About GBO

 The gal behind the blog

A San Francisco based fashion blogger. Works for a Silicon Valley tech company by day, blogs about fashion by night. Originally from the blessed utopia of Boise, Idaho. Married to the boy of her dreams. Guilty of not taking herself too seriously and occasionally speaking in third person. Things she’s ashamed to admit to you: hates brushing her teeth, secretly wishes it were socially acceptable to only shower once a week, and sounds like an elephant when she blows her nose. Some redeeming qualities: she’s Idaho-nice, fiercely loyal, and can quote the entire movie Dumb and Dumber verbatim. Cha-ching!

The story behind the blog

People are always wondering…

What does GBO stand for?

The short answer is this: GBO stands for ‘Good, Bad, or Ok’.
As in ‘Is this outfit G, B, or O?

The full answer comes with a story, and the story begins with these fine ladies…


Aren’t they gorge? To tell ya the truth, we’re all just a bunch of Vain Vanessas who probably care a little too much about our appearance. But as such, while we were growing up we’d always get each other’s opinion on how we looked before going out. Sort of by accident, we came up with a quick & easy rating system – we’d simply look at each other and say GBO? Translation: Do I look Good, Bad or Ok?

Now, these gals seem sweet enough from the pics, but don’t let em’ fool ya – when it comes to rating a fellow sister, they were BRUTALLY honest. Here’s a sampling of the kinds of answers we’d get: ‘Well your outfit is G but your face is B. You need to go re-cover that naaasty zit on your chin!’  Yep! That’s about how it went. Are you judging us right now for how ridick we were? Yeah, me too.

Eventually we all grew up & went our separate ways, but we still wanted to be able to get each other’s opinions on our outfits & how we looked.  And we decided, why not get other people’s opinions too! And so was birthed the idea of GBO Fashion – a style blog where you can RATE the outfits posted as either G, B, or O.  As I like to say, ‘Be inspired by the G’s and learn how to avoid the B’s!’  It’s fun! Right guys? Right? Bueller? Bueller?


About two and a half years ago, I married THIS dreamboat…

…who just so happens to be the love of my life. A few Aprils ago, we finished up school at Brigham Young University, then packed the moving van and headed to sunny San Francisco, where we are now living.

What else goes on here at GBO, you ask?
Oh just a little bit of thisssssssss…

The occasional home decor post! (more pics of our Provo, Utah home right HERE.)

And thisssssssssssss…

MENSWEAR MONDAY, every Monday! Cuz it turns out boys like to look cute too. Or is my husband usually the one who gets strong-armed into being my male model? Mmmyep. God bless him for the things he’s willing to do for his annoying wife.

And thissssssssssssssssss….

We call that there a STYLE CRUSH: people whose style I genuinely admire & gain inspiration from. Often they are other fab bloggers. Occasionally they’re celebs.  But let’s be serious – those hot fashion bloggers are celebrity status in MY book.

Think you’re Style Crush worthy? I bet you are too! Contact me if you’re interested in being featured as a GBO Fashion Style Crush.

And thissssssssssss…

The occasional fitness post.

(K, can you try not to judge me for this puke-double-puke pic where I look half asleep? And really? Who posts pics of themselves in a sports bra on the internets? Guys trust me – I’ve judged myself enough for the whole of us. Ok maybe not. Judge away.)

And thissssssssss….

The Weekly WOOTS & WOOFS! Just a simple way we document the things that are going on in our lives, some of which are Woots! And some of which are Woofs (womp womp).

And LOTS of thisssssssssssssssss….

Straight up blooper pics. Cuz nobody likes making fun of me more than I like making fun of me. Plus, what kind of person would I be to withhold these from you? A selfish person. That’s what.

 And that’s about what you can expect from GBO!

Along with an unprecedented amount of ridiculousness and shenanigans.
But that’s just a Duhhhhh.

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I wouldn’t even be mad.

And thanks for stopping by!