Mansemble Study: Justin Timberlake

October 14, 2013



Ohhhhh Justin. You’ve come a long, long way since the sartorial blunders (and by ‘blunders’ we mean out-right catastrophes) of your N*Sync days. And for that, we’re not only applauding you – we’re making you the subject of today’s Menswear Monday post. Watch and learn boys. Watch.And.Learn.

What do YOU think of JT’s style? Are you a fan?justin-timberlake-style-2 justin-timberlake-style-4 justin-timberlake-style-6 justin-timberlake-style-7 justin-timberlake-style-8 justin-timberlake-style

And lest we’ve forgotten, here are some Justin Timberlake gems from yesteryear.justin-timberlake-style-3 justin-timberlake-style-10 justin-timberlake-style-11 justin-timberlake-style-12Yikes.

If that ain’t proof that anyone can have a fashion rebirth and totally revamp their style – I don’t know what is.

Have a Mountainous Monday!

Thanks for reading!

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Dogs and Hunter Boots

October 11, 2013



Note: prepare to see these Hunter boots all.the.time. I purchased them a few weeks ago as a present to myself for landing a new job (yahoo! no longer just a ‘contractor’ at LinkedIn! Permanent employment: you feel sooooooo good.), and I have been praying for rain ever since. Then I had this idea: screw the weather and do what I want. Right? So hurrrrrr they be, in all their pillar-box red glory. And get used to it, cuz I LOVE me some Hunter boots. (and for the record, they’re totally worth the price – even in the opinion of my serious cheap skate self. You can get them HERE!)

Oh yeah – there’s a dog on my sweater again. Try not to judge me. (thank you Joules for feeding my animal emblazoned sweater obsession!)

Joules-Sweater-4.jpg Joules-sweater-6



Outfit Details: 

Sweater: Joules, c/o {buy here} {also love the Fox version} | Button-up: Thrifted | Jeans: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Hunter Boots: via Nordstrom, in ‘pillar-box red’ {buy here} | Handbag: Target | Necklace: H&M | Watch: Nordstrom | Bracelets: H&M and Forever 21

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Black on Black

October 10, 2013



Cool: this adorable top from Oasap.

Not Cool: how bad these pics are. And how lumpy I look in this outfit. Aaaaaand why do my boobs look like they’re the size of cantaloupes? K. I’m stopping. Just know that *I* know that I’ve had better outfits, and better pictures, and better body moments. And I’m ok with that. Cuz sometimes, it happens. The end.

p.s. Check out the boots. A winner was chosen! Bonus: they’re comfortable as can be. Huzzah! You can get em’ (ON SALE!) here.

Oasap-blouse-7.jpg Oasap-blouse-5 Oasap-blouse-8.jpg

Oasap-blouse-9.jpg Oasap-blouse-6.jpg

Outfit Details: 

Top: Oasap, c/o {buy here} | Black Skinnies: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Boots: Enzo Angiolini {buy here} | Scarf: H&M {similar} | Handbag: Target {buy here} | Watch: Wristology, c/o | Bracelet: H&M | Heart-breaker Ring: Top Shelf Boutique {San Francisco}

Have a ‘thinking positive thoughts’ Thursday!

Thank you soooooo much for reading!

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GBO Fashion Giveaway!

October 8, 2013
Happy Tuesday peeps! Um, are you ever mad about giveaways? K good – me either. That’s why I am teaming up with Color by Amber and 9 other bloggers to bring you a fabulous giveaway. Color by Amber is offering 1 winner $100 worth of jewelry! Color by Amber is the concept of creating gorgeous materials from our natural world and encapsulating them in 40% recycled ecoresin (are you wondering what the deuce ecoresin is? Me too! Click here for a wee little definition that I found on the internets.).
Each piece of Amber is a beautiful expression of style, sustainability, and social responsibility. So enter below for your chance to WIN WIN WIN! Good luck! 
 Gentri Lee // Kelsey Bang // Moiology
 Haircut & General Attitude // Along Abbey Road // Style With Shannon

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