White Denim : Two Ways.

May 14, 2013



This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s latest fashion lineup in store or online at oldnavy.com.

What do we love most about white denim?

Oh just that the possibilities with these babies are endless. Endless I tell you! And that they’re perfect for SUMMER! Today I’m showing you two ways that you can rock your white denim.

Don’t have a pair yet? Allow me to recommend these beauts from Old Navy. My legs feel less like they’re wrapped up in straight-jackets and more like they’ve been lovingly hugged by a pair of sexy pajama pants – the kind that aren’t mad that I have curves. Translation: they’re comfy! And flattering! Cuz let’s be serious – ya gotta be careful with white denim. Things could go wrong. What’s the winning strategy? Finding a pair that are figure flattering but not so uncomfortable that you want to kill yourself. Turns out these babies offer the perfect amount of give while still fitting like a hot pair of skinnies should. Oh and don’t worry – this summer staple is ON SALE right now at Old Navy.  Woot!

In outfit #1, I paired my Old Navy white denim with a chambray shirt, a black blazer, and a sassy pair of silver pointy-toe heels. In outfit #2, I couldn’t resist that sexy combo of taupe and white.

Soooooo, the question is, which ensemble do YOU prefer?

GBO? white-skinny-jeans-1 white-skinny-jeans-old-navy-7 white-skinny-jeans-5

white-skinny-jeans-J white-skinny-jeans-old-navy-4

white-skinny-jeans-old-navy-5 White-Skinny-Jeans-aa

Don’t miss the chance to get some killer white denim on sale at Old Navy!


White denim: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} {mine are the Rockstar fit in ‘bright white’}
Chambray shirt: Old Navy (similar)
Blazer: BCBG
Heels: Nordstrom {save} {splurge}
Purse/Camera Bag: THEIT, c/o {buy here}
Sun Glasses: Madewell
Arm Candy – Renegade Cluster: Stella & Dot, c/o {buy here} | Pave link bracelet: Ily Couture {buy here} | Bangle: Forever21

Outfit #2
White denim: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} {mine are the Rockstar fit in ‘bright white’}
Taupe top: Forever21
Heels: Steve Madden {buy here} {hardcore coveting these}
Bag: Aldo {save} {splurge}
Arm Candy – Cuff: Apricot Lane Boutique, c/o | Gold stretch: Forever21 | Renegade Cluster: Stella & Dot, c/o {buy here}
Rings: Forever21

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Menswear Monday!

May 13, 2013



Hope you all had a killer weekend and a fabulous Mother’s Day! Our little fam got away to one of our absolute favorite California places this weekend – Carmel and Monterey! And while we were there, I may or may not have forced husband to let me takes pics of him for the blog – natch. Soooooooo here’s a little Menswear Monday ensemble for ya! I’m diggin’ the fully-buttoned up look on guys lately (and on girls too for that matter!), so I persuaded husband to give it a whirl. What do you think? Can we be into that look? Or do we prefer one button undone? Basically what I’m trying to ask is…


Menswear-Monday-Carmel-3Shirt: H&M | Pants: H&M | Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider | Sun glasses: Target
Menswear-Monday-Carmel-2 Menswear-Monday-Carmel-5 Menswear-Monday-Carmel-6 Menswear-Monday-Carmel-8


Don’t forget to enter Friday’s Giveaway for a $200 spring fashion shopping spree!

Have a Matador Monday!

Thanks for reading!

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$200 Spring Fashion Giveaway!

May 10, 2013

Little Miss Fearless / Moiology / Style with Shannon / GBO Fashion

Happy Friday urrrybody! We got Giveaways comin’ out our wahzoos over here right now!  But no one is mad about that, right? I’ve teamed up with a few of my favorite bloggers to bring you an amazing giveaway! We are giving away a $200 visa gift card for you to use to update your spring wardrobe. Woot Woot! And don’t forget to enter Monday’s Giveaway with Coupons.com, where ten winners will be chosen for a $50 giftcard to either Target or Macy’s. That one ends Sunday!

But this one starts riiiiiiiiiiiiight meow…

We wanted to share a few fun things about ourselves, so you can get to know us better. Ay-oh!

{Amanda from Little Miss Fearless}AmandaSanchez2

Why do you blog? I blog about my personal style mainly for two reasons:

1. To face the fear of putting myself out there. I have learned it’s almost impossible to fully develop a talent without sharing it. The “stage” that blogging provides for me to test different style creations helps me get to know myself better, learn to believe in myself regardless of criticism and also gives me courage to try new things (even if I don’t love every outfit I’ve put together at the end of the day).

2. To channel a creative outlet and connect with other fashion lovers. It certainly has it’s ugly side, but blogging has introduced me to some wonderful women who share my love for creativity. I enjoy collaborating and sharing stories. Every blogger should have a buddy or two whom they can turn to for advice, feedback and sharing of ideas. We make each other better.

Where do you see yourself in three years? I hope to still be blogging in three years. I have days where I’m not sure I’ll last another week (life certainly gets busy). But I’d love to attend NY Fashion Week, collaborate with more fun brands and bloggers and maybe introduce my love for kids’ fashion down the road…

Who are your fashion icons? At the top of my fashion idol list is Jenna Lyons. She keeps my J.Crew addiction alive and thriving. I also love Zoe Saldana’s classy style, Olivia Palermo’s trend-setting, and when I want to dress super casual, Cameron Diaz is my kind of girl.

{Sasha from Moiology}

_MG_6752Why do you blog? I didn’t start my blog with the intent of wanting to inspire people. In fact, I started it simply because I needed a style blog for a job I applied for. From there it kind of got to be a creative outlet for me.

Where do you see yourself in three years? Hopefully I’ll be a mother! But I hope I will still be passionate about my career and balance those two things out well…

Who are your fashion icons? I have so many! I love Mira Duma, Leandra Medine, Olivia Palermo, and the Olsen twins… These are just few ladies I love.


{Shannon from Style with Shannon}DSC_8339

Why do you blog? I truly love fashion! It’s part of me and blogging was my way of expressing myself.

Where do you see yourself in three years? I hope to be even more involed in the fashion industry. I would also love to go on a trip out of the country with my family. I also love my current job so I hope to still be working there.

Who are your fashion icons? Rachel Zoe, Gwen Stefani, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate & Ashley, Rachel Bilson, and Audrey Hepburn

{Shannon from GBO Fashion}Shannon Willardson 4

Why do you blog? I blog for several reasons: First and foremost, it’s a creative outlet for me. I love the creative challenge of putting an idea into motion and making it available to the masses. I also love having a platform that can be used for good – promotion of great causes, great companies, great blogs, and great people.

Where do you see yourself in three years? In three years? Ummmmm, geez – the first thought that comes to mind for this Vain Vanessa is that I hope in three years my wrinkles aren’t so bad that I look like it’s been ten years! Yeah – I’m not shallow at all. Besides that, I would love to have a wee little addition to my family in the next three years, I’d love to not be living with my inlaws by then (we shoot high over here), and it would be great if my blog could be my day job by then, if I wanted it to be.

Who are your fashion icons? Oh yikes – there are a bunch! In no particular order: Olivia Palermo. Alexa Chung. Mary Kate & Ashley (when they don’t look stoned, emaciated, goth, homeless, or 12.). Elizabeth Olsen (the Olsen twins HOT younger sister who makes MK and Ash look like midget-grimlins kind of. Sorry. That was mean.). Kirsten Dunst. Zooey Deschannel. Rachel Bilson. Carey Mulligan. Emma Watson. Sienna Miller. Kate Moss (she may be a crack-whore, but MAN can she dress). Taylor Swift (confession). Nicole Richie. Jackie Onassis (duh.). Audrey Hepburn (duh).


Now to the Giveaway part!

To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter below. Points will be earned for each item completed – the more you do, the closer you’ll be to winning this amazing prize! The $200 Spring Fashion Giveaway will run until midnight Friday 17th May 2013 and is open to participants worldwide. After this, the winner will be announced and contacted via email. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions:The Spring Fashion Giveaway is for one USD $200 Visa Gift Card. This giveaway is open worldwide to people aged 18 years and over. It will run from Friday 10th May 2013 to Friday 17th May 2013. Entries will be verified, so please be honest in completing items. Once the giveaway closes, the winner will be announced on this Rafflecopter and also contacted via email. To claim your prize, please respond to the email within 72 hours, failure to do so will result in a re-draw. Once the winner has been selected, this decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into regarding this matter. This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Visa or any other social media platform. Good luck!

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Style Crush: Sweetest Somethings!

May 9, 2013

This girl: beautiful, sweet, and stylish as can be. Get ready – I included a gazillion pics of this beauty because I just couldn’t narrow it down! Dina of fashion blog Sweetest Somethings has got STYLE peeps!  Which is why she is this week’s

Style Crush!

Check out her fashion and blogging tips below. And be sure to check out her killer blog!

Style-Crush-Sweetest-Somethings-16 Style-Crush-Sweetest-Somethings-14 Style-Crush-Sweetest-Somethings-13 Style-Crush-Sweetest-Somethings-12 Style-Crush-Sweetest-Somethings-11

1.  How would you describe your style? 

My style is definitely girly and feminine, almost to a fault.  I usually find myself putting in effort to try to punk it up a bit.  I love delicate pieces with lace and ruffles, or pretty floral prints but I always try to add some edge with flat booties or a fun necklace.

2. Who are your fashion icons?

Like most women on earth I am in love with Olivia Palermo and Miranda Kerr’s street styles.  How do they always nail it every time, even when just going for coffee?! I also love everything Rachel Bilson wears, she’s just so tiny and cute.

 3. Where do you go for fashion inspiration?

I read a ton of blogs each day, I love seeing everyday girls in their everyday outfits.  I use my pinterest a lot but often find myself being old fashion and folding down pages in magazines like Vouge and People Style Watch of outfits I adore.  I also get inspired by where I’m going or things I have to do.  If I’m traveling, going to work, or have a party to attend I always try to dress based on the occasion.

 4. What are the top three places you shop?

I’m an online shopping junkie and am always ordering from Revolve Clothing, ASOS, and Shopbop.  For in person shopping I love hitting up H&M, Forever21, and LOFT.  I also love a good department store like Bloomingdale’s since they have so much variety!

 5. What’s your ‘Go-To’ outfit for when you need to get ready in a flash?

Definitely skinny jeans, a printed top, a chambray shirt (I am obsessed with mine), and a bootie.6.  Do you follow trends?  If so, what trends excite you at the moment?

I do follow trends, although there are some I just can never seem to get on board with, there are others I love!  I am super into black & white stripes at the moment, I love peplum, and have always been into leather & neon.

7.  Why is the way you look/dress important to you?

I know it sounds silly, but I just feel SO much better when I feel good about what I’m wearing.  If I’m comfortable and feel put together I feel more ready to take on a day.  I read once that you can’t have a bad night if you love your outfit and I think that’s really true.

8.  What fashion or styling tips would you give to women who want to improve their sense of style?

I would say be comfortable, but by comfortable I don’t mean yoga pants and your husband’s t-shirt.  Find a style that your comfortable in and makes you feel good about yourself.  Don’t worry about trends or what others are wearing and just wear what you gravitate towards.  After you find what makes you the most comfortable, whether it be high waisted jeans, all black, a blazer, etc. then try adding in some trends that you think are cute.  Start small with a statement necklace or a pair of shoes you’ve been dying to try and see where it takes you.  Most importantly, don’t take it to seriously and have fun.  The most important thing is that you feel good about yourself.

9.  What made you want to start a blog?

I’ve been a long time reader of fabulous blogs (like yours Shannon!) and it always inspired me to start my own.  I love getting dressed, cooking, and trying new things so it seemed natural to share them with others.  My boyfriend encouraged me to just try it out (mainly by agreeing to be my photographer which is a HUGE help), and I figured I would just give it a go.  The response has been amazing and I love meeting new people through this and getting inspired.

10.  What are the top three tips you’d give to bloggers wanting to build their following?  

1- Write what you love, and don’t worry about what everyone else is writing about.  If 1,000 bloggers are covering fashion week you don’t need to be the 1,001 person unless you want to.

2- Connect with others through social media and comments.  If you see something on a blog you love REACH out.  9 times out of 10 I’ve gotten great responses from people and they really appreciate it.

3- PIN your images to pinterest.  I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve found through clicking on a pretty image.

11.  Anything further you’d like to add?

Thank you Shannon for featuring me!  I’ve found so many blogs through your style crush award and am excited to be joining the team.

Style-Crush-Sweetest-Somethings-10 Style-Crush-Sweetest-Somethings-7 Style-Crush-Sweetest-Somethings-6 Style-Crush-Sweetest-Somethings-5 Style-Crush-Sweetest-Somethings-3

 Isn’t Dina fab? There’s more where that came from at Sweetest Somethings! Ch ch ch ch ch CHECK IT.

Thanks Dina for letting me crush on you!


Have a Thunder Thursday!

Thanks for reading!

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