Makeup with bareSkin Foundation

Photos by the talented Kirsten of KNW Photography

Yep – that be my mug right thurr, without a stitch of makeup on it (ok that’s a lie – my eyebrows are filled in, mostly because I just had them waxed before I took these pics and I just couldn’t bear to undo the incredible handy-work of my eyebrow gal. So sue me?). Meet my freckles and uneven skin tone. They’re awwwwwesome. Now let’s talk about this new liquid foundation from bareMinerals, shall we? To begin: admittedly the words liquid and foundation always make me an immediate skeptic, mostly because liquid foundation and I haven’t ever gotten along to well.

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I’ll Polk Your Dots…

I’ll polk your dots? What does that even mean? There would be no way of knowing. It just seemed like the right thing to write at the time. What you’re witnessing here: a real cute shirt that might look a whole lot cuter on a gal who isn’t lactating, or working with a postpartum bod. Hashtag what are ya gonna do? But let me tell you a lil’ bit about where this cutie top came from, cuz you won’t be mad about it…

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