A Menswear Monday Treat!

Remember that time when you were wondering to yourself ‘Gee, G.B.O. Fashion’s regular Menswear Monday model (a.k.a. the dreamboat husband) has really good style. I wonder if any of his co-workers do too?’  Wellllllllll, turns out the answer to that throbbing question of yours is HECK YES!  Feast your eyes on the sartorial splendor of a mansemble that only a U2 loving, Philadelphia Eagles watching, make-you-laugh-so-hard-you’d-pee-your-pants Gentleman could put together (and pull off!).  Ladies and Gents, meet Rich: today’s Menswear Monday treat!

What we dig about Rich’s style:

-It’s eclectic and fun.

-The pattern is rockin’.  I mean, who doesn’t love a bold print right now? No one. That’s who.

-Classic jeans. Classy shoes. Timeless watch (no pun intended). All must-haves for a truly victorious mansemble.

-It exudes confidence. Rich is a confident guy to begin with, but to throw on a teal paisley button up with coral accents and then wear it like you own the place and totally pull it off?  Now that takes true fortitude. And fashion sense! Turns out Rich has both.

-My one lament: that we don’t get to see more of Rich’s signature style. But with any luck, he’ll agree to grace the pages of G.B.O. Fashion again in the future for our viewing pleasure. Woot woot!

Final verdict: this one gets a big, fat, giant ‘G’ in my book.  Way to go Rich!  And thank you for sharing your sweet threads with us!

What do YOU guys think of Rich’s outfit? G.B.O?

Make sure you don’t miss the next time Rich graces these pages: Follow G.B.O. Fashion!

And for more great mansemble inspiration, be sure to check out ‘Dear Husband: Please Wear This‘ via our favorite place: Pinterest!

Have a Mosh-Pit Monday!

Thanks for reading.

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