Pop of Pink…(& a real, real ugly picture)

Top Pic 2 - Zara blouse + striped skirt

Here be what I decided to wear for Church on Easter Sunday yesterday.  The occasion warranted a pop of Pink I thought? I’ve never been one to wear a lot of pink outfits usually, so this made me feel like I was takin’ a walk on the WILD side (yeah, I’m off the hook, right? I mean someone INTERVENE if you care about me at all before I take you all down with me!).  Too bad I couldn’t get that durn belt to stay tightened so it looked the way it was SUPPOSED to look in all these pics (more cinched up & less loose & dangly…ya know?)!  And if you want a tutorial on how to make those fancy lookin’ knots in your belt, click HERE! So what do you think guys? GBO? Blouse: Zara (similar), Skirt: Cozy Boutique (Provo, UT), Heels: Thrifted, Clutch: Thrifted, Belt: Cozy Boutique, Necklace…

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It’s all in the Shoes: Boots vs. Wedges

Combined Bottom Pics 2- blue blazer + wedges

Here I go again being all amazed at how much of a difference the DETAILS of an outfit can make in its overall look.  Take for example this little number and how much the look changes based on the shoes & adding one little accessory.  Ok – maybe it doesn’t look THAT different, but quite a bit, right? Like Equestrian vs. Date Night kind of? Huh? Huh guys?  Bueller?  Bueller? So which do you prefer?  Boots or Wedges?  Cast your vote and help this fashionista-wanna-be out! (yep – admitting it. No pride no shame people.)  And may God bless you and your children and your children’s children and your children’s children’s children for doing so. WEDGES or BOOTS? And of course, GBO? Oh, and stay tuned next week – I may or may not have made out like a BANDIT this month in SHOES at the thrift stores. Holy smokes – it’s…

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i heart Thrift Stores…


Are we mad when 95% of our outfits come from thrift stores?  NOPE!  God bless thrift stores for feeding my habit without completely emptying husband’s wallet.  GBO? Button up: Thrifted, Skirt: F.21, Heels: Thrifted, Purse: Thrifted, Necklace: Gift, Watch: Nordstrom, Bracelets: F.21 HAPPY WEEKEND!

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It’s all in the SHOES: Wedges vs. Oxfords

Combined Bottom Pics - Red blazer + oxfords

Isn’t it Crazy the difference that merely switching your SHOES can make in the look of an outfit? So, Wedges vs. Oxfords?  Which shoes do YOU prefer? And what occasions would you wear each of these for? In other words… GBO? Blazer: Urban Outfitters, T-shirt: Target, Jeans: Vigoss (via Nordstrom), Wedges: Forever Young Shoes, Oxfords: Forever Young Shoes, Necklace: Down East Basics, Wrist Wear: Nordstrom (watch) & F. 21 (bracelets). Thanks for Rating! xoxoxo

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Sunday Best

chambray + polka dot pleated skirt + t-strap heels 4 - PSE

So over the weekend my Sissy & her fam were in town, & I may or may not have conned her into taking some outfit pics for me. Woot Woot!  So here’s some Sunday Best action for ya.  And NOW here’s the fun part… let’s RATE this THANG! GBO? Chambray Shirt: Thrifted ($4!), Skirt: H&M, Heels: Thrifted ($8!), Belt: Cozy Boutique, Watch: Nordstrom Thanks for being Awwwwwwesome!

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