Menswear Monday!

 Today for Menswear Monday: a real solid mansemble. That’s all.

Thank you Erik for showing the menfolk how they can pull off a zip-up cardi in a completely manly, dream-boat type of way. I.DIG.IT.

Guys, are you with me?  Love or hate it?  GBO?

menswear monday

menswear monday

Have a Modern-Family Monday!

(becoming addicted to this show. Good thing, cuz I needed something the failure that The Office became after Steve Carrell made the horrible, HORRIBLE choice to go off the show. not that i even cared or anything.)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Brookann says

    I’m so glad you discovered Modern Family! Definitely one of mine and Jason’s faves! Have you seen last week’s episode, “Arrested”? Hilarious!!

  2. Brookann says

    Oh, and sorry I posted a comment to your fashion blog that is totally unrelated to fashion. Not really that sorry, though. ;)

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