I love… My Style Crushes!

In honor of the Week of Love, I had to give a shout out to all of the lovely bloggers who have been selected as GBO Fashion Style Crushes in the past.

The Style Crush Award is a highly prestigious honor extended to one lucky lady every week. Recipients of the award MUST have amaze-balls style (obvi), BUT – there’s a little more to it than that.

All these beauties were chosen as Style Crushes not only because of their killer style, but because they are also wonderful human beings. These are the types of bloggers who email you back; Who are personable and warm and friendly – so much so that genuine friendships are formed all via cyber space.  They’re the types who are open and generous, always willing to help. They are supportive and encouraging. Above all, they are kind. These gals make me glad that I started a blog in the first place, by which I have the privilege of calling them friends.

Be sure to check out each of their blogs and fab style to get a glimpse of why I am obsessed with them. Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies! Turns out I love you long time.

Style-Crush-Lillys-StyleLilly of Lilly’s Style! Her Blog | Her Feature

Style-Crush-Gal-Meets-GlamJulia of Gal Meets Glam! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-Advice-from-a-Twenty-SomethingAmanda of Advice from a Twenty-Something! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-For-All-Things-LovelyMegan of For All Things Lovely! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-Sisters-in-the-CityCorbynn of Sisters in the City! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-MoiologySasha of Moiology! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-Plane-PrettyJenny of Plane Pretty! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-Keep-Calm-and-Carry-OnKatie of Keep Calm & Carry On! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-Michaela-Noelle-DesignMichaela of Michaela Noelle Designs! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-Awkward-GirlsLauren and Madison of Awkward Girls! Their Blog | Their Feature
Style-Crush-Frills-for-ThrillsSarah of Frills for Thrills! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-The-Sweet-Season Ashley of The Sweet Season! Her Blog | Her Feature


Gentri of Gentri Lee! Her Blog | Her Feature

Chioma-Style-Crush-CS-Evolution-of-Style-CollageChioma of CS Evolution of Style! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-Golden-White-DecorLauren & Marika of Golden White Decor! Their Blog | Their Feature
Style-Crush-Minted-GlamKatherine of Minted Glam! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-His-Little-LadyTJ of His Little Lady! Her Blog | Her Feature

Alycia of Crowley Party! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-BeardElyse of Beard! Her Blog | Her Feature


Sarah of Wearing it on My Sleeves! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-Restyle-Restore-RejoiceFrancesca of Restyle.Restore.Rejoice! Her Blog | Her Feature
Style-Crush-Adore-to-AdornNancy of Adore to Adorn! Her Blog | Her Feature

Have a Whipper Snapper Wednesday!

Thanks for read-ink!

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  1. amy says

    AW, this is such a nice post for your favs! Thanks for sharing, now I feel like I have some new ladies to visit!


  2. Brittany Monroe says

    I love this post- I think it’s a really cool idea! All of these ladies have amazing style!I just found your blog and am so glad I did. Can’t wait to read through it some more :) Thanks!
    Lizzie and Jane

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