I wanna see your COLORED JEANS!

The truth is: white jeans make me nervous. Correction: white anything makes me nervous. What if I spill something? What if someone makes me laugh real real hard and I pee my pants while I’m wearing WHITE jeans? What if they end up adding 10 lbs to my anus and I walk around looking like a Two-Ton-Tilly Fatty-Fat-Francis? Apparently those were all risks I was willing to take, cuz HERE BE MY WHITE COLORED JEANS!

(you only live once, right? Bring on that fat anus! Cuz I don’t even curr anymore!) (sorry for saying anus. twice.)

Blazer: Nordstrom Rack| Striped Shirt: Walmart (yep)| Colored Jeans: Wet Seal| Platform Heels: Target ($8)|
Clutch: Thrifted| Necklace: F.21| Belt: H&M| Watch: Nordstrom| Bracelets: F.21 & Walmart (yep)


Now would you like to see how some other peeps rocked the
Colored Jeans look? I knew you would!

Lovely Alicia, also braving the white colored jeans, & Lovely Trista, rocking green colored jeans… & making me die of envy cuz I’ve been looking for green ones for… how long now? A long stinking time. Adorbs girls!

Lovely Brittney in purple colored jeans, which I’m totally digging, especially cuz you haven’t seen that color on everybody & their kitten yet, & Lovely Hilla in ruby red colored jeans… a personal fave of mine.


Thanks to all those who submitted pics!


And special thanks to adorable blogger Gentri Lee for taking my colored jeans pics! Stay tuned tomorrow peeps – you’re gonna see just how adorable above mentioned blogger really is. And you’re gonna wanna.

Finally, thanks for reading & following my humble little wee babe of a blog who is still nursing and not sleeping in its own room yet.


K. Shutting. Up. Now.



  1. Brittney says

    Thanks for putting my pic up girlfriend! The pants are more of an indigo/purple -so they’re a little wild but still fun. LOL. And yo’ legs look CRAZY skinny and long in those first pics! Plus I’m major crushing on that Kelly green jacket, but I am sure I’ve said that before. Loving your accessories here too! Sheesh I love it all!

  2. says

    <3= the post and the white jeans
    h8= the word anus in this post
    (I vomited a little, luckily I am in my bright orange jeans rather than your hot white ones.) Great outfit!

  3. Laura says

    I second Katie’s above comment……FAV outfit BY FAR!!!!! I LOVE it!!!! The little splashes of red just top the whole thing off!!

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