Carmel/Monterey City Guide + Nordstrom Rack


Happy Tuesday party people! My parentals were in town last weekend. Is there anything better than that, really? It’s funny how you spend your teenage years resisting the ‘rents a little bit and then as soon as you enter adulthood, move away, and particularly when you become a parent yourself, all you want is your mommy and daddy again. Well, at least that’s been my experience. My parents are the bomb-diggity-bomb though so that might be why.

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Staying Fit During Pregnancy (#thestruggleisreal)


You guys – I need you to know that on the day that I wrote this post, I literally had four pieces of Little Caesar’s pizza and two pieces of crazy bread for lunch. Yyyyyyyeah. Point being: when I say the struggle to stay fit and to make healthy choices during pregnancy is real, I mean that it’s real for ME, and that I’m speaking from personal experience. There are those girls out there – those pregnancy unicorns – that seem to carry on with their standard, ridiculously healthy habits during their pregnancies and every part of their bodies besides their cute little pregnant basketball bellies stays thin and toned throughout the whole darn thing. I am not this girl…

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More Fall times with Old Navy


Happy Fall, and Happy Friday! Being in the thick of fall has this girl soooooo darn happy. I never want it to end. And tomorrow is Halloween! Yippeeeeee! What are you guys doing? What are you being? Confession: I’ve never been a big Halloween person, but this year you guys, I’m just embracing it. I’m embracing! I actually ordered a costume – first time ever. Follow me on Instagram to see our lil’ family costumes in action. Woot!

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6 Reasons to go on a Cruise


Sooooo, if you follow me on Instagram you probs know that me and hubby and his family went on a cruise to the Caribbean back in August. In a word you guys, the trip was awwwwwwwwwwesome. Like, beyond awesome. And frankly, every cruise I’ve ever been on has been completely amaze-balls. The Caribbean cruise was my third. Chase and I went on a short, three-day cruise down to Ensenada when I was pregnant with Jack as our little ‘baby moon’, and then waaaay back in the day I went on a Mediterranean cruise at the tail end of a study abroad I had done in London. Hashtag EPIC. All of them. So epic in fact that I thought it would be worth it to share with you guys a few key reasons to go on a cruise – especially if you’ve never been on one before. So here we go…

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Fall Style with Clarks and Zappos


You guys – remember that time when there was this brand that made really, really comfortable shoes but they didn’t look like something your grandma would wear? I do! I remember that! And I remember that that brand is Clarks. I’ve teamed up with Zappos today to give you a wee little taste of the goodness that is coming out of Clarks’ new fall line.

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