Menswear Monday

January 20, 2014



With the polar vortex lingering amid the east and midwest, I thought a little winter layering inspiration would be appropriate for Menswear Monday today…


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January 17, 2014

There’s a couple good things about today. Number one, it’s Friday (ay-oh!). Number two, I used a hashtag in my post title (#areyoumad?). And number three, I’ve teamed up with Clearasil and Refinery 29 to discuss how I personally ‘Win the Day’! The truth is guys, nothing could be more appropriate than this collab here. I’ve been using Clearasil’s products since my first pre-pubescent pimple cropped up some 15-or-so years ago. My favorite are their cleansing pads. Yes, I love them because I’m a lazy turd and they’re the easiest things I have ever found to cleanse my face with. But, I also stick with them because they actually keep my complexion clear. Winning!

Here’s what the full gamete of ‘Winning the Day’ looks like, GBO style:

**Actually showering (sometimes it doesn’t happen – try not to judge me).

**A cozy, delicious cardigan (buy here) + a killer statement necklace (similar) + a comfy pair of riding boots (buy here).

**Lipstick. Always lipstick.

**A workout. Long or short, I always feel so much better when I get something in.

**A quick wash of the face with my trusty Clearasil products before hitting the hay.

**Some prayer, some scripture, some husband time, and some sleep!

And there you have it – my ‘winning the day’ recipe. If you haven’t tried Clearasil’s products yet, I highly recommend that you give them a whirl. Clearasil sent me their ‘Superfruit’ line to try out, and I’m even more enamored with them. They’re currently offering a free rebate to any and all. Woot!

So what’s your ‘win the day’ routine? Fill me in!

And then have a Frilly Friday!

Thanks so much for reading.

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My Pregnancy Fitness Routine

January 15, 2014



Warning: LOTS of writing in this post (below). But if you were interested in my pregnancy fitness routine, it might be worth the read. I guess I should let you guys be the judge of that…


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29 Weeks

January 14, 2014



Nobody is mad about a statement necklace from INPINK…


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