever 21 (old, but loving these, these, & these) | Belt: don’t remember | Handbag: Top Shop {sold out but love these: save, splurge} | Love Bracelet: Nest Boutique {buy here} | Pave link bracelet: Ily Couture | Gold filigree cut bracelet: Olive Lane Shop

Have a Terrific Tuesday! 

Thanks for reading!

 This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s latest fashion lineup in store or online at oldnavy.com.

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