Some Faux Leather Love

February 6, 2014



Now don't we all love ourselves a little faux leather jacket? Turns out we sure do...


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The Lust List

February 5, 2014



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Happy Hump Day friends! Um, can we talk about the lusting I've had for jewelry lately? It's becoming unhealthy. And of course, it's always BaubleBar that really does me in - natch. All their jewelry is so gorge and yet reasonably priced. Now don't get me wrong - we're not talking Forever21 prices here. But, for jewels that could pass for something you got at J.Crew or Anthro, $30-50 isn't seeming too shabby to me. Here are some of my top BaubleBar picks right now. Try not to judge me for being a Coveting Constance.

p.s. Anthro and BaubleBar actually teamed up recently! Pretty sure I'm asking for THIS for my birthday.

Have a Wish-Bone Wednesday!

Thanks so much for reading. xoxo

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32 Weeks

February 4, 2014



Sometimes a girl just needs to vent a little...


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Menswear Monday!

February 3, 2014



Happy Menswear Monday peeps! Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that always creeps up on me, so I'm trying to be better this year and do some forward thinking about how to make it special - and what the deuce bigelow to get the boy. Here are some of my favorite picks off of J.Crew's 'Valentine's Day Shop'.  

p.s. Lots of you have been asking, so I'm happy to announce that the winner of the INPINK Giveaway will be announced this week - I promise! Sorry I suck SO.BAD. at actually picking winners for these giveaways. I'm the worst. Try to forgive me please.


Shades: Ray-Ban Clubmaster | $145 | buy here

Chambray floral tie: J.Crew | $69.50 | buy here

Accordion wallet: Wallace & Barnes | $68.00 | buy here

Watch: Mougin & Piquard | $425 | buy here

Heart & Arrow Boxers: J.Crew | $18.50 | buy here

Laptop Bag: Wallace & Barnes | $268 | buy here


What you gettin'  YOUR man for Valentine's Day? Eh?

 Have a Minnesota Monday.

Thanks for reading!


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