It’s a Maroon Life

December 19, 2014



Photos by Tiffany Tong

I have no idea what the title of this post is supposed to mean. It just popped into this here lil’ brain of mine and then somehow made its way there. How’s THAT for an explanation you didn’t ask for or care about? Do you care to hear about this skirt though? I don’t know about you, but I’m a total sucker for these A-line skirts. I feel like there’s so many different ways you can wear them, and they always look chic, sophisticated and polished. Chicwish is fast becoming my go-to for skirts like this (and a million other things). This beauty I’m wearing is on sale for only $39 and the quality is amazing. I was honestly a little bit shocked.

Anywhoooooo… hope you have a wonderful Friday! Oh, and thanks to everyone who wished us congratulations yesterday on our fourth anniversary! Husband and I managed to steal away for a little date. We got a pizza and ate it in the movie theatre while we watched the new Hunger Games movie (soooo good). Huzzah!

Oh, one more thing: make sure you enter my giveaway on Instagram for a pair of Freshly Picked moccs!


Maroon-Chic-Wish-Skirt-2.75 Maroon-Chic-Wish-Skirt-3


Maroon-Chic-Wish-Skirt-1 Maroon-Chic-Wish-Skirt-4

Outfit Details:

Polka dot top: Oasap, c/o {buy here} | Skirt: Chicwish, c/o {buy here} | Faux leather jacket: H&M {old; similar} | Clutch: Gigi New York, c/o {buy here} | Bracelets: pave link bracelet from Brina Box, Crystals bracelet from Stella & Dot, c/o {buy here and here}.

Have a Fabulous Friday!
(last one before Christmas right?)

Thanks so much for reading!

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25% off at Piperlime – ends at NOON TODAY!

December 17, 2014

Quick post today to let you know that Piperlime is having a 25% off sale, but it only goes until noon today! Below are things I either ended up purchasing or am surrrrrriously coveting. That Rebecca Minkoff cross-body? Are you kidding me? And that Kate Spade watch I just want so bad I could cry bout it. I did end up with that adorable military coat, those Sam Edelman sneakers, and I may or may not have finally taken the plunge and treated myself to that ClareV foldover clutch that I’d been coveting for basically an entire year. Yeah. Anywhooooo, sales at Piperlime are somewhat rare, so when they happen and you have the chance to get those designer duds you’ve been lusting after (but couldn’t bring yourself to buy) on SALE, my suggestion is that you should go for it! Happy Shopping!

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Black and White with Chicwish

December 16, 2014



Photos by Tiffany Tong

Sometimes black and white is just the simplest option, amiright? So, this vest from Chicwish just needed to be a part of my life. That was a given. It’s been adding a luxe look to my ensembs, and this baby is under $60! Hashtag winning. I’ve also ended up wearing this top a ton. It’s got the perfect amount of detail. Same with these booties from Sam Edelman. I’d been coveting these for awhile and have loved loved loved them. The real time, real life version of these are awesome like whoa.

In other news, is Christmas vacay here yet? I’m so ready. Between me and you, there have been changes at work lately that got me all sorts of nervous. Not that I’ll be out of a job or anything, but just that things will be different, and that I won’t like the changes. Who knows – maybe I will! All you can really do in the face of the unknown is choose to be positive and white-knuckle-grip your faith, right? Change is kind of hard though, at least at first, at least for me. I’m not much one for change. Ha – that’s like saying I’m not much for life in general. Life is change. All the time. And even faith doesn’t guarantee that things are always going to go the way you hope or pray that they will, ya know? I guess at the end of the day, I remind myself that I have to just relinquish control – and remember that I never really had it to begin with. He is in charge, and I can take comfort in that, because I know He loves me and cares about what I care about, and that even if things don’t go my way all the time, they always end up ok. No – they end up better than ok. They end up best. They end up best… even if there are some bumps in the road to getting there. I really do believe that. And I believe that if we have the faith to express the things we desire, those things can actually happen –  as long as they align with God’s will and He’s on board. Sometimes we get the thing we want. And by sometimes I mean often – so much more often than what’s deserved. So hey – I’m going to focus on that last part. I’m just going to cling to that for right now and express my desires and be grateful and be trusting and accept whatever His will is while still having the courage and faith to ask and hope for what my heart of hearts secretly wants. Is this a good strategy? It’s all I got for now, so I sure hope so.

Do you like when I go off on melodramatic, religiously laced rants like the above? I thought so. Just trying to give the people what they want (haha). And now I’m officially annoyed with myself (and I can only imagine you are too), so I’ll stop talking and wish you the very best, most positive, beauty-filled day! I’m going to go do something nice for someone. Yeah – that’s what I’m gonna do. That always gets me out of my funk and reminds me how blessed blessed blessed I am and how happiness is in turning outward, and in being grateful. Gratitude seems like one of the best remedies for an anxious heart, no? That and faith. Ok – the end.

DSC_1612DSC_1557 DSC_1596

DSC_1630 DSC_1606

DSC_1741 DSC_1665 Outfit Details:

Vest: Chic Wish, c/o {buy here; another cute one} | Top: Chic Wish, c/o {buy here} | Black skinnies: Old Navy {buy here} | Hat: Urban Outfitters {sold out; similar} | Booties: Sam Edelman via Zappos, c/o {buy here} | Handbag: Kate Spade {similar} | Watch: Daniel Wellington, c/o {buy here; use code holiday_gbofashion for 15% off!} | Necklace: Top Shelf Style Boutique, c/o {buy here} | Sunnies: Nordstrom {similar}

Have a Tuesday!

Thanks so much for reading.

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Menswear Monday!

December 15, 2014

Happy beginning of the week peeps! Hope you had a marrrrrrvelous weekend. I’m happy to report that I finally started my Christmas shopping. See the thing is, I’m just really good at being on top of things. What can I say?

I got a pinterest roundup for you today! It feels like it’s been awhile since we’ve done this, so I wanted to pull together some yummy winter-ready looks for the menfolk. Do we love these or what?

For more outfit inspo, you’re faw shaw gonna wanna follow me on Pinterest! Oh, and if you need last minute gift ideas, check out GBO’s Gift Guides… just in case my ideas didn’t even suck.


Mens-Winter-Fashion-1 Mens-Winter-Fashion-2 Mens-Winter-Fashion-3 Mens-Winter-Fashion-6

Mens-Winter-Fashion-9 Mens-Winter-Fashion-5 Mens-Winter-Fashion-7 Mens-Winter-Fashion-8 Mens-Winter-Fashion-12 Mens-Winter-Fashion-11

Mens-Winter-Fashion-15 Mens-Winter-Fashion-14 Mens-Winter-Fashion-16Source for all images: Pinterest

Have a Mustache Monday!

Thanks for reading. xoxo

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