June 7, 2013



Yep. That’s about how I feel about THIS week – longest. ever. Husband went out of town this morning until Monday night. FIVE DAYS guys! Five big, fat, long, ugly, dark, love-of-my-life-deprived days. Oh, and all you military wives? You have my permission to tell me to change my diaper and get over it, cuz 5 days is NOTHIN! I honestly don’t know how you ladies do it. All I can say is this: if any of you see me anywhere near a box of Wheat Thins, please snatch those things away from me immediately. Last thing I need is to drown my sorrows by emotionally eating my face off.

I decided to post an outfit today. Are you mad about that? Turns out I just wasn’t in the mood for woots and woofs (um, Debbie Downer much?). This is the last of the outfit pics from our weekend getaway in Carmel. I sure was crushin’ on those cowboy boots that weekend. They done did me right, and I appreciated it. Also appreciated that those johns cost me $15 from Target! They had one awkward tassle on them that I wasn’t crazy about, so I just snipped that baby right off and they were good to go! Cowboy boots at its finest. Ohhhhhhhh clearance section of Target shoes: if you were a boy, your name would be Chase Willardson and I’d marry the crap outta you, then ball my eyes out like a big wahhh-baby any time you left my sight.

Do you guys have anything fun planned for this weekend? What are you gonna do? Holler atchya girl!

And don’t forget to enter Tuesday’s Giveaway for a $75 gift card to Olive Lane!

Coral-Top-2 Coral-Top-7 Coral-Top-8 coral-top-collageCoral top: Old Navy, c/o | Jacket: Thrifted {similar} {also obsessed with this one} | Jeans: Apricot Lane Boutique, c/o | Cowboy Boots: Target {buy here!} {similar cuties and cheapies} | Tortoise shell watch: Wristology, c/o {buy here} | Pave link bracelet: Ily Couture | Renegade Cluster bracelet: Stella & Dot, c/o {buy here} | Aviators: Target

Have a Frothy-Wrothy Friday!

Thanks for reading!

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Giveaway with Olive Lane! {closed}

June 5, 2013




And the winner is…

Moira Wolf!

Moira, email me for info on how to claim your prize you lucky gal! And thanks to all who entered!


Happy Hump Day peeps! Hump days call for giveaways, don’t you think? I certainly do! And we got a good one for you today: Olive Lane is offering one lucky winner a $75 gift card to their shop! Fo real guys, this place is full of the cutest jewelry and accessories ya ever done did see. And the shop owner ALSO has an adorable blog called Ink’d Design, where she talks about her other love: adorable paper products! If you’re someone who loves killer jewelry and beautiful cards, art, announcements, and other lovely printed things, then Olive Lane and Ink’d Design are both right up your alley. And if you DON’T love killer jewelry and lovely printed things, then you might hate puppies and butterflies and sugar plums too, and that’s just plain old WRONG. No two ways about it.

Mostly I felt that the coral bead necklace I got on in this ensemb was an absolute must have for summer – adds the perfect pop of color that every summer get-up needs!

Now go enter for your chance to get one of them bad boys using your $75 GIFT CARD!

p.s. Guest posting over HERE today. Go rate my outfit! If…you…want…to… that is.

Olive-Lane-Shop-Giveaway-8 Olive-Lane-Shop-Giveaway-5

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 10.37.50 PMLook at how many other to-die-for goodies they have! No really – GO LOOK!

Olive-Lane-Shop-Giveaway-4 Olive-Lane-Shop-Giveaway-11 Olive-Lane-Shop-Giveaway-2 Olive-Lane-Shop-Giveaway-10 Olive-Lane-Shop-Giveaway-3Cardigan: Target {buy here} | Dress: Target | Wedges: Ruche {buy here} | Coral Bead Necklace: Olive Lane, c/o {buy here} | Sunnies: Firmoo, c/o {buy here} | Panama Hat: J.Crew {buy here} | Arm Candy: Samantha Willis c/o, Forever21 | Bag: H&M

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Menswear Monday!

June 3, 2013



Bow Ties. AKA, The Bee’s Knees. I think any and every boy would do well to own at least ONE of these things and hold the confidence to work it into his regular sartorial repertoire. Husband was a bit skeptical at first, but they have grown on him – like a planter’s wart on an unfortunate, preyed-upon finger. Aaaaand I wish I could have come up with a slightly less revolting comparison than that. But you know what’s NOT revolting, like, at all? Bow Ties. Guys, if you think you can’t pull them off, I can almost guarantee you that all you’re lacking is the confidence. Bow ties are for any man – of any height, any weight, any hair color, any face shape, any anything! The secret is simply owning it. Strut that thing around like a Peacock in mating season (that’s when their feathers are the prettiest. trust me guys. i read about it on the internets.). Only this peacock has got something none of the other peacocks got: a Bow Tie.

And if you’re looking for some particularly exceptional bow ties, you’re gonna want to check out TimberBeast. They’ve got the corner market on MANLY bow ties – you know, the kind that put hair on your chest and give you a 5:00 shadow by the time you’re done tying it. Basically if you’re a wild and unruly logger (even if it’s just internally in your mind, where you wield 50 lb. axes and live on the land and catch fish with your bare hands and win bear-wrestling matches), then this is where you’re going to want to purchase YOUR bow ties. Especially if you’re a bow tie virgin. TimberBeast will help you feel a lot more manly about the whole thing. Trust me.

(Also, Ladies – sometimes your man just needs a little push. This would make a fabulous father’s day present. And they’re priced extremely well. Just sayin’.)

So tell us…
Would YOU rock the Bow Tie?


bow-ties-5 bow-ties-2 bow-ties-4 bow-ties-1

Aaaaand sometimes THIS happens.
bow-ties-7 bow-ties-8Shirt: Gap {similar} | Bow Tie: TimberBeast, c/o {buy here} | Slacks: H&M | Shoes: Stacy Adams via DSW {buy here} | Belt: old

^^He loves him some bow ties^^

Have a Manly Monday!

Thanks for reading.

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An Apology

May 31, 2013

Dear, lovely Readers…

Forgive the heavy content today, but there is something important that I need to say to all of you:
If I have ever written anything on this blog that has been offensive, disrespectful, insensitive or inappropriate in any way, I. AM. SO. SORRY.  Really guys – I am. It has come to my attention that this rogue mouth of mine has delivered unsavory feelings to some of my readers at times. Not only does that make my heart hurt because of how it has made YOU feel; it also pains me because nothing could be further from the true intention of this blog and the feelings I wish for it to evoke. For all of my imprudent banter and inane popping-off, it scarcely occurs to me that this could fall on the side of reckless, demeaning, and disrespectful. And my negligence of that fact is nothing short of irresponsible and insensitive. I’m a grown woman. I ought to know better. Those of you who know me personally and well can verify that I’ve been guilty far too often of using off-color remarks and unorthodox commentary. It’s admittedly been a weakness of mine for as long as I can remember. Well, it’s one thing to not take yourself too seriously and to be silly and light-hearted. It’s quite another when ‘silliness’ turns to carelessness, and word choice unintentionally turns to the belittling, the demeaning, and the unkind. Unintentional or not, the last thing on earth that I EVER want to be is any of those things. And I am so, so sorry for instances when I’ve been guilty of such here on this blog, and/or elsewhere.

To give you some context for all this, there was a recent post in which I used the word ‘Tard’ to describe myself while making goofy faces into the camera. I’m ashamed to say that this is just ONE instance in which my flippant and careless word choice was massively inappropriate and offensive. Unfortunately, it is not an isolated incident. In this particular instance, someone kindly and courageously reached out to call the offense to my attention.  I want to share with you what was shared with me: “Tard” is obviously short for “retard” or “retarded”.  It is a very negative reference to a mentally delayed or disabled individual. Even when used as a joke to describe a person of normal intelligence, it is offensive because it is ultimately referencing back with cruel belittlement to an innocent person who is disabled. The term was heavily used in the mid 1980s and early 90s before society began to understand the insensitivity behind it.  It is not used anymore by educated individuals.  It isn’t one of those slang words that is up for debate or personal opinion as to whether it is offensive.  It is unequivocally known to be offensive and unkind. To refer to one’s negative, ugly, goofy, or awkward “faces” or behavior as being a “tard” or “retarded” makes my heart ache with sorrow for those mentally disabled who may not be as physically beautiful or immaculately fashioned as some, but who are worlds above us in a kind of deep, meaningful beauty that we “normal” people can only hope and pray we may attain.’  Daggers, you guys. Daggers to my heart, because all of that is SO TRUE, and I feel so humbled and ashamed. I am compelled to share that with you in case there are others who would use such language without thinking, as I often do.

The truth is, for all the talk of clothes and shoes and that which is trivial and temporary that goes on here on the blog, simply by merit of its niche – all of that stuff falls SO LOW on the list of things that actually matter to me. At the end of the day, it all gravely pales in comparison to the things that otherwise occupy my time, thoughts and attention (i.e. God, husband, family, friends, goals, etc.). It’s important to me that you know that. Sure, it’s fun to dress up, to look good, to have a place to come and let loose and discuss life’s less weighty matters. But it is so much more important to be concerned with who you are and what you stand for, how you treat others and the type of character you’re developing and conveying in your words and actions. It’s important to be a force for what is right; to seize every opportunity in which you might be an enabler of positive change. The truest intention of this blog is to share only that which would uplift and inspire – that which is lovely, kind, wholesome and good. For all the instances in which I have deviated from that in any way, again – I genuinely apologize. Occasions of such have been unauthentic to who I want to be and what I want this space to represent and stand for.

Moving forward, I hope you’ll see a good change in me. I have no intentions of stripping myself of personality or my innate ‘goof-ball’ tendencies. I simply intend to be a better version of myself – one that is more mindful, more cognizant, and more sensitive. Words are important, and I intend to think through mine a little better before I let them take stage here.

To those of you who have had the courage to reach out to me directly concerning this topic, I wish to publicly thank you. I have been the fortunate recipient of not attacks or humiliating lashings, but private, gentle chastisements, expressing that you expect a little more of me. I’m so glad that you do. It takes courage to stand up for what you know to be right, and it takes character to find a way to do so compassionately. I admire you, and I am grateful for you.

To all of my readers: thank you for being patient with me. There is no shortage of faults, weaknesses or vanities in this girl. I will be the first to admit that I am deeply flawed, and that if I made you a list of all the attributes I wish I had or am striving to attain, it would be one real long list. With that being said, I can’t promise that another careless word won’t ever unintentionally slip onto these pages. I CAN promise though to make that my goal. Please keep helping me to be better. And thank you for the time you take to stop by here, for whatever the reason is. There are so many of you that I would refer to as friends without hesitation, and that makes me feel ever so blessed.

Please know, again, how genuinely sorry I am for any and all offensive words that have escaped these lips or fingertips. I so appreciate your understanding and forgiveness, and your belief in me that I can be better.  I believe that too, and I intend to hold myself more closely to that standard from now on.


Have a ‘Feeling Humbled (in a good way) Friday’,

and may your week be filled with way more Woots than Woofs!  


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