Jack has an announcement…


Yep… yep he does!

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Memorial Day Sales Roundup!

Memorial Day sales are here! Woot! Here’s a roundup of some of the best ones going on this weekend. What I’m personally hunting for: dresses (cuz that’s basically all I wear in the summer) and sandals! Happy shopping!

p.s. What are you guys doing for Memorial Day? Do you have any fun plans? We don’t have any! I need ideas! Share your plans so I can steal them (insert winky face emojicon).  xoxo

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What I Learned from the rewardStyle Conference – Part 1


Happy Friday! My goodness I love me a Friday. Who doesn’t love a Friday?!

K, so I’m finally getting around to pulling together some of my key takeaways from the rewardStyle conference which took place in Dallas about a month ago. I’ve also shared some behind the scenes pics from the conference! I’m going to divide the ‘takeaways’ into two parts to that it’s more digestible. Part 2 comin’ atchya next week! Here’s part 1. Let me know if you have any questions! But first some pics…

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Shopbop Sale Alert!

Shopbop Sale

  K guys – if you ever have moments where you think to yourself ‘Man, I sure would love a pair of Hunter Boots, but $148?!’ or ‘Someday I’ll own a Tory Burch bag‘ or ‘That leopard Clare V. clutch that every blogger on the planet has tho… if only!’ then I am here with pee-your-pants-exciting news: it’s SALE time at ShopBop! And what does that mean? It means that NOW is the time to pull the trigger on the higher-priced items your little heart has been pining away for all these weeks/months/years. Through March 7, get 15% off orders of $250+, 20% off orders of $500+, and 25% off $1000+. May not sound like much of a discount, but even just 15% off on these higher ticket items can make a pretty nice difference. Below are some of my faves. I’m pritttttty sure I’ll be buying this Rebecca Minkoff…

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Organizing Your Jewelry


Ok guys! You asked, I’m finally delivering: Creative ways to organize your jewelry, without breaking the bank. This post has been LONG in coming… don’t worry that I literally took these photos a couple weeks before Jack was born. Before Jack was BORN you guys. He’s ten months old. K so now you know something about the current state of my life. Don’t even ask me how many unanswered emails I have stacked up since he was born (Hundreds. The answer is literally hundreds. Heaven help me). But back to the point: am I the only person who has walked into The Container Store and salivated over all the beautiful options they have for organizing every single thing you can think of? And then you check the price tags on these gems and immediately poop your pants? Yeah. Me too. I mean, I’m all for being organized, but I don’t…

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