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Dress: Free People via Zappos, c/o {buy here} | Booties: Sam Edelman via Zappos, c/o {buy here} | Cross-body bag: Borrowed from my girl Merrick | Slip Extender: Very Jane, c/o | Rings: Lulu’s c/o; Bip & Bop, c/o | Necklace: TopShelf Style, c/o | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters {buy here}

 Ok – can we first talk about how you feel about the pic in the middle there where I’m inviting you all to smell my armpit? Are we close enough for me to request a B.O. check from you guys? Awkward… mostly because I guarantee my pits reeked by the time I was taking this pic. TMI?

Secondly, GBO has a new look! Surprise! Pretty awesome how I didn’t even have a new post up when it launched, right? We’re on top of things over here. Well just so you know: this is very, very much still a work in progress. Instead of working out every last kink and edit before the release, we decided to approach it as an iterative process and tweak as we go. It was time you guys. I started looking into a site re-design literally over a year ago, and then my sweet baby was born and the blog began its stead decline into oblivion and obscurity, so there went the redesign plans. But listen – I’m BACK! Well, a little at least! I’m feeling re-charged and re-motivated and ready to get back on my blogging groove (more to come on that), and bottom line is I just couldn’t bear to look at the old design for one more second! It was burning my eyeballs. So here’s what we’re working with from now on – at least for the time being! Once everything is a bit more completed, I’ll be doing a legit launch with a little tour and such and hopefully some explanation of what’s on the horizon for GBO. That’s the plan anyway. Don’t ever hold me to anything. You know this by now.

Last but def not least, I teamed up with Zappos again today to talk about how to get creative with your style this Spring! I mentioned at the bottom of this post that I wanted to push my limits this season a bit and try out styles that I’m not used to wearing. One of those for me is the boho look. I found this adorable Free People dress on and immediately thought about the Sam Edelman ‘Petty’ bootie in Honey to complete the look. The truth is I would have loved for these pics to have been taken in a more boho-inspired location, but hey – now you know how a Boho look would look on a regular street in a location that you might actually find yourself in, as opposed to some woodsy glade where no one goes except to do very stylized photo shoots. Right?! So you’re welcome! If you don’t shop at Zappos you guys, I’m just going to say it straight: stop being circa 1990’s. Mmmmk? Zappos is the – such a great selection, amazing customer service, great price points that range from ghetto cheap to splurgy-splurge. You can find it all there. Def go check out their abounding spring selection. You won’t be mad. Promise.

Ok, so spill it peeps: what do you think of the new site design? Are we fans so far? And how bout’ this boho look: GBO? Good, bad, or ok peeps? Tell tell tell! K sorry I’ll stop being obnoxious now.

Have a Mischievous Monday! 

Thanks so, so, so much for reading! xo

Vintage Sweater Love




Vintage-Topshelf-Style-Sweater-B Vintage-Topshelf-Style-Sweater-I Vintage-Topshelf-Sweater-H

Outfit Details:

Sweater: Vintage {purchased from TopShelf Style} | Gray long sleeve top: Lou & Grey, c/o {similar here and here} | Distressed Denim: Joe’s Jeans {Similar here} {Also love these for only $68} | Booties: Sam Edelman Petty {color ‘putty suede’, buy here} | Fringe cross-body bag: TopShelf Style, c/o {similar here, here, and here} | Aviators: RayBan, c/o Sunglass Shop {buy here} | Arrow necklace: TopShelf Style, c/o | Name bar necklace: Bip & Bop, c/o {buy here} {Love this one too}


Hey guys! Another crazy busy week so here I am getting one post up this week. Awwwwwwesome. I wore this ensemb back in Idaho about a month ago or so when I was visiting my family there. You guys – will you get a load of this vintage sweater? I die. Seriously fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it. Lots of vintage things are like that for me – they evoke instant lust, no, love even. It reminds me of the days when I basically only shopped at thrift stores and makes me wish I still did that. Mostly it’s the time factor that prevents me from doing so. SF actually has some RAD thrift stores, but I just don’t have the time to go digging very often. Ya know? Anyone who has done a decent amount of thrifting knows that it’s certainly a time investment, although when you find a gem like this, it’s hashtag SO worth it. Luckily I didn’t have to go digging for this one – it was hanging all nice and pretty and ready for me to purchase at TopShelf Style, one of my favorite SF boutiques. You can buy online with them too AND from Instagram, FYI. Woot!

One more word about this outfit: you know these Sam Edelman booties that every blogger and their dog has? Yeah. I resisted for a really long time on getting them even though I thought they were adorable. But I ended up caving, and now I get why they’ve been all the rage. These babies are comfy, and they go with basically everything. They are literally like the perfect bootie in my opinion. Don’t worry that I now have them in three colors {putty suede seen here, honey, and black. Try not to judge me.}. Anywho, if you’ve wondered about these and have thought about pulling the trigger, my recommendation is to just do the dang thang. You won’t even regret it. You can buy them here. You’re welcome.

Anywho, hope you’re all having a Happy Hump Day!

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe



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Outfit Details:

Dress: Gap {buy here} | Heels: Steve Madden via Zappos, c/o {buy here} | Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff via Zappos, c/o {buy here} | Stacked necklaces: J.Crew {similar} & Stella & Dot, c/o {buy here} | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters (only $18! Buy here} | Vintage gold bracelets: Sweet n’ Spark, c/o {buy here} | Cuff bracelets: Lulu’s, c/o and Arm Candy Fashion

(**Note regarding this dress: It’s a teensy on the short side (I’m 5’3 for reference). There IS a good amount of hem available to work with though, and it’s so darn cute everywhere else, I think it’s worth it. I’ll be lowering the hem a little but didn’t have time for this post. Just FYI!**)

K let’s be serious – I hate cleaning. Anyone who knows me well can attest to that fact. I wish so badly that I was a Tidy Tonya, or an Organized Olivia, or a Neat Nelly. But alas, despite my best efforts it seems I am doomed to remain a Messy Meredith all of my days upon the land (have we about had it with these name alliterations Shannon? Hashtag overkill, Hashtag you’re annoying).  Womp to the womp womp. However, there is one type of spring cleaning that I don’t even hate: spring cleaning my wardrobe! Do you guys do this? I think this is a thing, right? Well if it’s not, it should be – because by golly it feels so great when you’re finished. Today I’ve teamed up with Zappos to discuss three simple ways (plus a bonus tip) that you can ‘spring clean’ your wardrobe:

    • Go through and get rid of anything in your closet that doesn’t truly bring you joy.  ||  Ok joy might be a strong word when describing clothing I realize, but I heard about this philosophy of using that word as a standard for deciding what to keep verses what to purge from your closet, and it totally resonated with me. I gave it a whirl, and you guys – it felt so good to get rid of items in my closet that I never wear and that I didn’t truly love. Basically, if you find yourself always pushing past it in your closet, or you don’t get some twinge of delight or excitement when you see it in there, it’s time to part ways with that sucker. Bonus points if you give your items away (friends, family, Salvation Army, Deseret Industries, etc.) because then you have the added bonus of feeling good about that too. Score! 
    • Segment your clothes into seasons and only keep the current seasons in your closet (i.e. spring/summer, fall/winter).  ||  I’ve never been able to say much for the amount of closet space allotted to me, espesh since being married, so I’ve always had to season-segment my clothes. The current season goes in the closet, non-current seasons go into storage. But honestly, I’ve grown to really like this method. It keeps what’s in my closet relevant and actually makes me feel like I have more to wear since I’m not pushing through a bunch of coats and sweaters in the middle of summer (or spring for that matter).
    • If you’re buying something new to freshen up your spring wardrobe, focus on color.  ||  K, I’ll be the first to admit that for me, a ‘new’ season doesn’t quite feel anew without adding a few new pieces to that season’s lineup (how many times can I use the word ‘new’ in a sentence? Impressive Shannon).  But if part of your spring cleaning strategy is to replace some of the tired and old with the fresh and the new (there it is again), my advice is to focus on color – especially for spring. Think soft blues and pinks, mints and lilacs, florals (natch), and above all, think white. There’s no color that says so fresh and so clean, clean better than white does. And that’s the essence of spring, right? Bonus points that the color also happens to be a white-hot trend right now (see what I did there? White, the white-hot trend. It works.). If you are on the hunt for some fresh spring-ready items, might I strongly suggest you pay a visit. The selection is endless (as we all know by now) but what I love is that you can also refine your search with a myriad of filter options so that you don’t get overwhelmed.
    • Bonus tip: push your style boundaries just a little and try something new.  ||  As much as spring cleaning is about the actual scrub-scrub, purge, de-clutter, simplify stuff, I think it can also be about renewal. The kind where you take a look at yourself and decide to be brave or be determined or be uninhibited, and to do something different or try something new – whether it’s in your style or elsewhere. It’s liberating to give yourself permission to explore new territory! I for one am pushing myself this spring to give the old Boho trend a whirl. I haven’t really ventured there before, but I think it’s pretty darn cute and I kind of want to give it a whirl. And by golly I think I’m gonna! It is spring, after all – a time for all things new. And you best believe I’ll be heading to Zappos to find just the thing. Orrrrr maybe I already did and already found it and you’re gonna see it in a future blog post. Bam! How’s that for some foreshadowing?!

So what do you think guys? Was any of this helpful? What are your spring cleaning methods, especially when it comes to your closet/style? I’d love to hear your tips!

Have a Freaking Awesome Friday!

Thanks for reading. xoxo