Instagram Roundup!

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Ok all my haters! This one’s for you! I got another Insta round up for you. Click on the links below to shop the items, and if you’re not following me on Instagram yet, by golly doooooo it! (if… you… want… to… that is.)

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3 Ways to Take Your Momiform from Drab to Fab


Ok guys- I looked up Momiform on, and here’s what I found…

Momiform (n): an outfit worn by a 30 something mom that has lost all sense of style.

Ummmm, are you dying? How hilarious is that? K, so here’s our new mission: transforming our momiforms so that they don’t resemble someone who has lost all sense of style, and instead makes us look like sexy beasts who got it goin’ on!

So with no further adieu, here are three easy ways to take your momiform from fugly and drab to chic and fab…

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Me Likeeee Monday – Valentine’s Day Edition


Yep – a day behind on this again. Welcome to the usual. I. Am. Awwwwwesome. I wanted to pull together a little Valentine’s Day inspired roundup for anyone whose got a hot date this weekend and still not a clue of what to wear. I pulled the dresses (non-maternity on the left, maternity on the right) for those of you who are going somewhere nice and need something fancy shmancy, and the tops are for those of us who are wanting to look extra cute but are still probably sticking to jeans on bottom (hand raised). Oh, and the heels – be sure to check out the heels. They’re all under $100 and so darn adorable and can be worn long past Valentine’s Day. Hashtag worth it, hashtag good decisions – amiright? If you order any of this stuff in the next day or two, you should still be able to get it by the weekend for love day. Click on the icons in the image above or the images below to shop the roundup (be sure to disable any pop-up blockers first)!

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas for yo’ Man

Valentines Day 2016 Gift Ideas For Him

Ok lady friends – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whatchya gettin’ for that man friend of yours? Here are some ideas! Shameless plug: that sexy as death leather satchel in the pic above is from the company of a friend of mine, Kodiak Leather (check it out!). We got it in the mail this week, and you guys – it is even more beautiful in person than it is in pics. It’s also the perfect size (as per my husband). It’s also on sale for $99 (originally $150). My husband has a couple other leather satchel work bags, and $99 (or even $150) is honestly is a craaaaay price for a genuine leather bag (the others Chase has retailed for over $400. Yikes). And in my humble opinion, every grown man needs a sexy, high quality work bag. If your man doesn’t have one yet, it’s time. Get him one! Get him this one! (or this one or this one, all on sale). Ok I’ll shut it now.

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Three Reasons to Try Faux Leather Leggings


Happy Tuesday! So let’s get right down to it: I want to talk about faux leather leggings. Are you mad? K good. First of all, let’s just address the fact really quickly that they make maternity versions of these bad boys. Mmmmmyeah. They sure do. Try not to pee your pants. I bought this pair several months ago and I’ve worn them a shocking amount during this pregnancy. And it got me thinking… I feel like faux leather leggings are one of those trends that slays when done right, but that can perhaps be a bit scary for some. Amiright? So I thought I would dedicate today’s post to it. So with no further adieu, here are the top three reasons to wear faux leather leggings:

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