October 16, 2014

You guys – have you heard about this? Shopbop is having a 25% off sale right now! Jigga what? True story. Now, if you’re anything like me, all the beautiful, high quality, designer things are more often simply admired than actually purchased. But, so help me if there was ever a time to actually pull the trigger and invest in some high quality staples for your closet, it’s now while they’re ON SALE!

I rounded up some of my fave items, which you can shop by clicking on the items in the pic or via the links below. Or shop the entire sale HERE. Use code FAMILY25 for 25% off your entire order! But don’t you dawdle cuz this bangin’ sale ENDS TONIGHT at midnight. Yikes. Happy Shopping!


~ Black Halo 3/4 Sleeve Jackie O Dress

~ AG Erin Pencil Skirt

~ Tory Burch Simone Over the Knee Flat Boots

~ J Brand 620 Super Skinny Jeans

~ Alice + Olivia Hue Dress

~ Sorel Caribou Boots

~ Rebecca Minkoff Medium MAB Tote

~ Schutz Quesadilha Slingback Mules

~ Mackage Armada Leather Jacket

~ Flynn Skye Christy Blouse

~ Rebecca Minkoff Mini Love Cross Body Bag

~ Penfield Hazelton Parka

~ Rails Maddox Dolman Sleeve Button Down

~ AG The Legging Ankle Jeans

~ Ulla Johnson Haircalf d’Orsay Heels

~ Tory Burch Gretchen Turtleneck

~ Alice + Olivia Zip Front Leather Leggings

~Club Monaco Nadine Coat

~ Paige Denim Deirdre Skirt

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Pumpkin Patch Times

October 14, 2014



Last week we took baby Jack to the pumpkin patch! You guys – will you just look at that little face? I. Die. Don’t worry that I was totally that mom putting her baby on the ground to get the “perfect pic” with little regard for the fact that he was subsequently eating straw and taking a mud bath. NBD. The bigger tragedy was that our camera started acting up shortly after we got there, so I only got a handful of pics of this sweet babe (sniff). Oh well – we’ll be back again. My obsession with fall will undoubtedly lure me back to the pumpkin patch at least 14 more times. And that’s not even weird (riiiiiiiight?).

Hooray for flannels and vests and ankle boots and hats and babies in chambray and pumpkin colored moccs and… ALL. THINGS. FALL.






Red-Flannel-3 Red-Flannel-7Outfit Details:

Red flannel button-up: H&M {similarsimilar & similar} | Vest: Joules, c/o {similar & similar} | Booties: Old Navy, c/o {similar, similarsimilar, & similar} | Hat: Zara {similar} | Handbag: Daily Look {buy here or real deal} | Statement Necklace: BaubleBar {similar} | Watch: Wristology, c/o {similar} | Link bracelet: INPINK Style, c/o | Other bracelet: Forever21 {buy here}

Have a Triceratops Tuesday!

Thanks so much for reading!

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Leopard Wedges

October 9, 2014



My baby turned six months old yesterday. SIX MONTHS you guys. No, I can’t believe it, and yes, I feel moderately depressed about it.

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October 7, 2014



I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – neutrals always win. I find myself gravitating to them all day urrrrry day lately. K, I also have to talk about these heels for a second. I splurged a little (for me) on them because I have been on the hunt for a killer pair of non-patent leather, nude, pointy-toe heels for a hot minute now. I spotted these and knew they were exactly what I was looking for. And I. Was. Right. They’re not the most comfortable things ever, admittedly, but we weren’t really expecting that from a pair of heels that look like this, now were we? The good news it that they look exactly as I was hoping. Huzzah! One thing of the wish list down, a million more to go, right? Or maybs I should stop being such a Coveting Constance all the time. Murrrrrp. If you need a sexy-as-death pair of pointy-toe heels as well, you can buy this exact pair here (in limited sizes), here (also in limited sizes), or here.



Nude-Heels-12 Nude-Heels-9


^^ Why does my face look like that in this pic? ^^ Nude-Heels-7

Nude-Heels-13 Nude-Heels-10 Nude-Heels-1Outfit Details:

Top: H&M | Coat: Forever 21 {similar here, here, here & here} | Jeans: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} {similar here} | Heels: Schutz {buy here} {save or splurge} | Handbag: Michael Kors {similar} | Necklace: Stella & Dot, c/o {similar} | Watch: Jewel Mint {similar} | Bracelets: Anthropologie {buy here} & Samantha Willis, c/o {buy here}

Have a Tucson Tuesday!

Thanks for reading.

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Latest and Greatest

October 3, 2014


Here’s a peek at what’s been going on lately! Keep up with the latest and greatest by following along on Instagram, if ya wanna!

Have a Furry Friday.

Hope you have fun weekend plans!

(We’ll be watching this all weekend. Super uplifting, super inspiring, super enlightening. Check it out if you so desire!)

Thanks for reading. xo


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This Blazer

October 1, 2014



Photos by KNW Photography

I’ve been wearing it lots. Like an embarrassing amount maybs. The print is yummy but subtle enough to almost act as a neutral. I also love how long it is. Definitely a plus for us shorties who need all the help they can get in elongating any part of their body. Murrrrp.

Lots of cutie graphic blazers (long ones too) here right now. Happy hump day!








Outfit Details:

Blazer: Karen Kane, c/o {buy here} | Tee: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Jeans: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Handbag: Michael Kors, c/o {similar} | Heels: Target {save} {splurge} | Aviators: RayBan, c/o Sunglass Shop {similar}

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These Buttery Booties

September 25, 2014



Like butter, you guys. That’s seriously what these booties feel like. The softest, yummiest leather your heart can imagine. And for the quality, you’d barely believe they cost just over $100. Hashtag worthit. They’re surprisingly comfy too. You can get your hands on them here, herehere, or here. They come in black too. You’re welcome.

Remember how I’m re-working this kimono like it ain’t no thang? It was last seen here when I was like a gazillion months prego and ready to pop. I have to admit it’s a nicer experience wearing this thing when I’m not heavy with child. But hooray for re-working things already in our closets, right? Wooooooot.


Kimono-7 Kimono-6

Kimono-3 Kimono-8 Kimono-10 Kimono-11

Aaaaaaand sometimes this happens.


Bloopers secretly delight my soul.

Outfit Details:

Kimono: Nordstrom Rack {similar} | Top: Target {old} {similar} | Denim: Old Navy {buy here} | Booties: Ruche {buy here} | Handbag: Daily Look {buy here} | Cuffs: Bauble Bar {buy here} | Link bracelet: InPink, c/o {buy here}

Have a Throbbing Thursday!

Thanks for reading.


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First Day of Fall + a Ruche Giveaway!

September 23, 2014



You guys – do you know what today is? It’s the first day of Falllllllllll! Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Are you peeing your pants? Is this a thing that anyone else gets excited about besides me? In honor of the start of my favorite season, I’ve teamed up today with one of my absolute favorite stores – Ruche! Ruche has the most adorable line up of fall-ready clothes. This dress I have on is just one example of all the cute-double-cute stuff they have in their shop right now that will have you prepped for fall. I paired this cardigan with the dress so that I’d be ready for cooler weather. Don’t worry though that I may or may not have also added these booties and this cardi (can we say elbow patches?) to my cart as well. Oops? Aaaaaaaand it may just take divine intervention to keep me from going back for these cutie shoes, this mustard polka-dot top, this jacket , these amazing heels, this chunky mustard cardi (picture that with a dress and some tights. Eeee!), and this skirt (SO many cute skirts right now. Ug.). And a million other things. Mmmyeah I need help.

The best part: we’re giving away a $30 gift card to help with your fall shopping! One lucky winner will get a $30 gift code to use on their next purchase at Ruche. So enter below, and HAPPY FALL!

p.s. Ruche is offering 20% off everything on their site right now using code NEW20. Ends tomorrow! Shop while you can!
a Rafflecopter giveaway



Ruche-Fall-Dress-13 Ruche-Fall-Dress-3.5


Ruche-Fall-Dress-11 Ruche-Fall-Dress-9Outfit Details:

Dress: Ruche, c/o {buy here} | Cardigan: Ruche, c/o {buy here} | Boots: ShoeMint {similar} | Hat: Target {similar}

Have a Totally Terrific {Fall inspired} Tuesday!

Thanks for reading!


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Prepping for Fall

September 19, 2014



Photos by KNW Photography

If Fall were a boy, his name would be Chase Willardson and I’d marry him. If Fall were a food, it would be the most delicious, oversized, hot out of the oven chocolate chip cookie this universe has ever known. If Fall were a salary, it would be seven figures. Make that eight figures. If Fall were a present, it would be a no-limits shopping spree to anywhere and everywhere I wanted. Are you catching my drift here you guys? Fall is my favorite. My absolute favorite! And I am SO ready to start dressing for it. Fall fashion makes my little heart go pitter-patter.

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September 17, 2014



Photos by KNW Photography

You guys – I wanna tell you about something super cool that I’ve had the chance to be a part of. Cents of Style and Jane.com recently challenged me to be a part of their #BeTheGood campaign. Secretly I was real excited to participate. Game on! Through this challenge, I chose to do a string of small acts of service. Here are my little stories!

Small act #1: My angel baby boy and I were out running errands over the weekend. We found ourselves at an outdoor mall with lots of metered parking, so for our first #BeTheGood act, we decided to add time to a handful of lucky meters whose time was running out. Pretty sure I could have used that favor like a gazillion different times in my life (I’m the queen of forgetting about my meter)! It felt good to help someone else avoid getting a nasty ticket.

Small act #2: One of our neighbors recently experienced a tragic loss in their family, so our second #BeTheGood act was to leave some flowers on their doorstep.

Small act #3: Baby boy and I were at it again (he’s the best (and cutest) little do-gooder I know). For our third #BeTheGood act, we cruised into a fast-food drive through and paid for the meal of the car behind us. You guys! I’ve never done that before! It was so fun! Loved it.

Small act #4: I take public transit to work twice a week. It’s always packed and seats on the train fill up quickly. For my fourth #BeTheGood act, I offered someone my seat. It’s something I’ve done lots and lots of times before in this commute, but somehow it felt a little more fun this time.

Small act #5: This one is tiny. It probably shouldn’t even be noted, but I’m gonna anyway. It happened on my commute on public transit again. There was a man standing nearby who, for several random reasons, reminded me of my dad. I instantly had the thought that I should text my daddy and let him know that I was thinking about him and that I loved the crap out of him. But you know how sometimes you have those thoughts but you don’t get to it right away, and then before you know it you’ve moved on to other things and forgotten all about it? Well, this time I just DID it. I texted my daddy right then and there, because so help me I wanted to make sure I followed the impulse! I’m counting that one as small act #5, because sometimes I think our families and those closest to us are the ones we need to be consciously trying to serve and uplift the most. Amiright?

One last thing: When I was in high school, I had a sunday school teacher who challenged us to #BeTheGood. She gave each member of the class a journal, and she told us that each day, she wanted us to write the following: one extraordinarily nice thing we did for someone, one nice thing someone did for us, and one way that we had seen God’s hand in our lives that day. I took on her challenge and began writing those three things, each and every day. I will never forget the result of that activity. I began it at the start of my senior year of high school – a time when, for whatever reason, I found myself feeling a bit lonely, a bit out of sorts, a bit down and out. I can attest to the fact that this exercise nearly single-handedly turned things around for me that year. It yanked me right out of that yucky, discouraging place and helped me get over the funk I was in. It also made me realize how much I truly had to be thankful for.

And ya know what? This activity had the same effect on me! My guess is that it would do the same for you! I challenge all of you to take a part in this movement and spread goodness throughout! Want to join in? Here are the deets:

1. Choose a good deed. It can be big or small!

2. Share your goods. Pick your favorite social channel (Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, etc.), but first, make sure to take a selfie (or something appropriate to your story), and share your story, big or small. Be sure to use these hashtags to help this campaign spread: #BeTheGood, #JaneCares and #CentsofStyle.

3. Tag 1-5 of your friends to do the same!

4. Look stylish while doing it! Jane.com and Cents of Style are selling these super cute #BeTheGood t-shirts on Jane.com. All profits made will be donated to Girls Inc., an organization that inspires girls to be strong, smart and bold.

Let’s do this thing guys! #BeTheGood!



Be-the-Good-Campaign-6 Be-the-Good-Campaign-2


Be-the-Good-Campaign-9Outfit Details:

BeTheGood t-shirt: Jane.com {buy here} | Blazer: H&M {similar} | Black Skinnies: Old Navy {buy here} | Heels: Steve Madden {similar} | Handbag: Express {similar} {splurge} | Aviators: RayBan via Sunglasses shop {buy here} | Bracelets: Bauble Bar {buy here} | Rings: Arm Candy Fashion {buy here}

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