Fitness Friday!

Guys – this post is gonna be a shorty. Like maybe shorter than ME, and I’m a short lil’ thang. I’m sorry – turns out when you start a new job everything else has to kinda take a back burner so that you don’t seem like a total screwup to the person who just hired you. (did I tell you I started a new job? Well, it’s a new role within the company I was already worked for. But to ME that feels like a completely new job, cuz, well, it is. New team, new title, new bosses, new location, new responsibilities… you get it.) BUT, I got some sweet guest posts lined up AND… wait for it…. a couple of GIVEAWAYS! Hollah! So don’t give up on lil’ Fitness Friday just yet, mmmk?

How are you all doing, by the way? With ALL your goals, not just the fitnessey ones? Can I share with you that THIS week was one of my best yet? I discovered a new treat to replace cookies at night. I haven’t eaten a single starburst this whole week. I said several REALLY good prayers instead of just the ‘going through the motions’ kind. And I’ve gone to bed before midnight 3 days this week! Guys – that’s like a RECORD for this girl. So I’m feelin’ good. That’s what I like about challenges – they help me get in the zone and take my goals a little more seriously.

So here’s today’s post: a) a few inspirational Fo-Toes, and b) a link to where you can get A LOT more where that came from: my Fitness Inspiration Pinterest board! Follow along if is suits yo’ fancy! And let’s have another GREAT week!

Let me know how YOU’RE doing!

fitness,inspiration-0978ea73bb059fbd408a49b9c5ca9144_h e21dc60fc0a02907754c4d619cdf8a00 tumblr_m611o8ZEdF1qdl2ll

Amen Nike. All pics sourced from my Fitness Inspiration board on Pinterest.


Have a Freedom Writers Friday and a Happy (and healthy!) Weekend!

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Hunter Boots!

Here I am in my Hunter Boots – again. Guys, can you blame me? These babies are the If you don’t have a pair yet, here are my suggestions:

a) Buy a pair. Yep. Do that.

b) Have a bake sale. People LOVE cookies. Well people like ME do.

c) Write to Nordstrom and tell them that Mr. Nordstrom is your Uncle and he wants them to send you a pair of Hunter Boots free of charge, immediately.

Ok that was stupid. I’m just sayin peeps: I’m a major cheap skate, so $135 bones for a pair of boots seemed like A LOT for me, but the Hunter Boots were WORTH IT.

(and secretly I am NOW saving up for this pair and this pair!)

Also how awesome are my roots in these pics? These were taken a few weeks ago – praise Heaven that I’ve visited the salon since then.


Hunter-Boots-2Blazer: H&M {similar} | Dress: Thrifted | Hunter Boots: Nordstrom {buy them here} | Belt: Cozy Boutique




Durrrrrrrrrrf! Woof pic. Woof hair. Woof pose. Woofs all around.

Have a Thighbone Thursday!

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Style Crush: Allison of Sisters in the City!

That time when a beautiful lady had a blog called Sisters in the City where she featured outfits that were tooooootally Style Crush worthy and then it turned out that this beautiful lady was beautiful on the INSIDE as well, which is my most favorite thing in all the land (cuz if you’re beautiful on the outside but NOT on the inside, you might as well be a wart faced balding bearded dwarfed hobbit with leprosy, as far as I’m concerned.). Which is why Allison of Sisters in the City is this week’s GBO Fashion

Style Crush!

el capitan 3

1.       How would you describe your style?

As a little girl, playing dress up was my absolute favorite thing and I really never grew out of it.  That kind of explains my style in a nutshell.  I love classic and feminine pieces but I absolutely love mixing things up and adding edgy or trendy items to the staples of my wardrobe.  Fashion should be fun and I love trying on different looks and different personalities.

2.      Who are your fashion icons?

I absolutely love Olivia Palermo’s style. Something about that girl is chic through and through.  She is so great about putting together looks that are all different types of styles while keeping it classy which totally fits my personality.

3.      Where do you go for fashion inspiration?

I love browsing pinterest “womens fashion” category and just looking at fashion pins from people all over the world. I always find inspiration there. I also love browsing magazines for up-coming trends.

4.      What are the top three places you shop?

H&M,  J. Crew, Forever 21

5.      What’s your ‘Go-To’ outfit for when you need to get ready in a flash?

Basically my chambray shirt paired with just about anything.  Chambray is my best friend because it literally goes with everything and there is something so effortlessly chic about it.





6.      Do you follow trends?  If so, what trends excite you at the moment?

I love trying out new trends but my rule is to only buy inexpensive trendy items.  H&M and Forever 21 are my go-to’s to try out new and exciting things. Right now I am loving everything neon and bold patterned.

7.      Why is the way you look/dress important to you?

Feeling good in what I am wearing makes me feel like I can take on the world! I love having fun with my wardrobe and expressing myself through the way that I dress. I also think it is very important to dress for success and that the way that you dress conveys a lot about the person you are to the rest of the world so I always try to be mindful of that.

8.     What fashion or styling tips would you give to women who want to improve their sense of style?

I think the best advice is to invest in a few classic staple pieces, nice black skinnies, a classic coat or trench, a nice blouse etc and then incorporate trends that you find fun and exciting by snagging that neon printed scarf for 7 dollars or those snake skin pumps for 17 at T.J. Maxx. This gives you the best of both worlds and lets you mix and match while staying on trend.

9.      What made you want to start a blog?

Like I said before, I LOVE playing dress up and thought this would such a fun way for me to share that with the world.  I am so busy with grad school and “serious” stuff that this was a fun and creative outlet for me.

10.  What are the top three tips you’d give to bloggers wanting to build their following?

-          Network, network, network- with other bloggers and with companies. Follow and show interest in them and they will reciprocate, making a mutually beneficial partnership.

-          Go for quality over quantity. Three really good blog posts a week are much more effective than six half-baked ones.

-          Social media is your best friend. It is literally free advertising. Utilize it to the max, hashtag, pinterest etc.

11.   Anything further you’d like to add?

I just want to thank Shannon for featuring me! Talk about a stunning, sassy and unbelievably talented gal! I’m honored to be a GBO style crush!

el capitan 1

Um, is she not to die for? Love love love these Sisters in the City. You should love them too! Right. Meow. When you visit their fabulous blog. Mmmmk?!

Have a Whip Your Hair Back and Forth Wednesday!

(remember when Will Smith’s daughter was a 12 year old pop star and everyone felt awkward about it? Or maybe only I did? Yep. I remember that.)

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