Boyfriend Jeans…well kinda.

That one time when I’ve been coveting boyfriend jeans for a hot minute… and then I found THESE… and they weren’t really boyfriend jeans cuz they’re tight as death, but they’re distressed and I’m rolling them like you would boyfriend jeans so I’m officially naming them BJ’s (as in boyfriend jeans… not black jack, or bubble jet, or Bon Jovi, or Blueberry Juice, or Bunjee Jump, or Bachelor of Journalism… ok?!).

Sweater: F.21 | Boyfriend Jeans: F.21 | Necklace: F.21 | Heels: H&M | Gold Bracelets: F.21 | Black stone bracelet: H&M


 Have a Throbbing Throat Thursday

(ok i’m sorry i don’t actually want you to have that… it’s just REAL hard to think of words that start with ‘th’. So there ya go.)


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  1. says

    Ha ha, cute post! Those “boyfriend jeans” look fabulous on you!! I’m on the curvier side and have had the hardest time finding boyfriend jeans that don’t make me look really wide. I might steal your idea of finding skinny jeans with the same distressing and cuffing them the same way. LOVE IT!

    xo Jenny

  2. says

    I’m trying SO hard to pretend you didn’t perfectly ignore BOTH innuendos but we all know you have a dirty mind. (Or most likely, I do… BUT SERIOUSLY. CMON. That was epic.)

    Also, I need a structured jacket to go with my BJ’s. Any ideas?

  3. says

    Uh… I’m pretty sure NOBODY was thinking of any of those things when you named your not-even-close-to- boyfriend-jeans “BJs.” Also pretty sure that you weren’t either. But cute super tight, distressed jeans.

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