Office Ready

November 14, 2014



Here’s a little office-inspired number to send you into your weeeeeeeekend! Which kind of makes no sense at all (office-ready outfit + weekend? Huh?), but hey – what are ya gonna do? Hope you all have fab weekend plans! My sissy is coming into town. Translation: I’m so excited I’ve been peeing my pants nonstop since I heard the news. Woooooot!  Continue Reading

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What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner

November 10, 2014

Wait, whaaaaaaaa? We’re already thinking about what we’ll be wearing to Thanksgiving dinner? YEP! I’ve teamed up today with the lovely and fabulous Kacie from Kacie’s Kloset to give you some ideas of what to wear for the big dinner this year. November be flyin’ by peeps, and sooner than you think we’ll all be sittin’ down with family and friends to stuff our faces in shameless gluttony, all in the name of gratitude. What a great holiday, right? Long live Thanksgiving!

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Menswear Monday

November 10, 2014

If you’re a man, you need this outfit.

If you’re a lady, your husband/fiance/boyfriend/brother needs this outfit.

Am I right?

Good news: every single item here is ON SALE at Nordstrom! Their clearance sale is still in full force, with lots of things going for as much as 40% off. Pretty crazy stuff you guys. You can click on individual items in the pic above to shop those specific items, or shop the entire sale HERE. You can also check out my top picks from the sale for the ladies HERE. But Nordy’s sale only goes until tomorrow, so don’t just sit there thinkin’ about it. Just pull the trigger and get your shop on! I know that’s what I’ll be doing. Woot!

Have a Marvelously quick Monday!

Thanks for reading. xo

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Nordy’s Sale – 40% off!

November 7, 2014


K, I know I’ve been squawking about sales a lot lately, but I’d kind of feel like a bad human if I didn’t fill you in. Right? Right. So here’s another! Through November 11th, tons and tons of amazing things are on sale at Nordstrom for up to 40% off. Forty percent! You can shop some of my fave picks above by just clicking on the items in the pic. Or shop the entire sale HERE!

What are your weekend plans? Anything fun? We’re seeing some of our besties on Friday (woot!) and then staring down the barrel of a scary busy Saturday where husband will be working, which means I’m on Jack duty (and everything else) all by myself. Wahhhh! Is it lame that I find that daunting? It is. It’s lame. And it will be fine. But there’s something yucky about having to share the one you love on the weekend with his work. Amiright? K I’m stopping now.

Have a Funky Friday!

Thanks for reading!

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