Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

October 31, 2013

From our crazy friends and family to yurrrrrs.


Chase being hot even with a mullet. Yummmmm. (or woof-triple-woof?)


And yes – I was an 80′s inspired, non-descript character with a zombie arm coming out of my pregnant belly. That’s what I came up with for a Halloween costume. Jealous?


IMG_9152 IMG_9156 IMG_9162 IMG_9172 IMG_9175 IMG_9188



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The List

October 31, 2013



That time when I was obsessed a little with ^this^ tunic (last worn here). Mostly because how can you NOT be obsessed with something that has little lime green horses all over it, amiright? Where did I get it, you ask? Well! Allow me to introduce you to The List by I-ELLA.  The List is a monthly subscription program where members receive a gift bag of new designer goodies (clothing, handbags, shoes and/or accessories ) and free beauty and other product samples. Pretty much it’s like having a personal stylist shop for you. Huzzah!

Here’s what I received in my gift bag!

Not too shabby eh?
Here’s how it works:

1.)  Members choose a gift bag (Starter, $59 (+shipping));  SoHo, $129 (+shipping);  St. Barth’s $389 (shipping included))

2.)  Complete their style profile including such information as your age, style (are you Upper East Side Princess or SoHo Chic), and other information.

3.)  I-ELLA puts together a fashion gift box of designer items and free product samples.

4.)  Members receive a total surprise.

And The List is about to start shipping out their HOLIDAY gift bag. A perfect gift for the special someone’s on your list. Check out last year’s holiday bag!

And then try out The List!



Have a Thong (the sandals kind, of course) Thursday! 

Thanks for reading!

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Confessions of a Pregnant Lady

October 29, 2013



Cool: Being pregnant.

Not cool: Having back-fat. And love-handles. And chunky arms. And tree trunk thighs.

Cool: Being pregnant.

Not cool: Noticing that your hips are spreading (already?!), and that your boobs are approaching watermelon size even though you’re only about half-way there (hello the nightmare that those things are going to be by the end? And when I start breast feeding? Yikes.)

Cool: Being pregnant.

Not cool: Being that girl who whines and complains about how her body is changing whilst being pregnant. Zip it and enjoy the miracle of creating life, right? Be grateful that you’re able to get pregnant at all, right? Right guys? Right?!

That last line is what I tell myself every time I want to mitch and bone about all the body changes I’m experiencing right now – the scary, creepy, I-sometimes-want-to-cry-about-it body changes I’m experiencing right now. The truth is this you guys: I have to come accept something. I have come to accept that I am not going to be one of those cute, petite, still-skinny-everywhere-besides-my-little-basketball-sized-belly pregnant people. I’m just not. It’s not in the cards for me based on my body type, my height, my genes, etc. Instead, I will be one of those people who blows up everywhere. And while some days it gets me down a little, I’m getting better at being able to just shrug my shoulders and say ‘Well, what can ya do?’ Will I make fun of myself for it in upcoming blog posts? Of course! Where’s the fun in taking it all so seriously? Will it put a cramp in my ideal maternity style? Mmmmyeah – probs. But again – what can ya do? I’m growing a human – a mini miracle that will belong to me and my husband and Heavenly Father – and for that I’m going to tell myself it’s ok to have back fat and chubby arms.

Here’s to all the mommies or future mommies out there who can’t relate so well to the fashion blogger types who only grow in the belly when they’re pregs. I mean, God bless them too. But just know that me and my already-large-and-in-charge belly and body are here to comfort you and tell you it’s ok if you’re not in that camp. I’m not either. And we’re cool with that.

Tres-Chic-Sunnypop Tres-Chic-A-Collage Tres-Chic-11-SunnyPop


Tres-Chic-6-SunnypopJacket: H&M {obsessed with this one} | Sweater: Forever 21 {sold out} | Black skinnies: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Riding Boots: Enzo Angiolini {buy here} | Beanie: Asos {similar} | Rings: H&M


Have a ‘Tellin’ it like it is’ Tuesday!

Thanks for reading!


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Menswear Monday

October 28, 2013



I had sushi this weekend guys. It. Was. Awwwwwwwesome. We’re talkin’ everything I had hoped and dreamed it would be and more. Totally worth the pretty penny it cost us (sushi ain’t cheap – let’s be serious). It took talking to some folks who are much smarter than me to realize that not ALL sushi is raw (durrrrrf) and therefore I could still eat it, even as a prego person. Praise the Lord! There never was a happier girl in all the land.

In other news, Joules may or may not be one of our new fave places to shop online. Their stuff is adorable. Most of husband’s outfit came from them, and I rocked Joules attire here and here. We’re not even mad about any of it. Not one bit, not at all. Oh, and if you’re needing to update your jackets/coats inventory for the fall and winter seasons, def check out Joules collection. They rock.  

Joules-Coat-3.jpg Joules-A.jpg Joules-Coat-7.jpg Joules-Coat-2.jpgJacket: Joules, c/o {buy here} | Shirt: Joules, c/o {buy here} | Sweater: Thrifted | Pants: Joules, c/o {buy here} | Shoes: Clarks {similar}

Have a Mistletoe Monday!

(is anyone else already getting stoked for Christmas? I heard Christmas music at Walmart over the weekend and about peed my pants.)

Thanks for reading.

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