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May 24, 2013

Forgive me you guys – this post might be more for me than it is for you. I just couldn’t help posting all these pics from our little getaway to Carmel, CA a couple weekends ago. Why? Mostly because: a) Carmel is wet-your-pants gorgeous and enchanting and quaint and everything that’s nice in the world, b) turns out this blog here sometimes turns into a little diary of sorts, and c) I just really like these people I get to call my family and the memories I create with them are special to me. So I hope that’s ok and you’re not real real mad about this.  As it happens,  I did NOT think to myself (for the record): ‘Gee, I bet they’re just dying to see a bum-load of pictures of me and my family, cuz who could ever get sick of that?’  Ummmmmm yeah – if I ever appear to be of that sentiment, please, PLEASE virtually slap me in the face and tell me go get over myself. Ok? But thank you for indulging me today.

And Happy Long Weekend! Do you have big plans? What are you doing? The truth is on weekends like this, I always find myself feeling like I should be doing more – something more out of the ordinary, something fancier, something far away. Do you guys ever feel like that? At any rate, Hubs and I are staying right here in our little homeland of San Frannycisco, and we might pay a visit to the zoo (we know how to party up in hurr). But thasss about it! Let me know what your plans are! And whatever they be, BE SAFE and HAVE FUN! Most importantly, God bless the men and women whose memory we’re commemorating with this here Memorial Day. Turns out I sure am grateful for their service, honor and courage (my daddy is former military, so they hold a big, BIG place in this little heart of mine.)

Oh, and don’t miss your chance to enter the Giveaway for a $1,000 Gift Card to J.Crew! Clock is a tickin’!

IMG_4432 IMG_4437 IMG_4440



Carmel-Weekend-1 Carmel-Weekend-4


IMG_4461 Carmel-Weekend-3 IMG_4473 IMG_4475

IMG_4272 IMG_4487



IMG_4510IMG_4266 Carmel-Weekend-14

And some quick iPhone outtakes (cuz it’s not overkill to have 5,000 pics in ONE post, right?)

Carmel-Weekend-A Carmel-Weekend-B Carmel-Weekend-C Carmel-Weekend-D Carmel-Weekend-E Carmel-Weekend-G Carmel-Weekend-HSeriously you guys? Are you seeing this? Fountain of WOOF! My heart soared.
Carmel-Weekend-I(ugly face disease… where all I want to do when there’s a camera in my face is make myself look like a goober.)

Have a Flagrant Friday,

And may your week be filled with way more Woots than Woofs!

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Cowboy Boots for Carmel, CA

May 23, 2013



 A couple weekends ago, the fam-dam and I paid a visit to lovely, gorgeous, wet-my-pants beautiful Carmel and Monterey, California. It called for comfy, casual wear and definitely comfy shoes! Enter: Cowboy Boots. Boo-yah. With these babies on, I was good to go for the entire day (k that’s a lie… it was only for most of the day. In my cowboy boots defense though, after about 7 or 8 hours of walking, very few shoes (that aren’t something a 90 year old lady would wear, or Toms) will still have your feet feeling lovely by the end of the day. Right guys? Right? Mmmmmright?)… what was I rambling about again? Am I talking? And should I be calling them cowgirl boots? What say ye?

Can we talk about this necklace though (don’t we just discuss the deepest topics on this here blog?)? Isn’t it adorbs? Peeps – if you haven’t visited Bip & Bop – the adorable Etsy shop full of to die for jewelry – then you NEED to check it out! This personalized charm is perfect for layering with other necklaces or just adding something pretty and delicate to an otherwise comfy/casual ensemb (as seen below!). And there’s A LOT more where that came from. So take a gander at their lovely jewels why don’t chya? Yeah – why don’t chya?

bip-and-bop-necklace-2Button-up Gingham top: Forever21 | Cardigan: Forever21 | Jeans: Apricot Lane Boutique, c/o | Boots: Targhetto | Camera Bag/Purse: Theit, c/o | Necklace: Bip&Bop, c/o | Bracelets: Anthropologie {buy here}, Banana Republic {buy here} | Sunglasses: Madewell


Bip-and-bop-8 Bip-and-bop-9

Remember when my forearm kind of looked like a big drumstick in this ^ picture? Hungry, anyone? Awesome. (or fragrantly disgusting, depending on how you feel about chicken… and drumstick forearms.)



Ok there’s a closer look at that there cutie necklace from Bip & Bop – cuz I just really like it. I just really really like it. Ok? Geez is it Friday yet?


Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, wonderful, caring, fun, hilarious, supportive, admirable lady I know. You don’t look a day over 21 Momma! xoxo


Have a Three Blind Mice Thursday!

Thanks for reading!

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Stripes and Florals

May 21, 2013



The stripes and florals trend is one of my FAVES right meow. That being said, the last time I rocked this combo on the blog was in this post, way back when. I figured it was about time we let er’ shine again! So who’s with me? Are you guys wearing the stripes and florals trend? Do you dig it?


p.s. Don’t forget to enter yesterday’s Giveaway for a $1,000 J.Crew gift card. Woot!

p.s.s Winner of last week’s $200 Spring Fashion Giveaway is posted HERE.

stripes-and-floral-8Striped Top: Forever21 {similar} | Floral Skirt: Ruche {similar} | Heels: Steve Madden {buy here} | Bag: London Fog via Loehmann’s | Bangles: Forever21 | Ring: Forever21
stripes-and-floral-3 stripes-and-floral-7

Aaaaaaaaand sometimes THAT happens.


I just think I’m soooooooo funny. Well, someone needs to think that, right? Right guys? Bueller? Bueller?


Have a Tinsel Town Tuesday! 

Thanks for reading!

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Win a $1,000 Gift Card to J.Crew! {closed}

May 19, 2013

Did you wet your pants after you read the title of today’s post? You should have. I personally am wet-my-pants excited to bring you a very special giveaway today… one lucky reader will enjoy the ultimate prize – a $1,000 J.Crew Gift Card! That’s one major shopping spree at the most delightfully wonderful store in alllll the land. Woot Woot!

In celebration of an exciting new concept called The Shelf, this group of fabulous bloggers and I are giving you the opportunity to win one seriously amazing fashion makeover.

 photo Row1_zpsb6590d00.jpg
Style Elixir   |   Fash Boulevard   |   Ivory Lane   |   The Chiffon Diary   |   GBO Fashion
 photo Row2_zps1bd2d02a.jpg
Hello Fashion   |   Barefoot Blonde   |   Because Shanna Said So   |   Shannon Hearts   |   See Jane
 photo Row5_zpsc373b796.jpg
A Little Dash of Darling  |  Mix and Match Fashion  |  Little Miss Fearless  |  Merricks Art  |  Coast With Me

A fashionistas ultimate tool, The Shelf is a new website that allows you to keep all the items you love in one place. When you go shopping online, simply click and ‘shelve’ your favorite pieces…

 photo SHELF-2_zpsc6e76d07.jpg

More importantly, The Shelf will even track their price! Input your desired purchase amount and you’ll never need to spend a cent more than you have to – receive automatic alerts when your favorite items are on sale… (um, hello? Are you hearing this? Dream. Come. True.)

 photo SHELF-PriceTrackImage_zps135b28d6.jpg

A hub for style inspiration and maximum savings (which we are NEVER mad about), the gorgeous gals I’m collaborating with are all using the The Shelf and we’d love you to join us! I’ve shelved some of my favorite pieces (which you can view HERE) and you can keep up with these, or start adding your own. Ay-O!

For your chance to win a $1,000 J.Crew Gift Card…

  • Click here and sign up to The Shelf (if you’re a blogger, add your URL for special features!)
  • Click here to follow your favorite bloggers’ shelves
  • Complete the simple Rafflecopter entries below… remember the more you do, the more chances you have to win! It’s open Worldwide too. Good luck! And thanks for entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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