January 8, 2014




Ellie-Striped-Blazer-8 Ellie-Striped-Blazer-6 Ellie-Striped-Blazer-1 Ellie-Striped-Blazer-5 Ellie-Striped-Blazer-4Outfit Details:

Blazer: Ellie Clothing, c/o  | Polka dot Chambray: Old Navy, c/o {similar} | Leggings: Destination Maternity | Boots: Enzo Angiolini {buy here} | Handbag/Camera bag: THEIT, c/o {buy here} | Belt: H&M | Sunnies: Firmoo, c/o | Monogram Necklace: Onecklace, c/o {buy here} | Pave link bracelet: Ily Couture | Renegade Cluster Bracelet: Stella and Dot, c/o {buy here} | Love cuff: Bauble Bar {buy here

Ok guys – these pics are bad. This outfit might be bad too. A true GBO moment. Try not to judge me. The truth is that when you’re pregnant, sometimes you’re in denial about the fact that your non-pregnancy clothes just don’t fit any more… as in this chambray shirt suddenly wanted to be a crop-top kind of. Aaaaaand when you’re pregnant, you sometimes want to wear a black tank under everything and pull it half-way down your thigh so it covers your saddle-bags and newly expanded hips. But be warned: if you go that route, your outfit is gonna end up looking like this one. Awesome (orrrrr not so much).

How bout this striped blazer though, eh? THAT is one part of my ensemble that I don’t hate. Ellie Clothing, ya done good. Also I’m in love with these Aztec cardigans. The end.

Have a Warlock Wednesday!

Thanks for reading!

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28 Weeks + Houndstooth

January 7, 2014



Photos by the amaze-balls KNW PhotographyHoundstooth Coat-8 Houndstooth Coat-2 Houndstooth Coat-9

Houndstooth Coat-5 Houndstooth Coat-3 Houndstooth Coat-7 Houndstooth Coat-6 Houndstooth Coat-10Outfit Details: 

Houndstooth Coat: SheInside, c/o {buy here} {splurge} | Tank: Forever 21 {old} | Leggings: Destination Maternity {similar} | Riding Boots: Shoe Mint {buy here on sale!} | Beanie: Asos {similar} | Sunnies: Firmoo, c/o {more here} | Handbag: Top Shop {save} {splurge} | Belt: don’t remember | Love Cuff: Bauble Bar {buy here} | Bow Bracelet: Forever 21 {similar} | Other Bracelet: Forever 21

28 weeks prego equals…

Coughing and sneezing now requires tightly crossing my legs… unless of course I don’t mind peeing in my pants a little.

I have officially reached that point where it would be easier to do a standing triple back flip than to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

Itchy. Everything is itchy. All the time.

My body has officially solidified into one giant, unrecognizable blob. Sexy.

I might as well have a catheter for how often I need to pee.

Having to take BART to get to work has become a panic inducing experience. The smells, the massive amounts of people, the going underground, the claustrophobia…all of it. Straight up panic-attack inducing. And all I need is to go into labor on BART of all places. Dear sweet Heaven above, spare me from that I beg of you.

Side note: houndstooth has my heart right now. This houndstooth coat especially has been one of my favorite winter pieces this season. And don’t worry that it’s under $50. Hollah for some houndstooth.

Have a Tra-la-la-la-la Tuesday!

Thanks so much for reading, you sweeties.

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Menswear Monday!

January 6, 2014

Some of my favorite Menswear Monday ensembles of 2013 from my dreamboat husband.

Which of these were your favorite?

Menswear-Monday-Denim-Tie-1See full post hereBow-Ties-Timber-Beast-8 See full post hereMenswear Monday 8See full post here

Korchmar-BagsSee full post here

Menswear-Monday-5See full post here

Menswear-Monday-Tie-3See full post here
1.21.13 - Menswear 5See full post here

Men's Ties & Sweaters 2See full post here

Menswear-Monday-1 See full post herekorchmar-bags-casual-2See full post here

Men's Ties & Sweaters 5 See full post here

Menswear-Monday-Tie-5See full post here

Korchmar-Bags-2 See full post here 

Menswear-Monday-Carmel-5 See full post here
Joules-Coat-1.jpgSee full post here

bow-ties-8 See full post hereBanana-Republic-Purple-Sweater-5 See full post hereBow-Ties-Timber-Beast-1See full post here

8.13.12 - Menswear Monday - Fedora Love DD See full post hereMenswear Monday 4 See full post here

Menswear-Monday-Tie-1I might be just a little bit obsessed with this boy.

Have a Mufasa Monday!

Thanks so very much for reading.


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Nordic Track Treadmill Giveaway!

January 3, 2014

Probs safe to say that 99% of us, whether we openly vocalized it or not, made some type of new year’s resolution related to health or fitness. Or at the very least, we thought about making one, amiright? What an appropriate time then to have a giveaway for a top of the line Nordic Track treadmill/incline trainer! A TREADMILL you guys – we’re giving away a treadmill. We’re talking retail value of $3,500. We’re talking put this sucker in your garage and don’t even worry about heading to the gym! We’re talking I wish *I* could win this giveaway. We’re talking dream come true.

Enter below for your chance to win, and may the force be with you – always.

Birdalamode // Glam Hungry Mom // The Coral Court

GBO Fashion // My Chic Bump // The Freckled Fox


Veronika’s Blushing // Posh By Kat // Good Life Blog


Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes // Fashionaholic // The Sweetest Thing // From Me With Love Design


The Fashion Fuse // Karly Kim // Little Miss Fearless


Love, Olia // Muchacha Mary // Kelsy Bang


Moiology // The Girl In The Yellow Dress // Livy Love

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a Furloughed Friday!

Love your faces for reading.

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