Scarves You Need This Season

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K, so we probably haven’t quite reached full-blown scarf season in most locations of the country just yet, buuuuut as some of us have learned from sad, regretful experience (ahem, hand-raised right here), the hottest scarves of the season always sell out quick like whoa. Which means now is the time to snag your favorites so that you have them when legit scarf season hits. If you wait, by the time you’ll want to wear them there’s a high probability that all your favorites will be snatched up and sold out. No bueno!

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In which Jack sprints through a Pumpkin Patch


That time when we went to the pumpkin patch and literally chased Jack around for an hour while he baby-sprinted through the whole place. You guys – this boy is at that stage where he does not hold still, for anything! Boyfriend was allllllll over the place (our poor photographer). That being said, the last time we were at this pumpkin patch, Jack was not even sitting up on his own, so it was suuuuuper fun to bring him back so he could really experience it. We love us a pumpkin patch! And we’ll be back for more before the season ends, fo sho! (side note: If you live in the Bay area, I highly recommend making the jaunt over to the East Bay to visit the Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm. It’s uhhhhhhdorable.)

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Instagram Roundup + Explaining


It’s been a while since we’ve done an Insta roundup, so hurr we go! I’m also explaining how the heck works, cuz let’s be serious – you’ve probably heard of it but may be totally confused still by how it actually works. And you’d be totally justified! It can be annoying as death. Hopefully a little explanation will help!

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Kate Spade Flash Sale!


Alert alert! There’s a Kate Spade Flash Sale goin’ on as we speak peeps. If you’re not familiar with what these are, basically it’s select Kate Spade handbags, accessories and clothes on major sale. We’re talking up to 75% off their original price! And if you’re thinking as you read this ‘yeah, yeah, but it’s probably the crappy left-over junk that no one wants’ think again. This stuff is guuuuuuud. To prove it, I rounded up my favorite small, medium and large handbags, fave baby bags and wallets, and my favorite clothes and accessories that are currently on sale. If you’re already a Kate owner/lover or you’ve only ever dreamed of owning one, now would be the time to pull the trigger! AKA tell your loved ones to buy you your Christmas present meeeeeeow while the sale is running. Or just get one for yourself as a happy first day of fall present! Eh?

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Embroidered Sweater Love


Happy Tuuuuuuuuuesday homies! I like Tuesday. It means that Monday is over. Right? Way to be positive Shannon.

Remember how my home girl Alysha took these photos like three months ago and I am just now getting them up on the blog? Hashtag killing it at life. KILL. ING. IT. Seriously though, let’s not pretend that I wasn’t sweating my kahonas off during this photo shoot because taking these pics three months ago would mean that it was the middle of July, which would mean that it was hot as death. I was a little bit angry that I wore this sweater for all of 15 minutes for the shoot and still had to go home and wash it because my pits were wetter than my baby’s diaper after he downs his bah-bah. Anywaaaaaaays… this sweater is adorable, no? It’s on the pricier side, but you can’t beat a go-to sweater that’s basic enough to wear a lot but also has some texture and character. Good work embroidery. Good, good work. You can buy this beaut in gray here. Other adorable white sweaters with some character here and here. Also, I wear these heels about once a week. My version here, similar here, and cheaper version here. If you don’t have some pointy-toe red heels, get some!

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