cropped pic of before -3 - PSE

You May Not Have Known… I will be posting once a week on an awesome fitness blog called Mixers Nutrition. I’m kicking off a little 4-week challenge over there today – just to give myself a kick-in-the-pants boost of motivation. Join in if you’d like! And YEP – you’re gonna see more of this action – some awkward ‘BEFORE’ pics. (where apparently i felt it was necessary to hold a newspaper to prove the date… except for you can’t see the date on the newspaper in these pics… and then i felt dumb.) DOES THIS FACE SCARE YOU? Ummm, yeah – me too. (and how bout them love handles, eh?) CHECK IT OUT!

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Skirt Weather – well, Almost.

black and white checkered button up, black skirt, brown belt 2 - PSE

Dear Utah County, There’s this thing called Bi-Polar Disorder.  I think you have it.  It’s characterized by really extreme ups & downs – kind of like your glorious weekend weather followed by the rain/wind/hail storm I just drove to work in.  NOT. COOL.  Also, your mood swings caused me to shave my legs this morning for no reason. QUADRUPLE. NOT. COOL. Please either medicate yourself or find a way to even out that finicky temperament of yours. We’re all over it. Sincerely, Disappointed. Shirt: Thrifted, Skirt: Down East Basics, Belt: J.Crew Outlet, Wedges: Forever Young Shoes, Bracelets: F. 21

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Bat Wings, Bronzer Build-up, & a 1990’s Roll.

Coral tank + purple cardi + black skinnies 2 - PSE

 Oh don’t worry – that’s just my bronzer all built up in my hairline. Yep. Cool. Tank: Target, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Skinnies: Thrifted, Shoes: F.21, Belt: TJ Maxx, Bracelets: F. 21 Things I Wish: -that these pants were actually cropped instead of wannabe-cropped via a 1990’s roll to ‘look’ cropped (haha – can we say GHETTO?) -that this cardigan didn’t make me look like I have bat wings or flab-flaps when I stand this way -that I hadn’t looked like a hot mess overall when this picture was taken. Yeah, that woulda been nice. MY overall rating of this outfit: DS. That means DEAD SEXY people.  Cuz in case you hadn’t heard, it IS in fact dead sexy to have bat wings and rolled up pants…oh, & bronzer build up in your hairline. Please take note.

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Conquering the Outfit Doubts…

red pencil skirt + brown & black poodle cardi 5 - PSE

I have to be honest… I’m not sure how I feel about this ensemb. This was one of those where I didn’t take a real good look at myself before leaving the house.  If I HAD, I might have thought ‘Hmmm, this ensemb kind of makes me look like a Two-Ton Tilly, & a Frumpy Francis, & an Awkward Alice.  I think I’ll change!’  Or maybe I would have assessed that ditching the black tights would have looked better, or wearing a different tank underneath….or… somethin??  ‘ But that’s the whole point of this blog, RIGHT? Cuz sometimes, ya just don’t know! Ya think you got a winner, & then you look again & you’re suddenly filled with the dreaded ‘OUTFIT DOUBT’.  Like ‘Whoa – I thought I looked adorable, but was I {gasp} WRONG?’ And let’s be serious – no gal likes the feeling of ‘Outfit Doubt’. And that’s…

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Sunday Best

chambray + black lace pencil skirt 4 - More PSE

So, Ummmmm… GBO? (for new-comers, GBO stands for GOOD, BAD, or OK?) Be so kind & leave your responses in the Comments!  Thaaaank Youuuuuu! Chambray Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: F.21 (similar), Shoes: Thrifted, Necklace: H&M, Bracelets: F. 21

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