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White-Blush-Gray-6-R White-Blush-Gray-2-R


Blush Coat: Old Navy, c/o {similar here, here and here} | Gray shirt: Lou & Grey, c/o {similar herehere, and here} | Distressed Denim: Top Shop {buy here} | Heels: Steve Madden {similar} | Hat: Urban Outfitters {similar for 33% off} | Handbag: Kate Spade {similar here and here; Want this one SO bad} | Watch: Michael Kors {buy here} |


Well hello there! Just an outfit today in one of my absolute favorite color palettes. I can’t seem to get over the blush, white and gray combo. It’s triple threat status for sure. Remember when that cat randomly decided to photobom our pic? If I’m being totally honest it freaked me out real good (I sort of hate cats. Sorry if that makes you hate me cuz you love you some feline. I got no problems with that. They’re just not my fave.) In other news, if you haven’t bought these jeans yet, just doooooo it. You know you’ve been searching for that perfect pair of distressed, white skinnies, and I’m telling you you guys – these are them!

Do you all know what your plans are for Mother’s Day? Have you done your shopping – for your mamas or for yourself? Honestly that’s how Chase and I usually roll… I either send him direct links to what I’m wanting, or I’ll literally just buy it and tell him that he has to wrap it when it arrives. Ha! We’re killin it in the romantic department. If you still have to do some shopping, I’ll be posting a Mother’s Day gift guide from my Instagram account and linking to gifts under $100 today. Woot!

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When in Spring…














On Shannon:

Dress: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Chambray: Old Navy, c/o {buy here} | Wedges: Sole Society {old; similar here and here} | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters {buy here} | Bracelets: Sweet n’ Spark, c/o {buy here} | Cross-body: Kate Spade {similar}

On Chase:

Shirt, Pants, Shoes: Old Navy, c/o

On Jack:

Shirt, Shorts, Sandals

TGI-Efffffffff friends! I can’t even tell you the joy I feel about the fact that it’s the weekend. Holy smokes – that kind of week. This post though is a pretty good depiction of how we spend our weekends when husband is in town, especially in the spring. We love to be out and about, and let’s be serious – food is always involved (there’s an obese person living inside of me. I’m not even kidding.). This is also a very accurate display of my weekend uniform during the warmer months. I live in summer dresses. But I gotta be honest – it’s always a struggle to find summer dresses that are as long as I like them to be (barely above the knee). Old Navy is killing it right now in that department you guys. I was genuinely so impressed with the number of springy/summery dresses they had that weren’t hitting me in the mid-thigh or barely covering my va-jay-jay. Ya know? I walked out of there with the one I’m wearing + this one and this one. Jack pot!

BONUS: Everything at Old Navy right now is up to 50% off. Boom!

 These pics were taken outside of one of our favorite pizza joints, Skippolini’s. The pizza and appetizers are divine but we also just love the ambiance. Outdoor patio what what?! Jack is finally doing better with eating solids (he had zero interest in solid food until literally like a month ago), but these pics were taken when he was still basically refusing anything besides formula (woof). We offered him pizza assuming he wouldn’t go for it, but he totally did! Soooo he’s clearly his mama’s son – no interest in healthy food but can’t say no to pizza. Sigh… Heaven help us.

Don’t walk – RUN to Old Navy’s sale. And then have a super super super happy weekend!

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Four Tips for Styling a Bookcase

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Happy Hump Day peeps! On the agenda today: How to Style a Bookcase. I’ve teamed up with Target and my go-to gal for interior design inspiration, Michaela, to share some tips on how to ace bookcase styling instead of disgracing it. Cuz it can be a fine line, amiright? The truth is, nobody needs this advice more than I do right now. Can I keep it real with you for a sec and tell you things that will reveal what a snobby, pretentious, entitled whore I can be sometimes? Chase and I recently moved into an apartment. And not a nice apartment, not a town home, no – I’m talkin’ a massive, moderately ghetto apartment complex. With units the size of shoe boxes. And carpet. And popcorn ceilings. And walls that need a fresh paint job worse than my roots need to be dyed at 6 months of outgrowth. Ok?! And you guys – apartments are fine. I know this. And I know that I need to shut it and be so, so grateful to just have a roof over my head at all (you ingrate) – and really when I think about it and stop being such a Worldly Wendy, I AM so thankful for that. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that at age 30, moving into a funk-nast apartment complex feels like 45% depressing 100% of the time. But welcome to living in California! Turns out that when you’re a normal human and you don’t have a trust fund or a successful family business to inherit or a pre-IPO startup company that’s killin’ it or an investment banker husband or a blog that makes millions, you have to save up to buy a home by living in the ghetto for a minute. Right? Is this relatable to anyone else? POINT BEING: this place needs extra help being cute, and anything I can do to make it feel more like home is exactly what I need. So these tips are timely for me! And hopefully they will be for you too.

So, per Ms. Michaela of Michaela Noelle Designs, here are three ingredients that every bookcase needs + one more tip (and a bonus one, cuz we cool like that) for how to style your bookcase like a pro:


Ingredient #1: Books

Imagine that – books in your bookcase! But seriously, with all the bells and whistles in home decor these days, it’s easy to put them at the bottom of list. Just don’t forget that books are what this piece of furniture was made for in the first place! How you include the books is where you can get creative. Stack them horizontally, vary the side that they’re stacked against, have them come from both sides with space in the middle… the possibilities are endless. And you don’t have to include every book you own. Hand pick the ones you think would look the best based on color, height, and character, and then leave the rest for the bookcase in the corner of your office (or the boxes in your storage unit, in our case).

Bonus tips:

    • If you’re going to stack your books horizontally, just make sure you put an object on the top of the stack. Michaela taught me this one, and she’s right. It looks much better.
    • For a cleaner look, try turning the books around so that the pages are facing out. Anthropologie did this once and it looked amazing, so we know it’s a valid tip! If you’re anything like me, the color of your book bindings vary drastically. By turning the pages out, you get that uniform look without having to go out and buy 50 books you have no interest in, simply because they have white binding.
    • Create your own book covers to get that uniform look. It’s a little more of a time investment, but worth it if you’ve got it to invest. Follow me on Pinterest and then search for book covering tutorials. I found this one which seems decent, but you might be able to find better ones (I ran out of time if we’re being totally honest here).


Ingredient #2: Objects

Here is where you get to add all your bells and whistles. Including unique objects adds dimension and color into your bookcase. Think picture picture frames, figurines (like the little elephant on my bottom shelf), decorative bowls, candles, etc. The nice thing is that items like this don’t have to break the bank. I love this and this from Target. Also, get creative and use things you already have. This globe and chevron frame were items I’d bought from Target months ago and repurposed for the bookcase. I bet you’d be surprised at how many things you can do that with in your home.


Ingredient #3: Something fresh or living

I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life, so for me it’s all about finding a fake plant or two that look real (like this succulent from Target). Whether it’s real or fake, make sure you add some texture and ‘life’ to your bookcase by including some type of plant.


Tip #4: Decorate in odd numbers

It is a scientifically proven fact that our eyes naturally gravitate toward things that are grouped in threes. Two of something can be too symmetrical, and four can look too cluttered, so three… three is that magic, sweet-spot number.


Bonus Tip…

    • Once you’re ready to style your bookcase, clear everything off the bookcase and start with a clean, fresh, empty slate.
    • Then add each key ingredient in this order: Books first, then objects, then plants.



Bookcase: Threshold via Target, c/o {buy here} | Lamp: Home Goods {old; love this one} | Mini globe: Target {buy here} | Decorative bowl: Anthropologie {buy here} | ‘Front Roe’ book: c/o Reward Style {buy here} | Elephant figurine: Forever21 {old; similar here} | Chevron frame: Target {old; similar here} | Gold frame: Frame Bridge, c/o {buy here} | Accent pillows: Old {love this one and this one} | Elephant side table: Serena & Lily, c/o {buy here}


Find your style @Targetstyle

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