Menswear Monday

Menswear Monday

November 10, 2014

If you’re a man, you need this outfit.

If you’re a lady, your husband/fiance/boyfriend/brother needs this outfit.

Am I right?

Good news: every single item here is ON SALE at Nordstrom! Their clearance sale is still in full force, with lots of things going for as much as 40% off. Pretty crazy stuff you guys. You can click on individual items in the pic above to shop those specific items, or shop the entire sale HERE. You can also check out my top picks from the sale for the ladies HERE. But Nordy’s sale only goes until tomorrow, so don’t just sit there thinkin’ about it. Just pull the trigger and get your shop on! I know that’s what I’ll be doing. Woot!

Have a Marvelously quick Monday!

Thanks for reading. xo

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Gap SALE! {ends tonight}

November 3, 2014

It’s crazy to say it, but Christmas is just around the corner peeps. Fo real? Fo real. Time flies eh? Don’t miss the chance to shop for the men in your life at this killer Gap sale! Use code JOY for 30% off ALL regularly priced items. Not too shabby. You can shop some of my favorite items for the menfolk by clicking on the item in the pic below. Sale ends tonight! Happy shopping!

p.s. Hope your Halloween weekend was good! We went trick or treating with Jack… eeeeeeven though he’s 6 months old and had no idea what was going on, obvi. We had to have some reason to dress him up in his adorable lion costume (which you can see on my Instagram feed), right? Regardless of the fact that he just looked real confused the whole time (haha), people loved him. We made it to like three houses before he got fussy and was over it, but those three houses were awwwwwwesome. My love for Halloween significantly increased at the exact moment that I had a small human to dress up.

Have a Militant Monday (back to real life…womp womp)

Thanks for reading!

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Bow Ties on Babies

October 30, 2014



We’re a little out of whack this week. Menswear Monday just did not happen this week, so here we are – Menswear Thursday! Oh don’t worry – that’s just my baby in a puffer vest. Baby Puffer Vests you guys! At Old Navy. Right now. If you don’t see why your child or the child of someone you know needs this vest in their life, then I really don’t know how to help you. Jokessssssss. But seriously. And hello – this bow-tie shirt? Need I say more? Old Navy – we heart you.

FYI, get 30% off your online orders at Old Navy right now with code SPEEDY. And you can shop both Chase and Jack’s looks at the bottom of this post. Woot!









October-Menswear-Monday-Old-Navy-11 Outfit Details:

On Chase: Shirt: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Pants: Joules, c/o {similar} | Shoes: Old Navy, c/o {buy here}

On Jack: Bow-tie shirt: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Puffer vest: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Pants: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Moccasins: Freshly Picked, c/o {buy here}

OldNavy_Logo (1) (1)

This post was sponsored by 
Old Navy. Thank you for your continuous support of my little spot here on the internets and of my sponsors. Love you long time.


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Menswear Monday!

October 20, 2014

Happy Monday! Got a little fall-inspired roundup of menswear for you today. Turns out I love fall fashion for zee boys just about as much as I love it for the ladies. And heads up: there are some great sales going on right now! Here’s where to stock up on fall yumminess for your guy (or for yourself!). I’ve pulled together some of my favorite items from each of these sales at the bottom of the post. Happy shopping!

-J.Crew: 25% off full-priced items + 30% off sale items with code TGIFALL. (ends 10/26)

-Gap: 75% off select items (discount reflected in price) (not sure when it ends!)

-Old Navy: 30% off regular priced items + 20% off sale with code BONUS (ends 10/21)

mens-fall-fashion-1 mens-fall-fashion-2 mens-fall-fashion-3 mens-fall-fashion-4 mens-fall-fashion-5 mens-fall-fashion-6 mens-fall-fashion-7Have a Motor Car Monday!
Thanks for reading!

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Menswear Monday: Fall Must-Haves

October 6, 2014

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 /

Here are a few things that husband and I have been mad-craving for the fall season. That jacket is everything, no? Definite must-have for the season, along with all these other gems. What’s on the fall must-have list for your man?

Have a Mischievous Monday!

Thanks for reading!

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Menswear Monday!

September 29, 2014



That time when I posted 700 nearly-identical pictures of my baby because I’m obsessed with that little face and couldn’t bear leaving any of these out. You’re not mad, are you? Continue Reading

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Menswear Monday: Jack Spade

September 15, 2014

Ohhhhh Jack Spade, how I love thee. Your sister Kate is my girl crush and you hold the same name as my precious baby boy. What’s not to love? Below are some of my faves from Jack Spade’s presentation at NYFW last week. I love that there’s a sporty edge to all of it. Love the color scheme too. Wouldn’t be mad one bit if husband was decked out in Jack Spade all day urrry day. Now if only my pocket book was a wee bit fatter (womp womp).

Which of these looks is your favorite? Are you a fan?

Jack-spade-spring-summer-2015-1 Jack-spade-spring-summer-2015-2 Jack-spade-spring-summer-2015-3 Jack-spade-spring-summer-2015-4 Jack-spade-spring-summer-2015-5 Jack-spade-spring-summer-2015-6 Jack-spade-spring-summer-2015-7

Happy Monday!

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Menswear Monday!

August 25, 2014



We’re gearing up for fall over here (my favorite season! Eeeeeeee!) in the Willardson abode, and today good ol’ Old Navy is helping us do it!
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Menswear Monday

August 4, 2014

mens-summer-style-3 mens-summer-style-4

mens-summer-style-1 mens-summer-style-2 mens-summer-style-5 mens-summer-style-6 mens-summer-style-7 mens-summer-style-8 mens-summer-style-9All images via Pinterest. You can follow me on Pinterest here.

Just a quick round up of some more yummy summer style for the menfolk. Pretty soon this will have to be a FALL round up. Can you believe that? Where the H did the summer go? Wahhhhh!

As you’re reading this, I am most likely in a plane headed to Boise! Jack and I are spending the week there while husband works his face off. Got to pack in as much fun as possible before maternity leave ends… which is in like 5 minutes (sniff!). Teensy bit nervous to plane ride it up with the baby by myself. Wish me luck. Better yet, pray for me. Hope you have a fun week planned! xo

Have a Monopoly Monday!

Thanks for reading! 


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Menswear Monday!

July 28, 2014



Ahhhhhhh summer. How quickly you fly by. You always begin with the promise of granting all the time in the world to live out our lovely summer dreams… and then all of a sudden it’s the end of July and we’re all wondering what the poop happened, amiright? Or is this just me?

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