A preview of things to come…


Soooooo if I told you we had another GIVEAWAY on the horizon (as in tomorrow) and there was not going to be just ONE winner but SEVERAL…

and you’d be winning things that are on my body in these pics…

would you come back tomorrow?

(can I just throw out there that if your answer is NO to the above question you don’t even have to tell me, cuz every so often I turn into a Thin-Skinned Thelma who can’t really handle the truth if we’re being perfectly honest (every so often as in every month during a certain time, if ya catch my drift… right ladies?). And that’s when husband has learned to say ‘No honey, of course you won’t look chunky by the end of the week if you eat all your emotions and have that entire bag of cookies in one night…for five nights in a row. You do whatever you want.’  K, now that you all know what a freak of nature I am, let’s move on and put an end to this parenthesis over-share, shall we?)


Then do just that and come back tomorrow for a SWEET GIVEAWAY from one of our RAD Sponsors (whose name I will leave unmentioned until manana.)(and don’t be mad that I didn’t know how to put in that little squiggly thing that’s supposed to go over one of the letters in manana. Toorns owt eye is naught weal smawwt guyes. okaay?).
Woot Woot!


Until then, have a TMI Tuesday!

(cuz based on this post I think I’ve already accomplished that, and if I wasn’t alone it would probs make me feel better. just sayin.)


  1. says

    OMG-OODNESS! You have me busting up laughing and jumping up and down with excitement (well, in my head at least – since I think my co-workers would think I am a bit odd if I started laughing and jumping up and down at my desk)! You are too stinken cute and hilarious, I just LOVE it! And YES, I will come back tomorrow to hopefully win a give-a-way!!!!

  2. Stephanie Ravenberg says

    I will come back tomorrow! And I do love all of these outfits…but I fear if I were to win and wear anything that fits you, I would closely resemble baby Hughey-as my stature is a bit large and in charge ;) okay–a lotta bit large, not so in charge. Love yer blogg!

  3. says

    I will definitely be back tomorrow! My jaw literally dropped at the first outfit- so ridiculously chic! And I love outfit #3’s stripes/floral combo. Love your blog, love you. Aaaaaand it’s time for you to move back to Utah. Like now.

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