MATING SEASON: Nerd Glasses & Polka Dots


I’m sorry that I said mating season. It wasn’t really necessary, was it? And yet somehow I get these urges… to say things like mating season… and then I can’t seem to keep myself from doing it despite my better judgment. Woops. But in all seriousness though, just think about this for a second: IF, hypothetically speaking, Nerd Glasses & Polka Dots WERE to in fact…well, MATE… what would be the outcome? I’m picturing beautiful offspring of POLKA DOTTED NERD GLASSES? Right guys? Right? Am I right? And is anybody mad about that? Anyone? Cuz I’m not! I for one, am NOT even mad about that. So I say: MATE AWAY little Nerd Glasses & Polka Dots! And then let me know where I can buy those polka dotted offsprings of yurrs at a decent price, mmmmmmk?  (this has just gotten stupid. and offensive. and unholy. and I apologize. and…

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SCOTTY CHRISTOFFERSON - Men's Chambray Shirt - Upper Bod Shot

We’re at it again with Menswear Monday. Today we feature Scotty Christofferson – a gentleman, a scholar, and a friend whose Mansembles have never failed to impress me. Mansemble #1: nothing short of good solid everyday wear, which can be modified for all you dudes who fall into the ‘i hate anything that looks remotely trendy’ category. Denim button-up shirts = totally manly. Olive green jeans = mountain man, with style…now how often do you see those two phrases in the same sentence? And yet it’s possible boys. Mansemble #2: makes me want to take a vacay to the New England coast… or just to have summer officially be here! Denim Button-up: GAP, Green Jeans: GAP, Shoes: Sperry’s (via Dillards), Belt: thrifted (AE), Watch: Fossil (via Nordstrom) Shirt: Target, Shorts: J. Crew, Shoes: Banana Republic, Watch: Fossil (via Nordstrom) Aaaaaaaaaand sometimes THIS happens. (Are you seeing this? DANG GINA! That’s…

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Our First Home


We made it to California! Forgive me for my melodramatic surplus of sappiness, but I had to post one last little ode to where life began with the boy of my dreams. Here’s to memories from our first home… And here’s to new adventures in sunny San Francisco! WOOT WOOT!

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Style Crush: Wearing It On My Sleeves


Meet Sarah McCammon Not only is she the author of one of my favorite blogs, ‘Wearing it On My Sleeves‘, Sarah is also a good friend, former classmate (back in our college days!), and one of my major STYLE CRUSHES! This girl has got it goin’ on! Her blog became one of my ‘dailies’ long ago when I discovered her chic and unique style coupled with witty writing about the happenings of her life. And trust me peeps – this girl has got style and DIY chops to pay the bills! She has been a stylist for several photo shoots, and her blog is full of rad tutorials for how to make those designer items we’re all coveting (but maybs don’t wanna spend all those Benjamins on, know what I’m sayin?).  Example: the dress she’s wearing in this here pic? Oh don’t worry – she found it at a thrift store as…

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The Weekly WOOTS & WOOFS!

Goofy Chasee & Naynay 5

WOOTS! Meeting THIS cute girl – adorable blogger Gentri Lee! Turns out she is as cool as her blog is – which is impressive. Being featured on THIS cutie blog today! She posts adorable clothes, shoes, & accessories, ALL for under $30! Right up this cheap skate’s alley (that cheap skate being ME, of course). Check her out! Attending my babelicious co-worker’s college graduation. Congrats Lauren Beth! Love your guts. Getting to hang out this weekend with these two (my gorgeous momma & sissy)… And these two (my adorable nieces). Going to church, especially with them, is always a WOOT! Pleats & ballet flats are always a WOOT! Shopping at Targhetto (& ‘Returning Garments to Fitting Room Attendants’, as the super cool sign in this pic requests) is always a WOOT! And hangin’ with HIM, especially when there’s a small adorable child on his shoulders, is always a WOOT… Including…

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