Merry Christmas!


Chase wants to wish you a Merry Christmas

And so do I!

Because this holiday lends itself to sappy expressions of love and appreciation (and rightfully so!), I’m going to take this opportunity to be a Mushy Maureen and tell you all THANK YOU!

Thank you for reading, for following, for forgiving (the unfiltered, ridiculous, totally idiotic and at times even offensive things I have said. Pleeeease forgive me?), for sharing your honest opinions (umm, GBO?), for becoming real-live friends, for spreading the word, for being kind, for not judging… for just coming back!  The truth is I am grateful, and if I could I’d give each of you a good, warm, solid hug (the non-creepy, heterosexual kind).

I’m off to go spend some quality/not-glued-to-my-computer time with these lovely peeps below and refocus on all this –  the things that truly make my heart soar because they are what really matters – so I’ll be taking a little ‘Christmas break’ from blogging.  But, I will still be instagramming it up, so let’s follow each other! And come January, the party will resume. And you better believe it’s gonn be off the chain! Woot Woot!

Until then, I hope you all have the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years with the ones you love!

 Blessings to you!


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