NIVEA ‘Indulgence’ Giveaway! {closed}

July 9, 2013



And the Winner is…

Natalie Hinckley!

Congrats Natalie! And thanks to all who entered! X-to-the-O!


Ok guys – raise your hand if you’re ever THIS person: the gal or guy running around like a chicken with their head cut off, chasing down an endless to-do list without ever really feeling like you’ve made a dent in it. And then if you’re ME, add the following: a perpetually messy room, stacks of unopened mail, infrequent showers (cuz they take SO much time, don’t they?), and more speeding tickets than I’ll admit to due to driving like a bat out of hell any time I get behind the wheel so I can make it to places on time.

Ok now that I’ve completely incriminated myself and told you way more than you wanted to know, allow me to get to the point: in life’s rat race, sometimes you need to just slow down and PAMPER YOURSELF! Right? And that’s what today’s Giveaway is all about. NIVEA challenged ME and is now challenging all of YOU to ‘indulge yourself’ –  toss your old rushed routine and take a little time to pamper yourself, de-stress, and really savor the moment. Over the last two weeks, I made sure to fit in some ‘indulge’ time, and I gotta tell you – I realized that not only was it nice, it was something I really needed. Having NIVEA’s delicious Touch of Renewal lathering body scrub and Touch of Smoothness body wash, a delicious scented candle and the yummiest, coziest, most delightful bathrobe in all the land to use didn’t hurt either.

Remember how one lucky reader is going to win ALL OF THAT? Mmmmyep! So get your enter on! And do it quickly – this one ends at midnight on Thursday. Thursday peeps! Winner announced on the blog on Friday. Open to US residents only. Good luck!

Want some other ‘indulgence’ ideas? Check out my ‘Indulge’ pinterest board for some of the other indulgences on my list!


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Have a ‘Triton the Mermaid King Tuesday’.

Thanks for reading!

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Menswear Monday & Giveaway Winners

July 8, 2013

Welcome back urrrrybody! I hope you had the most wonderful Fourth of July weekend! I also hope you’re managing to keep knives away from wrists on this ‘back-to-the-grind-MONDAY’. The first day back to regular life after a holiday is always a little rough, isn’t it? Tell me I’m not the only one with that puke-double-puke feeling? All of that being said – I’m just glad I have a job to go back to – let’s be surrrious. Right guys? I mean, right? Bueller? Bueller?

What the heck did you do for the Fourth? Husband and I ended up at the beach, then at a movie, then at a BBQ. It was a jam-packed yet surprisingly relaxing and unequivocally stellar day. Woot!

Today’s Menswear Monday agenda: a Pinterest round up! I’ve been thinking about summer clothes for boys, and I got admit that I get stumped in this department at times. Husband gravitates toward a very simple t-shirt and long shorts in the summer, and I can’t say I blame him. We’re thinking of ways to spice it up while still staying cool. You can follow me on Pinterest HERE and see more of my Menswear Monday inspired pins HERE.

Ohhhhhh… One more thing: you’re probs about to kill me for not announcing giveaway winners yet, right? Well to avoid any attacks, let me just go ahead and ANNOUNCE THEM! For the Winner of the Korchmar Bag, visit HERE. For the winners (there were three of them!) of the TimberBeast Bow Ties, visit HERE. All giveaway winners are selected randomly using a and Rafflecopter. Thanks to all who entered!

SO, tell me Guys: What do YOU wear in the summer to keep things fresh while avoiding sweating your face off?


Is it just me, or do we feel like these ^ shorts are perhaps a smidgen too short?


Menswear-Monday-Roundup-D Menswear-Monday-Roundup-C

Oh John Krasinksi. To me you will always be Jim Halpert.

Menswear-Monday-Roundup-G menswear-monday-spring-trends-5 Menswear-Monday-Roundup-L Menswear-Monday-Roundup-I

 Guys – would you do a ‘mutch’ (men’s clutch)? Husband would die dead before he’d carry one of them thangs around.


K, but whatever you do – don’t EVER do that ^. Boys in bare midriffs= Woof-Triple-Woof alert. End of story.

Tell me your thoughts! What are YOU wearing this summer boys? 

And then have a ‘Maybe this week will go by real quickly’ Monday!

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Dear Tuesday…

July 2, 2013



Wish you were Friday.

p.s. Featured HERE today as ‘Head Stylist’. Ch-ch-ch-check it Out!

p.s.s. GUYS – I’m so sorry that I’m the biggest slacker EVER with announcing Giveaway winners. Forgive me please! Don’t worry though – I got them all selected and tomorrow is announcement time! Get ready.


Impeccable-Pig-1 Impeccable-Pig-C Impeccable-Pig-2 Impeccable-Pig-F Impeccable-Pig-E Impeccable-Pig-3 Tank: The Impeccable Pig, c/o {similar} | Jacket: Old Navy, c/o {similar} | White skinny jeans: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Bag: The Impeccable Pig, c/o {buy here} | Heels: ShoeDazzle {sold out} |Chevron bracelets: Very Jane, c/o | Gold Bangles: Samantha Wills, c/o {buy here} and Olive Lane Shop, c/o {buy here} | Pave link bracelet: Ily Couture {buy here} | Watch: Nordstrom {save} {splurge} {majorly coveting}

Have a Totes Tubular Tuesday!

Thanks for read-ink!

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Menswear Monday!

July 1, 2013

It’s Fourth of July week! Here’s some patriotic Menswear Monday inspiration as you think about what is by far the most important thing on the Fourth of July: what you’ll WEAR!

Kidding. Bad joke. Bad, bad joke. Turns out what you wear doesn’t matter much AT ALL, especially considering the real reason for the holiday. BUT – it is fun to think about. So here’s to some patriotic sartorial inspiration all the same!

What are YOU doing for the Fourth? And what the heck are YOU thinking about wearing? Fill me in!
K thankssssssss.


fourth-of-july-menswear-monday-12 fourth-of-july-menswear-monday-7 fourth-of-july-menswear-monday-8 fourth-of-july-menswear-monday-9 fourth-of-july-menswear-monday-10 fourth-of-july-menswear-monday-6

fourth-of-july-menswear-monday-3All of these lovely images can be sourced back to this lovely blog.

(are these people’s lives for real?

Have a Marvelous (Menswear) Monday!

Thank you so, so much for reading. I just really like you.


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