Menswear Monday!


Well, J.Crew does it again, natch. Their new menswear looks for spring are positively scrumptious: pops of color complimenting solid, masculine, neutral classics. Ya can’t go wrong with that combo! And ya can’t go wrong with the fact that a bunch of these items are ON SALE right now! Check out the deets below and see fo’ yo’self. And then go crazy. Knock yourself out. Buy your little faces off. That’s what I’m gonna do… in my mind, at least.

So what do you think Guys?

GBO to these J.Crew looks? Which one is your fave? Anything here that you wouldn’t be caught dead in? Lemme hear about it!


Shop Look #1



Shop Look #2


Have a ‘Make that Money (so you can shop at J.Crew)’ Monday! 

Bless your souls for reading.

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Fitness Friday!

Oh, you were wondering who that hottie with the body is?

Well allow me to introduce you! Peeps, you are in for a treat today. Lindsey of Moxie Full Body Fitness is not only a dear, dear friend of mine – she’s also my trainer! This beauty helped me get ready for my wedding, convinced me to enter a fitness competition with her (jigga what?!), and has basically taught me urrrything I know about health and fitness junk. She took my passion for fitness to the next level. And we’re still working on my cookie addiction.

I asked Lindsey to come share her wisdom today on a topic that is (admittedly) a major struggle for me: the WEEKENDS! And by that I mean not eating my face off allllllllll weekend long. So with no further adieu, here’s she be! Read and learn peeps. This gal knows her stuff. And she’s got the bod to prove it! Take it away Linds!

How to enjoy your weekend without sabotaging your fitness goals



Hi everyone! My name is Lindsey and I own Moxie Full Body Fitness. I, along with the fantastic coaches who work for me, customize meal plans and workout plans for clients all over the world. We also have a great Boot Camp program in Utah. I’ve worked with Shannon for a long time and the thing about this fun girl is that she loves her free meals and treats! Don’t we all?! She asked me to give you all some tips on how to enjoy your weekend without falling off the wagon and derailing yourself from your fitness goals. I’ve come up with some of my favorite tips to help you do just this!

1. Surround yourself with people with similar goals as you. I recently travelled with a group of women who all have similar fitness goals and habits as I do. No one was annoyed when one of us had to eat or prep meals the night before or get up early for the gym, etc. When you surround yourself with like-minded folks it will be so much easier to stick to your plan!

2. When you go out to eat and do not want it to count as a free meal, order similar to what is on your meal plan. If your meal plan calls for chicken (protein) and cheese or avocado (fat) stick to ordering a dish with meat, fat and veggies. This is so easy! You can order a big salad with grilled chicken or steak and avocado or feta or almonds, etc. Ask for limes on the side and top with lime juice, salt, pepper and a packet of sugar free sweetener. Yum! This way you can enjoy your company and the dining experience while still eating on plan. If you don’t follow a specific meal plan, sticking to protein and fat when dining out is a great idea. I like to make a game out of it. I love looking through a menu and customizing an entrée to my needs. It’s fun and so satisfying to enjoy your night out and stay on plan!

3. If you choose to have a free meal, plan for it all week. Be excited about it! Stick to your plan all week long and look forward to enjoying your free MEAL. NOT FREE DAY! A free meal will not derail you from your goals. But a free day, which often leads to a free weekend, can sure mess you up.

4. Free meal Guidelines – Keep that free meal under control! Some tips that I like to give for keeping it under control are to keep the free meal to one hour. This keeps you from snacking all day long. It gives you a starting point and a cut off point. Also, eating a wide variety of foods and/or picking in a little bit of everything is a sure fire way to a tummy ache! So decide what you want to have for your free meal and eat just that! Not a little bit of everything available to you.

5. Lift weights on the weekend. Getting a good lifting workout in will make a bigger difference than you might realize! When you lift hard and heavy you will get a great metabolism boost that can help you use that free meal for recovery rather than storage.

Those are a few of my favorite tips for staying on plan through the weekend. This may take some practice! Don’t stress if you take two steps forward and one step back. It will get easier over time, I promise! Soon you’ll learn that the satisfaction which comes from waking up Monday morning feeling healthier, lighter and leaner is FAR better than eating everything in sight on the weekend!

Isn’t she fab? Thanks Linds!

Have a Fit and Fine Friday!

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