Spring time casual

March 31, 2015



Photos by Lysha Cole Photography

It’s spring, it’s spring – it’s officially spring! I made it back to Cali after being in NYC last week, and you guys – I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited to see the sun. NYC was cold! Like butt-cold. It sure doesn’t feel like spring over there, which is why I was so delighted to return to sunshine and spring temperatures here in the Bay Area. Woot woot! Don’t get me wrong – we had the most amazing time in New York. That place is truly magical. But I’m ready to get my spring on, yo! Who’s with me?

Husband and I have both had to travel a bunch for work lately (typical for him but very atypical for me), so we’ve been trying to soak up every moment the three of us have had together this past month (Side note: traveling once you have a baby = the most bitter-sweet experience ever…emphasis on the bitter. Woof.). That has meant more Sunday walks through the park (cuz are you seeing how beautiful it is?!), aaaaaaand more Old Navy threads! ON has a bunch of new items in for spring and I’ve been legitimately impressed with this season’s lineup. They’ve taken light, spring colors and fabrics and blended them with easy patterns to create the perfect casual-wear for spring. We’ve been living in Old Navy! But then I guess there’s really nothing new there.

Outfit details are below. And sorry for the pic overload – I have a really, really hard time choosing between pics of my baby, which translates to using all of them. Oops? You’re not mad though, are you? I mean just look at him. I can’t even handle it.

Be sure to check out Old Navy’s new lineup for spring! You won’t even hate it. Like, at all.

Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-1 Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-3 Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-5

Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-7 Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-8 Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-6


Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-Shannon-1 Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-10 Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-12 Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-A

Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-Chase-1 Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-Chase-2 Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-Chase-4.5 Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-B


Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-Shannon-2 Old-Navy-Spring-Casual-E

Outfit Details: 

On Shannon: 
Top: Old Navy, c/o {Buy Here} {Love this one too} | Jeans: Old Navy, c/o {Buy Here} {Love these too} | Shoes: Old Navy, c/o {Buy Here} {Love these and these too} | Cross-body bag: Old Navy, c/o {Buy Here} {Obsessed with this one} | Watch: Michael Kors {Buy Here} | Renegade Cluster Bracelet: Stella & Dot, c/o {Buy Here}

On Chase:
Button-up {Buy Here}, Pants, Shoes: all Old Navy, c/o

On Jack:
Onesie, Cords, Sandals: all Old Navy, c/o


Have a Tiny Tim Tuesday!
Thanks for reading.

Special thanks to Old Navy for sponsoring this post!  

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Blush crush

March 26, 2015










Outfit Details:

Top: Chicwish, c/o {sold out; similar here and here} | White jeans: TopShop {buy here} | Heels: Steve Madden {buy here} | Statement Necklace: Bauble Bar {buy here} | Clutch: Clare Vivier {buy here} | Watch: Michael Kors {buy here} | Bracelets: Lulu’s, c/o {similar}

Hello from New York! I’m here on business (for my “real” job) and side note: I’m staying in the cuuuutest hotel evs. It’s called Refinery. Highly recommend it. Sigh – I freaking love this city. It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. Couple years I think at least. And the best part about this trip is that husband is meeting me here Friday morning so that we can play for a weekend in NYC together! We’ve both been here separately but never together. So we decided to just make it happen! I’m pretty stoked. What the H should we do while we’re here? Suggestions are welcome.

K but can we talk about how is anyone still reading this blog? Or am I slowly but surely driving it into a dark, vacant corner of the internet where things go to die? Probs. The fact that I’m averaging about two posts per week if I’m lucky might have something to do with that. There are worse things than that though, right? Worse things than never posting on a blog? Worse things than losing every bit of traffic you ever had? Haha. Yeah I’m kind of already over it. Honestly guys it’s all just been a bit too much lately. And by lately I mostly mean this month. The month of March has darn near slayed me. Some time I’ll tell you about it… maybe… that is if I don’t get annoyed with myself while writing about it and decide to delete the whole thing. If I had a nickel for every time that has happened (and will happen in the future), yo I’d be livin’ large right about now! Is anyone with me there though? Do you ever find yourself writing (a blog post, a Facebook status, an Instagram caption) and suddenly feel like if you have to hear one more word come out of your mouth (or head, or keyboard), you’ll blow chunks everywhere? Cuz that’s how annoyed you feel with yourself? Don’t get me a wrong – I love me some social media, and to have a fashion blog we all know you have to be at least somewhat of a self-absorbed, attention-craving whoremonger… speaking only about myself when I say that, of course (whoa – def didn’t just mean to indirectly call every single fashion blogger in the world a whoremonger. NOT what I meant, ok guys?! Muh bad.). BUT, there’s a part of me that sometimes feels so nauseated by all of it. Ya know? Like does anyone really need to see this selfie of me right now? (Oh man – don’t even get me started on selfies. I have kind of strong feelings about them, mostly on the puke-double-puke loathing side of the feelings spectrum). And is anyone really that interested in the deep felt thought I’m about to post on the Facebook dot com? Ya know what I mean? Sometimes I just feel a little bit silly about it all. Buuuuut then I snap out of it and revert right back to my ‘me me me’ mentality and it’s all self-promoting, self-obsessed posts a GO! Haha. Old habits die hard I guess. Now how awkward do we feel about the fact that I just went on a 700 word tangent rampage? I feel awkward about it. I also feel awkward about how many words in this paragraph are italicized. Take it easy Shannon.

As for this outfit: I’m having a moment with all things blush right now – which is pretty original, if you didn’t know that. I don’t think I’ve seen a single other fashion blogger rocking this color yet. Hashtag trail blazer? Right guys? K but are YOU fans? Can I get an amen for the blush love?

If you’re still reading this:

a) thanks for hangin’ in. I really do heart you, whoever you are.

b) Have a Thrift Shop Thursday! 

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Target at Home

March 23, 2015

Thank you Target for sponsoring this post!



Target-Home-3 Target-Home-C Target-Home-9 Target-Home-7 Target-Home-2 Target-Home-5(^ Jack was also a fan of the accent table. ^)

Happy Monday friends! Sooooo, I’m not sure if it’s common knowledge that I’m a lil’ bit obsessed with interior design. Yeppers. When husband and I first got married, we moved into this house in good ol’ Provo, Utah. It was old as can be and the size of a shoe box, but it had character – hard wood floors, high ceilings, crown molding everywhere, that kind of thing. Chase quickly discovered that having my own place to decorate unleashed a beast in me. An interior design obsessed beast. We’re talking hours and hours of pouring over design blogs and Pinterest and online shopping for things I thought would make our house a home. It took some time and energy to get it to where I wanted it, but I think Chase and I were both surprised at how affected we were by the final result. We had pulled something together that felt like a reflection of our personal style and that we could have a sense of pride in. It had such an impact on how we felt when we walked through our front door. And part of what shocked us too was that we had done it all on a tight, newlywed-college-student budget. And honestly? Target was responsible for so much of that. Lots and lots of things we used to pull our home together then were from Target. And we weren’t even mad about that.

Fast forward a few years: husband and I just moved. Yep! We’re out of the last place we were staying and into another. Lots of our furniture had been in storage, so it was time to pull it all out and remind myself of what we had to work with. While I still loved a lot of our old things, a new place equated to needing some new things in my mind. I needed a starting piece that could freshen things up without breaking the bank, and something that could help the room take shape so I’d have something to build off of. Something with high impact but low maintenance. I came across this adorable accent table and instantly fell in love. The color, the unique fretwork on the front, the size – I loved it all. And I love how even though we are still pulling together the rest of the design elements in the room and the rest of our place, this table makes a statement and helps things look a little more ‘done’. Accent tables are good for that. And Target is good for accent tables. K let’s be serious – Target is good for everything. It is legit one of my go-to’s for adorable yet affordable home decor.

So what do you think? Are you an accent table fan? Are you a home decor fan? We haven’t talked a ton about this on the blog you guys so I’m genuinely curious. What are your struggles when it comes to interior design? Let’s talk about it!

Find your style @Targetstyle.


Have a Mayhem Monday!

Thanks for reading.


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Perfectly (un)Done

March 20, 2015



This post is sponsored by TRESemme.






TRESemme- Wrist-2

TRESemme- Necklaces




Outfit Details:

Jacket: Lou & Grey, c/o {buy here} | Tank: Gap, old | Jeans: Lulu’s {coveting these real bad} | Heels: H&M {similar} | Handbag: Kate Spade {similar} | Sunnies: Nordstrom {buy here} | Watch: Michael Kors {buy here} | Bracelets: Sweet n’ Spark, c/o {buy here} | Criss cross bracelet: TopShelf Style, c/o | Pearl necklace: Lulu’s | Insignia necklace: Bip & Bop, c/o

Let’s be serious – does anyone ever wake up and think ‘If I have effortless, sexy, I woke up like this Beach Wave hair today, I’m gonna be ticked.’  Mmmmyeah – I didn’t think so. And who said that beach waves can only work on the beach? I don’t know about you, but I’d take beach wave hair just about any time. Good thing TRESemme is rad and came out with their Perfectly (un)Done product line.You guys, I’m not gonna lie – when I first heard about this (like 6 days ago), I was a little skeptical. I feel like so many products profess to do something that, in the end, they just don’t really do, ya know? I checked out their products – things like ‘Perfectly (un)Done Sea Foam’ and ‘Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray’ – and thought ‘K, but Sea Salt Spray? What does that even mean? And is it really gonna make my hair look beachy?’ I had my doubts. You can imagine then how surprised I was when the combo of Perfectly (un)Done shampoo, conditioner, sea foam and sea salt spray lehhgitimately made my hair look and feel beachy. It worked! Jigga what? Yeah. You heard it here first. K maybe not first but you DID hear it here, and you guys – I’m not lyin! I actually kind of loved the stuff.

Here’s how I used the products:

  • Used TRESemme Perfectly (un)Done shampoo and conditioner. Both of which smell amaze-balls, btw. Not mad about that.
  • While my hair was still damp, I used the TRESemme Perfectly (un)Done Sea Foam. I did a dollop in my palm, rubbed it between both hands, then bent down and flipped my hair over my head to distribute the foam throughout my entire hair. I scrunched my hair as I distributed the product.
  • Next, I sprayed the Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray all over my still-damp hair, again scrunching as I went.
  • Then I let my hair air dry. This was mostly because I’m way too lazy to blow dry my hair these days. I feel like you could probs blow dry your hair at this point and the results would be the same, but don’t quote me on that.
  • Once my hair was dry, I used my regular old curling iron (an old, not-fancy-at-all 1 incher) to create loose waves. I tried not to wrap my hair around the barrel too many times, as I wanted the look to be wavy, not curly. I held the curling iron vertically and pointing downward, then wrapped my hair around the barrel one or two times, held it there for a sec or two, then released. Once released, I tugged that piece of hair down to loosen the look of the curl a bit.
  • Side note: it says on the products that if you already have naturally wavy hair, all you really need to do is scrunch – no curling necessary. My hair is basically stick straight so I couldn’t pull that off, but I was definitely wishing I had naturally wavy hair in that moment cuz I bet it would have looked uhhhhmazing.
  • And that was it! The result was what you’re seeing here – nothing super special or fancy, but definitely more ‘effortlessly wavy’ that what I feel it usually looks like when I curl it and leave it down. I mean, don’t mind my heinous roots, of course. I also liked how my hair felt and smelled – not super nasty and product heavy. Just lived-in. Beachy. Awesome. Friggin’ awesome.

The best part is that this look really can be worn pretty much anywhere, any time. We’ve seen it on celebrities walking the red carpet in evening gowns for goodness sake! And I def didn’t feel like I had to put on a beach-inspired outfit for this post to keep my hair from looking out of place. It seemed to go just fine with the work-ready ensemble you’re seeing here.

So there you have it! Final verdict: TRESemme’s Perfectly (un)Done line is not telling lies. The products are bomb and they actually create the look they’re professing to create. Totally worth trying out – espesh cuz on top of being rad they’re completely affordable. I got my products at Target and I think for all four of the items I tried, my total was under $25. Cha-Ching! For more hair inspiration and tutorials, visit www.youtube.com/TRESemme.

So what do you think guys? Are you feelin’ this look? Do you think you’ll try out the products? Fill me in!

Then have a Fantabulous Friday! 

Thanks for reading.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by TRESemme via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of BIC.

TRESemme_transparent_TM” width=”100″ height=”100″ />


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